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364 The Strange Actions of Broth

 The kitchen was still as quiet as usual and everybody was doing their work separately. There were no raised heads to look around.

As if they were just indifferent to that. However, the middle-aged man had been working in the kitchen for quite a long time and hence had a fairly good relationship with others.

But Chu Xiao's word received no dissent. His prestige was known to be unbelievably high.

"I need the results within one hour." Having tidied up his chef's hat, Chu Xiao turned around and walked back to his own office.

He had just arrived at his office when his phone rang inside.

The sound of "Ling Ling Ling" was quite grating on the ear.

Chu Xiao frowned slightly as he didn't like to answer the phone during the working time.

But when he saw the number, Chu Xiao still answered it.

"Hello." He said simply after he answered.

At the other end of the phone was naturally Xing Min.

"It's me. Xing Min." Xing Min understood the temper of Chu Xiao, thus he reported his identity first.

"Um, what's the matter?" Chu Xiao nodded his head.

"How do you feel about the contest?" Xing Min asked his purpose directly without beating around the bush.

"Teacher, a contest that I can surely win can't be called contest. Putting it nicely, it's a game; putting it harshly, it's just a mere formality," Chu Xiao said naturally.

"Not necessarily this time." The tone of Xing Min was also very natural.

That's right. Chu Xiao had once studied under Xing Min. Three months later, however, Xing Min had nothing more to teach him.

Xing Min had already been an honor chef. Even so, his skill was all learned by Chu Xiao within three months.

However, Xing Min felt that it wasn't good for a man to be fearless. Therefore, he said that on purpose.

"Really?" Chu Xiao was a little more interested.

After all, it wasn't the first time that Xing Min had looked for competitors for him. Most of them could not withstand a single blow while occasionally some people deserved a mere second glance.

"The guy recommended by that old guy Lee is presumably not any worse than you." Xing Min referred to his old rival, Lee Yanyi.

"Then it's necessary to me to have a look. Do you have any information?" Chu Xiao tapped on the solid wood table top lightly with his fingers.

"It has been sent to your email." Xing Min knew his temper very well and hence said directly.

"Got it. See you at the contest scene." After saying that, Chu Xiao wanted to hang off the phone. However, he was stopped immediately.

"Wait. Come back one day earlier. I want to taste the craftsmanship of my apprentice." Xing Min didn't have many expectations while saying that.

"After the contest finishes, I will cook a meal for you with the food ingredients." Chu Xiao said habitually.

"Alright." Xing Min nodded his head and agreed.

Chu Xiao then hung up the telephone. He still had an interview in the afternoon.


"Teacher, did Master Chu agree?" The assistant asked with a caring tone at the side.

The appellation that the assistant used to Chu Xiao was the honorific title. It was a great honor for a chef to be called master.

"He will give face to this old man." Xing Min said complacently.

"Is it all right not to give him all the information?" The assistant didn't feel right not giving him the complete information of Yuan Zhou.

"Never mind. Anyway, he will know that when the contest commences." Xing Min stroked his short beard and said proudly.

"Teacher, I don't think it's good for you to create a rival for Master Chu purposely." The assistant said with a tone of disapproval.

"It doesn't matter." Xing Min nevertheless didn't realize there was anything wrong.

"Although Master Chu will not fail, he will definitely blame you for adding to the confusion randomly." His assistant said to his face directly.

"You little brat, why are you always in favor of others? Look carefully, this old man is your teacher." Having been shamed into anger, Xing Min said that.

"Master Chu is more frank and straightforward than you." His assistant muttered with a low voice.

"If I say it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. That old guy Lee always plays tricks. Can't I fight back?" Xing Min said angrily.

"Then I will tell Master Chu the real situation before the contest begins." His assistant insisted.

"Go, go, go now. You are saying as if I were lying to him." With his eyes widely open, Xing Min looked at his assistant discontentedly.

He muttered in the heart, "Whose assistant exactly are you? Why do you always defend others rather than me?"

"Thank you, teacher." Seeing Xing Min agree, his assistant revealed a smile on his face. It seemed that he was very happy to be able to help Chu Xiao.

On the other side, the information that Chu Xiao received about Yuan Zhou was the incomplete version.

For example, Xing Min wrote all the studying experiences of Yuan Zhou as unknown rather than none.

He even classified Yuan Zhou's teacher as a mystery man. Lee Yanyi, the only person they knew of, was written by Xing Min as Yuan Zhou's instructor.

A role transition from a customer into an instructor! If Lee Yanyi knew that, he would probably say, "Good. Nothing wrong with it."

Taking the information like that, Chu Xiao smiled slightly and said, "Interesting. With the golden tongue of that Professor Lee, no taste is able to be concealed from him. God knows where he found this mystery person."

"It seems to be a little more interesting now." Chu Xiao felt his interest increasing.

Of course, even that little more was due to Lee Yanyi's recommendation.

"Pa", Chu Xiao set down the information and sat back in the chair. Then, he took an ancient book and started to read.

On the other side, there was something strange happening in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Hello. What would you like to eat today?" Zhou Jia asked the customer in front of her.

She didn't really like this person as he ate for a long time every time even though he would order three dishes whenever he came.

He came about once per week and every time he would stay from the very beginning to the end of the business hours.

Therefore, Zhou Jia didn't like this person, even if he had been standing there to eat since the standing positions were available.

"Jinling Grass, Silk Twined Rabbit and Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." The person straightened his Tang suit on his body earnestly and said with a mild tone.

"Ok. One moment, please." Zhou Jia revealed her occupational smile.

"Sorry to bother you." The person nodded his head and thanked her politely.

Business was gradually getting busier. Nevertheless, Zhou Jia had been able to deal with the work very easily

Although she wasn't as lovable and pretty as Mu Xiaoyun, she worked diligently. Therefore, the customers didn't usually make things difficult for her.

Let alone that customers came here only for the delicious and to savor the taste.

As for Yuan Zhou, he concentrated his attention and started to cook dishes carefully once the business time commenced. It had always been what he persisted in.

Of course, it was also what he had always been persisting intentionally.

The dinner time lasting three hours passed soon. It was only a moment of a blink to the customers.

"Hua Hua". Conventionally, Yuan Zhou ate up the noodles and carried the remaining broth to the dog Broth outside.

If he did it any later, it would probably scratch the door.

After a sound of "Hua La", he opened the door and saw Broth squatting at the back door as expected.

"Don't scratch the door. You have been anxious to drink the broth recently. Why?" Yuan Zhou poured the broth into the dog's bowl hurriedly and then asked while looking at the black eyes of a dog.

Whereas Broth just looked at Yuan Zhou expressionlessly as usual.

"Alright. You don't speak." Yuan Zhou stood up and shrugged and then turned around and left.

"This little thing doesn't even bark in front of me." Yuan Zhou muttered.

He entered the restaurant and shut the door. Suddenly, he was enlightened and opened the door again

Then, Yuan Zhou saw a strange scene.

Broth was walking forward steadily with his own bowl dangling from his mouth.

Besides, Yuan Zhou could use his humanity to guarantee Broth's mood was very good now. After all, its tail was shaking very happily.

"Damn, this little thing has a secret. Where is it going with its bowl?" Seeing Broth walk further, Yuan Zhou followed.

Yuan Zhou cared about Broth's strange deeds very much. After all, it had drunk so much broth provided by him.

It was also Yuan Zhou's work to care about little animals and maintain the worldly ethics instead of him being curious about that.