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362 Beef Wellington

 The post on Boss Yuan's microblog instantly created a real buzz in the circle of foodies.

After all, the words were so striking and unbearable.

Of course, it was only believed by Yuan Zhou himself. Actually, everyone wanted to beat Yuan Zhou to death except several people who knew the inside information.

The words immediately reminded them of Yuan Zhou's leave request notice.

The mission regarding the foreigners was still temporarily incomplete and Yuan Zhou was prepared to carry out this one at the same time.

That way, he could get two rewards when they were both finished. Yuan Zhou understood this point well.

"Shua Shua Shua", Yuan Zhou was writing something very quickly.

In just a little while, Yuan Zhou took out the LED writing panel that he had used when offering discounts and then placed it at the door.

Once the panel was lighted up, the several words of "Why am I so awesome?" appeared extremely conspicuous.

Below that were some small words introducing this activity while the even smaller ones were explanations about the reward.

It was good that Yuan Zhou traced them in red. However, with the colorful lighting plus the various colored words...

It was too beautiful and nobody dared to look at it.

Yuan Zhou was happily waiting for the mission to be completed. Speaking of which, no one knew when Yuan Zhou obtained a weird habit of self-comfort. Li Li, nevertheless, was also quite delighted at his side.

"Head chef, do you need some rest?" The chief chef stroked his fat belly and asked carefully.

"No need. How is your work in preparing the steak?" Li Li stood there earnestly.

In front of him was a basin of batter in light yellow emitting a faint fragrance.

"Don't worry, head chef. It's already well prepared. The acid removing work of the beef has also been finished," the chief chef patted his chest and said confidently.

"Good." Li Li nodded his head, indicating that he got it.

The chief chef then became helpless. His plump face wrinkled up so much that it almost became a steamed bun.

Because for the past two days, Li Li had always stayed in the kitchen. He seldom left and was working quite carefully and earnestly.

All that was nevertheless bearable, but he just did everything by himself and occasionally, he even arranged the kitchen staff to go out and ask about the customers' feelings of the dishes.

"Little Ding, you must make sure the mushrooms used are the same size and shape. What's the problem with these several pieces?" Li Li pointed at some white mushrooms he picked out and asked seriously.

"I'll get them changed right now." The sous chef that was called Little Ding answered bluntly. He didn't defend himself at all, but just obeyed him.

"Um. No more chances to be so careless." Li Li was originally very sturdy. When he was solemn, he even appeared a little frightening.

"Who's in charge of the eggs today?" Li Li walked to a pile of eggs and asked irritably.

"It's me, head chef." A young man stood out and answered with a perturbed manner.

"I told you at the very beginning that we can't use the chilled eggs. They must be very fresh eggs. Didn't you understand me?" Li Li didn't scold him, but said equally offensively.

"But these are all very fresh." The young man retorted with a low voice.

"I say they must be the freshest eggs." Li Li stared at him and said word by word.

The young chef was instantly stunned. He had never seen Li Li behave so.

"Yes, of course. Don't worry, head chef. We'll get them changed right away." The chief chef moved his fat body forward and said smilingly.

"Hey, you brat. Go to the warehouse and change them now." the chief reached out his big hands and pushed the young man directly.

"Ok, ok. I'll go now." Only then did the young man react and run away while taking a big basin of eggs.

As if so many eggs had no weight at all.

"Head chef, there's still one hour left before we start to cook the steak. Why don't we go to have some rest?" Seeing Li Li not stop the young man leaving, the chief chef proposed again.

"If we want to guarantee the deliciousness of the steak, we can't be careless at all about the preliminary preparations." Li Li glanced at the chief chef and then continued to make an inspection tour, even if it was only 9:00 in the morning.

"Alright. I'm also going to make preparations." The chief chef let out a sigh privately and continued to prepare for the steak.

He was slightly helpless. The chief chef knew why Li Li was so careful this time. Thinking of the reason, he couldn't help but sigh more.

"We are all chefs. Why does that damn evil monster appear? How do we, old chefs, continue to make a living with him nearby?" the chief chef muttered to himself with a low voice.

That's right. He was talking about Yuan Zhou. The reason why Li Li became so harsh was also because of Yuan Zhou.

More specifically, because of an appraisal.

On the day before yesterday, when the foreigner went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Li Li officially served his signature dish, the Beef Wellington.

He had expected this dish would receive plenty of praise. As a matter of fact, it was indeed so in the morning.

This gorgeous and well-known Britain cuisine indeed received people's high praise.

Until the man in a suit, who had been the first person blacklisted by Yuan Zhou's restaurant, brought Ling Hong to the restaurant.

"It's much better than that damn shabby restaurant." Once he sat down, he sighed with emotion.

"I don't feel that way." Only three buttons of Ling Hong's shirt were done up, which made him appear a little uninhibited. When he heard that, he only answered lightly.

"What do you want to eat today? My treat." The man was totally opposite of Ling Hong. His business suit was buttoned up to the top."

"Whatever you like. You decide. Let's just finalize the matter." Ling Hong waved his hand, indicating that he didn't mind what to eat.

"What's the recommended dish today?" the man turned his head and asked the waitress standing beside them.

"Yes. We have the special meal Beef Wellington prepared by our head chef today. Would you like some?" the waitress asked softly.

"Um. Three servings, please." The man said lightly.

"Ok. One moment, please. Three servings of Beef Wellington will be served in no time." After a nod, the waitress took notes and repeated for confirmation.

"Han Shan, why are you still like that." Ling Hong frowned.

There were only two of them. Han Shan ordered three servings obviously to taste a serving and then eat the other serving.

"No choice, that's me." The man, namely Han Shan, straightened the cuff and said earnestly.

"Forget it. Let's get to the proper business." Ling Hong had to let it go helplessly, even if he hated to see Han Shan's wasteful deeds.

"Ok." With a nod, Han Shan sat straight and then started to talk with him.

Shortly afterwards, their dishes were carried to them. As usual, Han Shan tasted one serving and ate the other serving with his own dinnerware.

The two people spoke while having meal. At the other side, however, Li Li came to them personally as an entire serving of steak was left uneaten.

Of course, Li Li only came over when they finished the meal and prepared to leave.

"Hi, sir. I'm the head chef. May I ask if you are satisfied with the dishes today?" Wearing a white chef's uniform, Li Li stood in front of them and asked mildly.

"Very nice craftsmanship. The color is beautiful and the taste is quite strong." Han Shan said with satisfaction.

"Not bad." Ling Hong nevertheless said simply.

"May I bother to ask if you two will choose this restaurant to eat again?" Li Li was very confident when he asked.

Because he realized that it should be a habit for them to order one serving and taste it. It actually had nothing to do with the taste.

"Of course." "No."

Ling Hong and Han Shan answered with one accord while looking at each other.

"If it's convenient for you, please do tell me what we should do to improve the dishes," Li Li remained calm and asked as usual.

Not until he heard Ling Hong's word did Li Li's expression start to change. Could it be like that?

These were Ling Hong's words, "..."