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365 Breakfas

 "Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou followed Broth quietly with his light feet while Broth walked forward step by step with the bowl dangling from its mouth.

"Hua La hua La", its tail was shaking very happily.

"What exactly is the little thing going to do?" Yuan Zhou stood still for an instant and looked at Broth going forward.

When Broth walked farther again, Yuan Zhou followed up.

The side street was originally not long and just in a little while, Broth arrived at where he had lived.

It was the place beside the trash can.

"Woof, woof". Broth first set down the bowl and barked.

The action of setting down the bowl was quite gentle. With Yuan Zhou's eyesight, he could clearly see the broth inside the bowl not spill out.

"Tsk-tsk. It's really a damn smart dog," Yuan Zhou couldn't help but mutter.

As was expected, another dog crept out of a plastic knitting bag in a little while right after that.

With the yellowish brown colour, it looked to be a mongrel. The irregular furs were unevenly distributed over its body.

There were also some long furs on its mouth. When it saw Broth, however, it ran to him happily and started to rub against him.

"Woof Woof." The bark of the little Chinese rural dog sounded like a lot of delight.

"Woof." Broth first took a step back and then barked loudly.

"Is this little brat merely a dog?" Yuan Zhou was quite suspicious about his eyes, because he caught sight of some pride in Broth.

While Yuan Zhou was still bewildered, Broth had driven the little wandering dog to drink the broth.

Then, Yuan Zhou noticed this little wandering dog had actually two buckteeth exposed outside.

It looked quite ferocious, but it was nevertheless very cute when it made mournful sounds in front of Broth.

Finally, Yuan Zhou got to know why it was a stray dog. Even in the world of dogs, a good appearance was also very important.

Such a ferocious look could hardly make people have sympathy on it. Even if it played cute, it looked like it would bite others.

"This little brat surprisingly offers the wandering dog his own food. It turns out to be very much like his owner. Because I'm always of high morality, I can raise such a good dog as to sacrifice himself and help others." Yuan Zhou turned around the said complacently.

Having known what the matter was, Yuan Zhou then went back to his own restaurant.

This time, however, Yuan Zhou took out another bowl that he had used before again and put it where Broth lived. Inside of the bowl was some clear broth that was used to cook noodles.

After he finished that, Yuan Zhou went back to the restaurant and prepared to wash up and sleep.

Before he went to bed, Yuan Zhou took out a book and started to read. It was a book listed in the table of contents of the book Cooked Wheaten Foods. Due to the huge amount, Yuan Zhou had formed a habit of reading for one hour before going to sleep.

Along with the page turning sound of "Hua Hua", Yuan Zhou was reading the book earnestly. The atmosphere was quiet and tranquil.

At the other side, however, an ear-piercing cough broke the tranquility of the night.

The granny coughed ceaselessly.

"Cough Cough Cough." The granny coughed badly while swiping the phone.

"It's this one." The granny looked at it for quite a while before she finally confirmed.

She dialed the number and just in a little while a male voice passed from the other end.

"Granny Feng, what's the matter?" The man asked with a caring tone.

"Cough, cough, cough. I'm just asking if you are free tomorrow, Little Jiang." That Granny Feng was the one that had helped Yuan Zhou to do the cleaning at the door of his restaurant.

"Granny, you are sick, aren't you? Did you go to the doctor?" The man called Little Jiang was immediately worried when he heard Granny Feng cough badly once she uttered.

"Never mind. I just caught a cold. Do you have time?" Granny Feng asked again.

"Of course, I do. I'm on the way to you. Now that you are coughing so badly, you must go to the hospital." Little Jiang said that firmly.

"No need to waste money. I'm alright." Granny Feng said in a hearty manner. But she coughed immediately after she said that.

"Wait. I'm coming to send you to the hospital." There passed a sound of tidying things up from the other end of the phone.

"I say no need to do that." When people got older, people got naughtier. Granny Feng was even annoyed by Little Jiang.

"Then you tell me what I can do for you?" Little Jiang didn't insist, but changed the subject obediently.

"I'm just asking if you could do me a favor and attend to my stall tomorrow." Granny Feng was still angry. She said irritably.

"Yes, sure. But you have to promise me to go to the hospital. As long as I know you are well, I will go to attend to your stall tomorrow morning." While Little was saying that, he had arrived at the door of Granny Feng's home.

With his hair standing straight, Little Jiang was dressed in the shirt and suit pants and appeared to be in a hurry.

"How could you negotiate with me? If you can't help, I'll do it myself." Granny Feng said discontentedly.

"Of course I will help. You are my grandma." Little Jiang said proudly.

"Good." Granny Feng nodded her head with satisfaction.

"But if you go to the hospital, you save money for me. That way, I don't need to take care of you." Little Jiang said in an euphemistic way.

"Are you sure you will attend to my stall dutifully?" Granny Feng asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry about that. I will." Little Jiang patted on his chest and guaranteed.

Only then did he take Granny Feng to the hospital overnight. She was indeed seriously sick. It was a disease that affected mainly old people. When people got older, the resistance of their body became worse and sickness would come.

However, the doctor still suggested she rest more. Therefore, Little Jiang directly went through the admission procedures.

"Just a small illness. You are making a fuss." Granny Feng lay on the hospital bed and said discontentedly.

"I have told you, you are working too hard. Don't go to the stall for the small business, ok?" Little Jiang didn't feel well when he thought of the stall.

"You don't understand. If I don't go tomorrow, many people will look for me. They are just waiting to eat my steamed buns." Granny Feng answered proudly.

"But you are too tired." Little Jiang said with a low voice.

"Anyway, you have promised me you will go to attend to my stall. Tell me then." Granny Feng instructed him again and again.

"Ok, sure. I will follow your instructions." Little Jiang said helplessly.


Since he got a task, Little Jiang got up very early. After he prepared the Mantous and steamed buns, he got out of the home of Granny Feng.

When he arrived at the place,

He was startled, "So many people here."

When Yuan Zhou's restaurant was about to be opened, more people arrived.

As this was the first time he was doing business, Little Jiang was embarrassed to hawk his wares. He only stood there silently and answered whenever people asked him.

In a little while, two girls walked over to him smilingly, "We both want a serving of steamed buns and soybean milk."

"One moment, please. Here are you." The two girls nodded their head with a smile.

When they received the food, he felt that they seemed familiar as if they had ever met before.

However, Little Jiang didn't remember whom they were even after they left.

Shortly afterwards, a man that was holding a document envelop under his arm came over hurriedly and bought some soybean milk. After that, he walked away.

Just like that, he sold many Mantous and steamed buns one after another. During the process, he felt that some people seemed familiar to him while some were not.

Not until he took a break did he remember Granny Feng's words.

However, these so-called acquaintances surprisingly didn't ask about Granny Feng's matters.

About these acquaintances, Granny Feng knew all of them well. But these people didn't even ask about her since she didn't appear today.

"That is way too strange." Little Jiang took a look at the insulation barrel that carried the Mantous and steamed buns and then at the conspicuous big characters on it, "Specially Used By Granny Feng."