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361 Attraction of The Reward

 The attention on Jack's Facebook was quite a lot. Once he posted that, many people gave likes or commented below.

All of them were basically inquiring how was his mood and nothing more. However, the forum was different.

This post stating that he knew the address was immediately commented on and pinned to the very first place of the forum. It was quite a different thing between the dishes being delicious and whether or not he would recommend others to come here.

"How are you doing?" Liu Hui asked him with a caring tone when he saw Jack typing on the phone continuously.

"I'm good. Can't be better," Jack said ferociously.

"Jack, let's go to make a complaint against the restaurant." Liu Hui turned his head, taking a look at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then said affirmatively.

"No need." Jack shook his head, with his golden hair swaying in the air.

"Why?" Sometimes, Liu Hui didn't really understand what this friend of his was thinking.

For example, he could have left and not eaten there in the restaurant, but in the end, he stayed.

Liu Hui had always felt very embarrassed, even if he was eating the most delicious dishes that left him unforgettable memories about the taste and texture. He hadn't felt so embarrassed while eating, but after the meal, all the embarrassment gathered together around him again.

That made Liu Hui very anxious to leave. However, Jack only left there after the meal and even wiped his mouth.

He appeared quite calm.

"Because he won't be popular." Jack shrugged. While he was typing on the phone, he said with a relaxed tone.

"Um?" Liu Hui answered with puzzlement.

"I will never tell others about his address and publicize for him," Jack said affirmatively.

Liu Hui reached over him and took a glimpse at the forum. Just as expected, there was no address and no specific country mentioned in the post.

"Then why do you post it?" Liu Hui pointed at Jack's phone and said.

"To curse him," Jack said earnestly.

"Alright. Do you go back to the hotel directly?" After a nod, Liu Hui said nothing more, but just asked straightforwardly.

"Yes." Jack nodded his head, with his hands busying on the phone.

Yuan Zhou had no idea of that. The way he used to attract the hatred seemed to have failed and he was still preparing for it quietly.

After all, Yuan Zhou admitted himself as a low-profile man. He still needed to make some preparations to say the word requested by the system.

"A man both awesome and of low profile is nobody but me." Yuan Zhou sighed heavily in his heart.

"Boss Yuan, what's the activity? Just tell us." Su Mu stroked his peach blossom eyes and said elegantly.

"Why do I have an illusion that Zheng Jiawei is here when I hear your voice?" Wu Hai suddenly said that.

"Ho Ho. If you make your living relying on me, I will definitely beat you to death." Su Mu made a gesture of pinching him to death and said with a smile.

"You think more than necessary." Wu Hai turned his head and didn't even look at him.

"Boss, I want to know what the activity is." Su Yuesheng looked at Yuan Zhou with her big eyes widely open.

"Actually, I want you guys to write down your opinions about me in order to rate me..." Even before Yuan Zhou could finish the sentence, he was interrupted by Wu Hai.

"No need to bother that much. I can tell you right now that you are deceitful, a very deceitful man. This is my evaluation." Wu Hai said straightway and positively.

"The evaluation can be made in written forms, or you can send it to me through the private message of the microblog." Having ignored Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou said directly.

"Write the comments about you bluntly?" Su Yuesheng asked curiously.

"No. I mean that you should write something about why I am so awesome." When Yuan Zhou said that, he slightly frowned and his face was tightly taut; his tone was quick and affirmative, and his voice was fairly loud.

It was obviously a manner of being nervous. However, the tightly taut face made others feel that Yuan Zhou said it quite naturally.


Therefore, Su Yuesheng was stunned by that immediately.

Even the talkative guy Wu Hai stopped everything and looked at Yuan Zhou unbelievably.

The expression on his face was obviously like "Are you f*cking kidding me?"

"Ho Ho." Su Mu was directly made speechless.

"Well, boss, are you asking us why you are so awesome?" Su Yuesheng thought over about the wording slightly and then asked.

"This is the content." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Brother, didn't you say we have to go back home?" Su Yuesheng turned her head decidedly and said to Su Mu.

"Yes. We are leaving now." Su Mu reacted immediately and dragged his sister, preparing to leave.

Including Wu Hai, who had been looking at Yuan Zhou with a gaze of "Are you stupid?" at the side. He also prepared to leave.

Yuan Zhou continued, "If anybody is lucky enough to be chosen, they will get a reward of a meal. My treat."

This time, Yuan Zhou brought that out immodestly.

He had totally forgotten that the meal was treated by the system and also forgotten his reluctance of treating others when he first heard that.

Instead, he said that righteously. The moment he finished saying that, all people halted their footsteps.

"I actually feel Boss Yuan has abundant reasons to be so awesome." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said shamelessly.

"No, no, no. Boss Yuan, you totally don't understand where your fascination lies." Su Mu turned around sharply and then said while squinting his peach blossom eyes.

"Boss, actually I also feel you are quite handsome." Su Yuesheng said cutely with a blush on her face.

"Um. Thanks for your compliments. Please send it to my microblog. There will be a vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and received so many compliments.

"No problem. But can we order whatever we want to eat?" Wu Hai carried a big smile on his face when he asked that, as if he were just asking randomly.

Of course, it would be more real without his fervent gaze.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou was very well-versed in utilizing the system's generosity.

"Um. I'm leaving now." Wu Hai nodded his head contentedly and then left the restaurant.

Su Mu and Su Yuesheng also left quickly and prepared to post on the microblog after going back into the car.

Just in a little while, all the people left.

Yuan Zhou took out his phone and began to edit the content of the microblog.

[Why am I so awesome?]

The content was very simple. It was exactly the sentence required by the system.

"Hoo... Fortunately, I don't need to say it." Yuan Zhou took his phone and let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm a man of low profile and modesty." Yuan Zhou stroked his face and prepared to put away his phone while muttering, "I become more handsome now."

At that time, his phone emitted a sound of "Di".

It was the reply to his post on the microblog.

"Jiang Changxi? She's so quick in replying me." Yuan Zhou checked and found it was Jiang Changxi.

Changxi, [Because you will die early.]

The answer was so damn right.

"This venomous-mouthed woman!" Yuan Zhou stroked his own forehead and became a little speechless.

Just when he prepared to turn off the beef, his phone rang again.

This time, the message was from Ling Hong.

The First Generation Tycoon of the Second Generation Tycoons. Ling Hong's ID conformed to his identity very well.

His comment was only a word.

The First Generation Tycoon of the Second Generation Tycoons, [However awesome you are, you are not as awesome as me.]

"I'm a first generation tycoon and not a second generation tycoon." Yuan Zhou lifted up his clothes and said proudly while looking at his abdominal muscles.

"Di Di". The phone rang again.

Meng Meng, [Boss Yuan, you should take a rest rather than write such a message if you are tired of cooking new dishes. People who don't know you well would want to beat you to death.]

This time, Meng Meng's words were a little longer, but she just meant that Yuan Zhou should go to a doctor if he didn't feel good and not post the microblogs carelessly.

Such a matter would never work well without Chen Wei.

[Boss Yuan, we can practice sparring with each other. Then, you'll know why I'm so awesome.]