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360 Why Am I So Awesome

 "What kind of activity? Tell us, Boss Yuan." Su Mu said first.

"A very simple activity." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and said in a few words.

At that time, Yuan Zhou appeared rather solemn with his face taut.

It helped a lot to practice this expression in the mirror every day.

As a result, he didn't reveal any nervousness at all.

Speaking of which, this was all because of the system.

Just as Yuan Zhou had some free time, the system suddenly released a mission.

The system displayed, "A surprise mission. Do you want to take it?"

"You have just cheated me. Are you addicted to that?" Yuan Zhou complained expressionlessly.

The system displayed, "Do you want to take it or not?"

"Is there any reward?" Yuan Zhou kept silent for a while and then asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Tsk-tsk. Such a blunt answer. But you are much too deceitful. I request to check the mission." While looking at the answer of the system, Yuan Zhou said more affirmatively.

The system displayed, "The mission is available to be checked."

[Surprise Mission] A completion of a challenge would enable you to get a reward.

(Mission tips: The content of the activity is "Why am I so awesome?". After the mission commences, please collect the customers' opinions by various means. The quantity is 10,000 pieces.)

"Is this mission really useful?" Yuan Zhou was quite suspicious that it was another different system.

The missions released by the system were basically about being a chef. If not, it was about how to form good habits to become a master chef.

It had never released such a ridiculous mission. It was simply absurd.

The system displayed, "By doing that, it can mold your character."

"What kind of character? The character of 'Why am I so awesome?'?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help but mutter to himself, although he looked like a neurotic by doing that.

The system displayed, "The reward will be generous."

"Then what exactly is the mission about?" Yuan Zhou felt the mission itself was quite weird.

Seeing the system say so, however, Yuan Zhou still read on subconsciously and only then did he see the reward of the mission.

After all, the mission was way too weird.

"Wow, a nice reward." Yuan Zhou said while looking at the reward in a restrained manner.

The reward of the system was a new dish, which was quite interesting on the aspects of both the cooking method and the eating method.

"By the way, my customers must get a reward from participating the activity. What's that?" Yuan Zhou looked carefully at it and then asked.

The system displayed, "The reward of the activity is a delicious meal at the restaurant."

"A delicious meal in the restaurant? A new dish?" Yuan Zhou asked subconsciously.

The system displayed, "Customers can taste any dish in the restaurant once for free. They can order the dishes."

"Order a dish for free?" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

The system displayed, "The expenses of the free meal will be deducted from the cash box."

Yuan Zhou stared at the explanation for at least three times and then asked, "So you mean that I have to pay the money, right?"

The system displayed, "You can comprehend it that way."

"I don't want the mission anymore." Yuan Zhou said cleanly and neatly without any hesitation.

The system displayed, "After the mission is completed, you can receive the reward."

"But I don't want the mission." Yuan Zhou said naturally.

The system was lost in silence for quite a long while this time. The silence was so long that the system didn't appear again until Yuan Zhou finished cooking another dish and carried it out.

The system displayed, "Host, aren't you satisfied with the reward?"

"No, it's very good and I like it very much." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

The system displayed, "Then why are you refusing it?"

It should be the first time that the system asked about the reason for Yuan Zhou's refusal. Of course, it was also the first time that Yuan Zhou had refused the mission.

"Never think of letting me treat others." Yuan Zhou said that quite decidedly, without any room for maneuver.

"Of course, I will never treat others unless I die." Yuan Zhou added.

If the system had sentiments, it would surely reply him with "mentally retarded".

How would a dead man treat others? And besides, how could he be sooooo stingy?

This time, the system kept silent for a much longer while. About 10 minutes.

The system displayed, "All the food ingredients of the rewarded dish this time will be provided by the system for free."

The words of "for free" were greatly emphasized and marked.

"System, do you think I should advertise on the internet or directly hang it by the door?" The moment Yuan Zhou noticed the two words of "for free", he corrected himself immediately.

The correction was made so quickly that he directly started to ask about matters concerning the subject.

"Of course, I will arrange that in a moment. System, you are way too polite." Yuan Zhou said primly.

As if he had been refused when he wanted to treat others.

"I'm embarrassed to say that. But there's definitely no restrictions on any particular dish since I stand treat." Yuan Zhou asked tentatively.

However, the system might have been stunned by Yuan Zhou's shamelessness and thus couldn't say anything.

It made no reaction.

"Sigh. I believe I am the only person that's so generous and can treat others without a reason." Yuan Zhou patted his chest quite proudly and then said.

As for where the mysterious confidence came, it was unknown to others.

Therefore, the activity mentioned by Yuan Zhou came into being.

"It's a voting activity. Are you interested in taking part in it?" Yuan Zhou asked seriously.

Then Yuan Zhou introduced the rules briefly. Of course, it happened after the lunch time ended.

"Yes, of course. But even if I have been clear about the rules, what's the content of the activity?" Wu Hai asked curiously.

"I want to know what the reward is." Su Mu was persistent in the reward.

"A simple activity? No one wants to guess?" A customer proposed.

"No. I still want to know about the reward and the content. After all, Boss Yuan still didn't get to the point after such a long speech," another customer shrugged and said discontentedly.

The reason why Yuan Zhou said so concisely was also very simple. It was two totally different things to say "Why am I so awesome?" by words and in written form.

Yuan Zhou admitted himself to be a very shy and modest man. Before he said that by himself, he needed some psychological preparations.

"All these are what I want to ask," the remaining customers added smilingly.

Except for the USD matter that happened previously, the entire lunch time was quite harmonious.

Liu Hui and Jack, the leading roles of the matter, left silently after they finished the meal, not taking a look at Yuan Zhou again or saying anything else.

While Yuan Zhou was still hesitant about the activity, however, Jack had posted on Facebook and narrated the matter briefly.

[I have located the so-called small restaurant of delicious dishes and done the taste test. The taste is irreproachable and I could only shut my mouth and concentrate on eating.]

[But I don't recommend you guys to go to eat there.]

Then, he posted the address, the decorations, and the surrounding inside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

After he posted on Facebook, Jack was still very angry. While he was walking, he started to log in the foodie forum.

The content of his post was still same to that in the Facebook. On the forum, the several words of "Not recommending everybody to go to eat there" was bold and made in red.

Jack went to reply every post in the forum with such content.

The core idea of them was that he didn't recommend others to go there although the dishes were so delicious.