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359 A New Activity

 This matter was soon made known throughout the internet. There were positive and negative comments concerning Yuan Zhou.

This matter was first publicized in the previous foodie forum by the Gourmet Backup Group.

Then, the forum was filled with various comments.

[Honestly speaking, I feel that it really appeases our anger. But Boss Yuan's practice was a little deceitful,] from I'm A Passer-by.

[I hate that. Boss Yuan is going to cause problems. It will be an international discord,] from Cause Big Problems.

[Exactly. What about Boss Yuan apologizing,] from Little Cute Novelty.

[The silly boss is discriminating his customers. Be cautious that someone will sue him. Ho Ho, let's just wait and see,] from Make a Complaint.

[USD? If the price is 6 times higher, you just wait for the Bureau of Commodity Price to come and inspect.] from Lei Hong is Somebody.

[Is this patriotism? Please don't make trouble for our country.] from Life In Every Second.

[One has to be particular about the way to show patriotism. Self-righteousness is not the way. It's simply a silly thinking.] from Bi Bi Bi Li Bi Li.

[I feel Boss Yuan is so funny, although he has always been very funny.] from Le Sheng Yi Xia.

In the long succession of comments, few people agreed to Yuan Zhou's practice while most people attacked him in speech.

Even if there were only a few people that were in favor of him, they felt Yuan Zhou was overdoing it and thus didn't like him.

"Why are these people so mean to Boss Yuan? I feel that he is very nice." While reading the web page, Man Man pouted and complained discontentedly.

In her opinion, Yuan Zhou wasn't deceitful at all by doing that. In many scenic spots, local residents could enjoy it for half price or even visited it for free as long as they had the ID cards. Then, how about that?

"How could these people be so mean? It's obviously not deceitful. Any difference between native residents and foreigners can be called discrimination?" Man Man was quite unhappy when she saw the comments.

She continued to read and found more aggressive comments and some people even started personal attacks.

"Ho Ho. If you are not happy to see so, why don't you go to make complaints against those who live near the scenic spots and visit for free?" Man Man pounded on the table angrily and said loudly.

"What's wrong?" His customers that were making the cake themselves asked curiously.

After all, they had never seen Man Man be so angry. Even if some of them failed in making the cake after ten or twenty times, they hadn't seen her behave like that.

"Never mind. I was enraged by some people on the internet." Man Man turned her head and explained.

Man Man was very angry, but she still continued to read the comments.

Checking forums were just like that. Even you trembled all over with rage, you couldn't help but continued to check it.

She pressed F5 to update the forum and then found a new comment, which was also about the matter in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Not long after it was posted, it had been replied by many.

[A few personal opinions. I don't think this boss is wrong and it seems to be not about patriotism. I don't know how those people relate the matter to that. He just arranges different people into a few groups.]

[Just like some areas who offer district preferential protection policies. It's just all our fellow countrymen that enjoy them this time.]

[I know many people would say it is brainlessly patriotic. But frankly speaking, it's not.]

[But if it's a brainless patriotic deed, why would he set such a high price? If I couldn't even afford the dishes, what's the meaning of doing that?]

[It's no more than a consensual matter as the price has been clearly stated. As for what the boss is like, I won't comment. After all, I couldn't afford the dishes, no matter if it's in RMB or USD.]

It was a long post with the ID of the person "I'm A Nice Guy; No Need For Thanks".

"Now that's the way. Finally there's a righteous man." Man Man became so happy that she pounded on the table again.

That made her customers nearby asked her again.

As she felt better now, Man Man explained again to her customers with a smile.

In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, the dishes ordered by Liu Hui and Jack had been carried to them.

Without speaking anything, the two people took the dinnerware and started to eat.

Once the established customers saw Yuan Zhou became idle, Wu Hai opened his mouth.

The several regular customers had a lot to say. After all, they had never expected Yuan Zhou to do so. Each of them had his own thoughts.

However, it was Wu Hai that uttered the first.

"Boss Yuan, you are fairly patriotic." There was teasing tone in Wu Hai's words.

"Yeah. I never thought Boss Yuan is such a person." Su Mu spoke with a rare seriousness.

"Patriotic?" Yuan Zhou didn't react immediately.

"Yeah, you are." Wu Hai raised his eyebrows toward Liu Hui and Jack beside them.

"Oh, not really." Yuan Zhou said squarely.

"Then what is that?" Su Mu asked directly.

Other customers nearby all strained their ears and started to listen carefully.

Customers outside were stunned at the unproved rumors told by that person just now, but others that had their meal inside weren't.

"It's very simple. The first customer that ate in my restaurant was from you guys; the first repeat customer is from you guys and the first customer that cursed me behind is also from you guys. Well, I know that you often curse me. Nothing more." Yuan Zhou said indifferently but he emphasized on the matter of cursing.

However, it was obviously neglected by his customers.

Other things that were left unsaid were understood by Wu Hai.

He lived across the street. And the moment Yuan Zhou opened the restaurant, he noticed it. Therefore, he knew most happenings in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

That's why Wu Hai drew the painting of People Passing by A Small Restaurant and moreover drew it so well that everyone could find themselves in the painting.

"That indeed makes sense. You can make a profit only with that price." Wu Hai remembered something behind every delicious dish.

Those exquisite food ingredients behind the delicious dishes were definitely the best.

Take the watermelon juice for example, the price of 88 USD wasn't expensive at all, if Yuan Zhou's food ingredients and way of cooking were taken into consideration.

"Well! I have to say yes." Su Mu nodded his head.

Everybody could tell differences between inferior things and superior ones. They were like those who lived near the scenic spots now.

Because they chose to come here for meals when Yuan Zhou hadn't enjoyed so much fame. They even did something more than that.

With such rules, it was like offering welfare to everybody. It's just that the welfare covered all the countrymen.

"Patriotism is bigger than fact. It's no more than being yourself. It seems that Boss Yuan is still so capricious and doesn't mind the consequence of the matter at all," Su Yuesheng suddenly said that.

"You must be joking. If Boss Yuan cared about what others thought, he's definitely not Compass."

"You guys changed the subject. We are talking about Boss Yuan," a customer said jokingly.

"Exactly, I always feel a little flustered when I get privileges from Boss Yuan." A customer patted on his chest and said that with an expression of disbelief.

"Me, too. Boss Yuan, you have a plot, don't you?" Wu Hai was quite alert.

"There's an activity that you guys can take part in." Yuan Zhou said positively.

"Activity? You are not talking about discounts, right?" Su Mu was quite excited.

Anyhow, he knew about the matter of offering discounts. As long as he heard about activities, he thought of that immediately.

"Boss Yuan, I always support you, unless you want to take days off to rest?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said affirmatively.

"Yeah, I approve your plan as long as you don't take days off." A customer beside him waved his hand and said generously.

Seeing everybody talk about the activity, Yuan Zhou became relieved. Regarding the charge, he had implemented it firmly and identified with it, but he was still a little perturbed.

However, the customers could see nothing from Yuan Zhou's expressionless face...