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366 A Hundred Out Of Ten Thousand

 "Why isn't Granny Feng here today?" Suddenly a person asked.

"She is sick. I'm helping her to attend to the stall." Little Jiang turned his head and answered with a delighted expression.

He looked at the man and then found it was a man that had just bought the food from him.

The man was quite conspicuous. Little Jiang could immediately recognize this man was the white-collar person, Little Fang, mentioned by Granny Feng yesterday.

He was wearing the fitted business suit and kept a slicked-back hairstyle. And on his left face, there was a mole. While he was speaking, he carried an accent of Jinling, which was very easy to be recognized.

"Is she getting better?" The white-collar person, Little Fang, frowned and asked with a caring tone.

"Not bad. She is now with the doctor." Little Jiang was very happy when he found somebody caring about Granny Feng.

"Okay, that's good." Little Fang nodded his head and then left.

"Thanks for asking." Little Jiang nodded smilingly.

The good breakfast business was during the business hours of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Nevertheless, it had started one hour earlier.

The breakfast time ended in no more than three hours.

In the morning, Little Jiang saw the ponytail girl who liked eating Mantou with sugar.

He saw the elite white-collar beauty that liked eating Steamed Assorted Vegetable Buns along with the soybean milk but did not like using plastic bags.

And a man that didn't like talking but only muttered to a cup of soybean milk.

Also, the man that always bought two cups of soybean milk and a Mantou along with sugar.

However, every one of them bought and then left. Nobody was curious about Little Jiang's presence.

Few people asked about the granny. There might be only one or two people out of ten or twenty that asked why Granny Feng wasn't here.

Or even worse, many people didn't even realize that.

"Sighs. Obviously, nobody asked about her. Why was she so worried? It's definitely not necessary." Little Jiang muttered discontentedly.

Yet, it didn't delay him from clearing up the stall.

Once he got home and set everything down, he went to the hospital. Of course, it was also requested by Granny Feng.

"Have you done the cleaning?" The moment Granny Feng saw Little Jiang, she asked about this matter.

"Of course. It's clean now." Little Jiang said affirmatively.

"How's the business? Is it good?" Seeing Little Jiang say affirmatively, Granny Feng then asked with a big smile on her face.

"It's fairly good. All the food has been sold out. I heard the boss was selling the sesame seed cake today. The soybean milk was sold out first." Seeing Granny Feng so happy, Little Jiang found it inappropriate to say what he had wanted to. Thus, he had to reply in favor of her.

"Good. That's good." Granny Feng nodded her head smilingly.

"Now you can take rest and wait to recover from the sickness here. I will be attending to your stall until you are good." Little Jiang sat down straightway and said with an affirmative tone.

"No, I can't. I have to go back to prepare Mantous in the afternoon. It's only a small disease. I don't need to stay in the hospital for long." Granny Feng pointed at the intravenous drip and said earnestly.

"Please, take a rest for two days. There are so many people selling food there." Little Jiang pressed her down gently but angrily.

"You don't understand. Xiao Fang, Yuan Yuan and some other people all like eating my soybean milk and steamed buns." Granny Feng revealed a manner of "You know nothing" and then said to Little Jiang.

"Anyway, you can't leave your health alone." Little Jiang didn't agree.

"Let me tell you. If I don't cook, that young boy will have nothing to eat. I won't let that happen." Granny Feng still insisted.

"The truth is that few people asked where you had gone today. Some people are indeed like what you described, but you are not familiar with them, right?" When Little Jiang found Granny Feng didn't intend to follow his advice, he had only to say that.

"Yeah. Of course they don't know me, but I know them." When Granny Feng said that, she was smiling as if it were a marvelous matter.

"If the customers don't even care, why don't you care about them so much? Please, do think about your health, can you?" Little Jiang tried to persuade her.

"You said only a few people asked about me today, but still somebody asked. Besides that, the breakfast was all sold out, right?" Seeing Little Jiang not agree, Granny Feng said calmly.

"Of course. But that's because of your excellent craftsmanship." Little Jiang first nodded his head and then added.

"So I like it and enjoy that, let alone that I know whom they are." Granny Feng smiled and nodded her head while saying that.

"I don't care. You just can't go back today." Little Jiang said earnestly.

"Ok. But you must go there tomorrow to check the situation and clean the ground." Seeing Little Jiang's anxious manner, Granny Feng agreed to her request.

"No problem. As long as you take good care of yourself, I'll definitely go." Little Jiang patted on his chest and guaranteed.

Naturally, Granny Feng nodded her head, indicating that she would do as requested.

Actually, Little Jiang totally didn't understand Granny Feng's mindset. Obviously, few people cared about whether or not she went to sell breakfast.

However, she wasn't really sad when she heard that nobody asked about her and greeted her, even if she could remember their characteristics, hobbies, and the working time of those people one by one.

She spoke as if they had been acquaintances. Actually, only when Little Jiang got there did he realize that those people weren't familiar with Granny Feng at all.

He couldn't really understand that. Therefore, he specially observed those who had been muttered by Granny Feng on the next morning if they would mention her when she wasn't there.

"Please make way for me. You are blocking my way." Little Jiang was observing carefully when his view was blocked by a thin figure.

It was a man who was dressed in a dark blue shirt and black pants. With a slightly long hair and black framed glasses, he looked quite refined and a little shy.

Upon hearing Little Jiang's word, he immediately turned his head and then lowered his head and started to apologize, "My apologies. I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry. Never mind." On hearing the apology, Little Jiang contrarily became a little embarrassed.

The man let out a sigh of relief when he heard that. He retreated aside carefully with his eyes yet staring the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant without blinking.

"Hey. What are you looking at?" Little Jiang went up and talked to him curiously.

"Nothing." The refined man acted as if he had been scared. Instantly, he blushed.

"Oh." Little Jiang found this person seemed to dislike talking, thus he spoke no more.

In a little moment, nevertheless, this person suddenly got a shine in his eyes and walked quickly to the queuing machine at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then waited there patiently for the number ticket.

"Such an odd guy. He didn't go there just now but heads there now." Little Jiang shook his head speechlessly.

"Forget it. Let me mind my own business." Little Jiang shook his head and tried to forget all about it. He then began to watch if anybody came and asked about Granny Feng.

But he was disappointed. Like yesterday, few people asked about her. Compared with yesterday, there were indeed some more people who did that. But compared with those who were remembered by Granny Feng, they were really not many.

"Just as expected, a mere hawker was unlikely to be remembered by many people. Why did she still ask me to come?" Little Jiang looked at so many hawkers around and muttered with a low voice.

He found it uninteresting at all, therefore he took his phone and called Granny Feng straightforwardly.

"Granny, what do you want to eat today?" He asked while looking at the breakfast hawkers scattering around.

"You don't seem to be happy. What happened?" The hoarse voice of Granny Feng pointed out Little Jiang's mood frankly.

"Not really. What about you drop this business and just rest at home? I can support you. We don't lack that little bit of money." Little Jiang mentioned the subject again.

"I got it. You must have seen nobody ask about me and then feel not good." Granny Feng paid no attention to the subject of retirement, but turned to say that.

"Do you agree with me or not?" Little Jiang asked persistently.

"No, I don't. I'm doing the small business happily."

"I don't agree that you go out and run a small business even at the very beginning, as you have to get up early and do the cleaning at the same time. It's so tiring. Trust me, I can support you."

Little Jiang said, "At the start, you said many people cared about you and thus you were unwilling to abandon them. I had nothing to say about that at that time. But now, nobody really cares about you, obviously."

"You also said there were indeed a few people that asked about me. If there are 100 people and only one cares about me, it's one piece of concern. If there are 10,000 people, it's a 100 pieces of concern." Granny first refused his request that he support her and then said leisurely.

"Only 100 out of 10,000? That's totally unimportant. Granny Feng, just follow my advice, ok?" Apparently, Little Jiang didn't understand what Granny Feng meant and he continued to persuade her persistently.

"100 out of 10,000 is absolutely not important. It makes sense if you think that way. But I prefer my way of thinking. How happy it is if 100 people care about me!" She comforted Little Jiang softly. There was even happiness in Granny Feng's voice.

"I can't persuade you. But you must take good care of yourself." Little Jiang sighed.

"Sure, I will. I'm so happy with that." Granny Feng laughed and said happily.

Once Little Jiang hung off the phone, he couldn't help but mutter, "One gets more mischievous with ages. It's really true."

Although Little Jiang had always failed in understanding Granny Feng's thinking, he felt at ease if she could be happy.