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367 Romantic French Meal

 It was getting colder in December. Luckily, the weather of Chengdu was in favor of the people and they wouldn't feel cold with long sleeve shirts and a coat outside.

The girl ahead of the refined man was just wearing a dark blue shirt and a white thin sweater outside as well as skinny jeans and a pair of white shoes.

She looked rather youthful and pretty.

The girl felt somebody was behind and then turned her head to have a look. Appearing on her pale face was a faint flush.

Once in a blue moon, the refined man raised his head and pushed his glasses upward nervously and then carefully revealed a smile on his face.

Then, the girl's face got redder. She turned around abruptly and stood still there.

The two people just lined up there silently. When they received their number tickets, none left the line.

The breakfast time was short and they stood next to each other with a smile on their faces.

They acted as if it were a matter of enjoyment to queue.

Shortly afterwards, they entered the restaurant and sat together harmoniously.

"One Thousand Layer Mantous will be provided today. Do you want two servings?" Zhou Jia went up and asked smilingly.

Although they didn't look into the others' eyes but just stared at something in front of them, they nodded their head at the same time.

"Ok. One moment, please. It will be served very soon." Zhou Jia didn't hesitate at all, but just went to carry the dishes habitually.

It seemed that the two people weren't here for the first time.

While they were eating Mantous, the refined man ate slowly and occasionally stole a glance at the girl.

Nevertheless, the girl that was eating beside him almost buried her face into the plate, but the Mantou in her mouth contrarily tasted quite sweet.

When the breakfast almost ended, Yuan Zhou uttered.

"A new dish will be served for lunch. Whoever is allergic to seafood can't eat it." If Yuan Zhou didn't speak, he was silent; but once he spoke, it would be a surprise.

"There's surprisingly a new dish? So wonderful! I had better come here earlier at noon." The first reaction of the customers was to come earlier at noon.

"I really have a good luck to be able to encounter Boss Yuan giving prior notice. It seems that I need to buy a lottery ticket." Ling Hong said with a teasing expression.

"That's one way to put it. Boss Yuan, what kind of seafood it is for lunch?" Wu Hai was quite curious.

"I want to know how much it is." Ma Zhida had got a new plan recently. He couldn't continue to spend money as extravagantly as before. Therefore, he asked a quite realistic question.

"What's the name of the dish?" A customer asked with a caring tone.

Once Yuan Zhou gave this surprising news, the customers became excited instantly and then various questions followed close on another.

Even the cultured man said with a low voice under the cover of the noisy surroundings, "I will come at noon to taste the new dish."

It was as if he was muttering to himself, but also felt like he was talking to the girl beside him.

The girl nevertheless just lowered her head without any reaction as if she hadn't heard anything. However, her face covered up by her hair blushed instantly.

Yuan Zhou stood there silently and only said when the people asking became quieter, "You'll know that at noon. See you then."

After that, Yuan Zhou slightly bowed. Finally, Zhou Jia got the opportunity to see visitors out.

"Everybody, the breakfast time ends now. Please." Zhou Jia raised her hand and gave a sigh.

"I keep feeling this brat isn't that nice. What do you say?" Ling Hong said to Wu Hai while walking outside.

"Indeed. It doesn't correspond to his character to notify us of the new dish beforehand." Wu Hai took a suspicious look at Yuan Zhou.

However, Yuan Zhou had no expression at all except the quite prim manner on his face.

What a joke! Yuan Zhou had specially trained for this before.

Once the customers left, Yuan Zhou sat down immediately.

"That way, there will be no problem to take days off for the contest." Yuan Zhou revealed a manner like "I'm so smart".

That's right. The reason why Yuan Zhou gave the prior notice was because the date of the contest had been confirmed.

Yuan Zhou calculated and found there would be another two days before the contest. Therefore, he prepared to serve a new dish honestly and frankly in order to compensate for his customers.

"I'm a nice guy." Yuan Zhou looked at the kitchen and muttered to himself earnestly.

Of course, nobody was around him at that time. If anybody saw that, they would definitely think Yuan Zhou was mentally disabled.

What Yuan Zhou cooked this time was still one of the foreign cuisines that he drew last time. However, it was the French cuisine that was recognized worldwide to be romantic and delicious.

"Speaking of which, is there really no problem putting the prawns and seashells together in a water vat?" Yuan Zhou was quite puzzled while he was looking at the water vat in the kitchen.

The mussels provided by the system this time were still in the water vat. The problem was that there was also the main ingredient of the dish Phoenix-Tail Prawns, the prawns, inside.

The system displayed, "The aquatic products will all be living in the water vat later."

"If it's fish, it will also live here?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the water vat and revealed a surprised expression.

The system displayed, "There was no exception for aquatic products."

"You are showing off your advanced technology unabashedly. If it's the bullfrog, will you also throw it into the water vat?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help grumbling.

The system displayed, "The Bullfrog is an amphibian."

"Don't turn aside and change the subject. The water vat is so small. How can one put so many animals inside?" Yuan Zhou almost wanted to shout at the system.

Yet, the system disappeared again and left nothing behind.

Having waited for quite a while, Yuan Zhou found the system didn't answer him. Then, he sighed and went up to check the mussels.

"They are surprisingly really in the water vat."

Looking at the prawns leaping around at the edge and the mussels, Yuan Zhou revealed a speechless manner.

"Fortunately, the two things can coexist peacefully. It will be funny if they fight." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

He was thinking if it was possible that they fought with each other when the water vat was full of aquatic products. The scene would be much too pretty to think of.

For example, the tiger shark, the giant squid and swordfish... Speaking of that, however, there seemed to be no dish to make out of them.

Looking at the two animals that coexisted peacefully, Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of a very fatal problem.

"System, this dish must be cooked with the fresh mussels. If the mussels die, we can't use them to cook dishes." While saying that, Yuan Zhou went up and started to scoop them up with the net bag.

The system displayed, "The ingredients provided by the system are the best in the world and they will never die from that."

The system used the black bold font that was conspicuous this time.

"Mussels are a saltwater product while the prawns are fresh water shrimps. Will they die? What do you think?" Yuan Zhou said irritably.

Covered by the face mask, even his voice exuded exasperation.

Indeed. If such beautiful mussels died, what a pity it would be!

After a long moment, the system displayed, "Host, you don't need to worry."

"Oh, yeah. I almost forget you are the number 1 system." Yuan Zhou's actions of scooping up the prawns paused for a few seconds and then he reacted.

This thing was an advanced technology. Perhaps, that wasn't a big matter to it.

"Cough cough. It's not early. I have to prepare now." Yuan Zhou looked at the mussels that were scooped up and said very naturally.

Only Yuan Zhou was in the restaurant at that time, therefore the atmosphere wasn't embarrassing at all.

He turned his head and took a look at the water inside of the water vat and then he suddenly wanted to taste it.

"Freshwater fish and saltwater fish can even coexist in one place?" Yuan Zhou grumbled.

After he put the mussels aside and let them to spit out the sand, Yuan Zhou started to study the water vat.

This water vat was the one that existed after the renovation by the system. He never thought it had such functions.

"Maybe I can write a novel called 'My Water Vat is Connected with the Rivers, Lakes and Oceans.'." Looking at the water inside, Yuan Zhou said subconsciously.

With that weird thought, Yuan Zhou was thinking of various things when luckily, the alarm clock rang at the side.

The mussels had finished spitting out the sand and were ready to be cooked now...