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357 Purchasing Power of US Dollars

 "Please take your seats here." Zhou Jia guided them to the vacant seats.

"It's so small here." Jack muttered in English.

"What do you two want to eat today?" Zhou Jia went up and asked as usual.

"Hi. Menu, please?" Jack gesticulated to her.

"I'm sorry. Do you mean the menu?" Zhou Jia could only understand a little, but she was embarrassed to speak English. Thus, she asked him in Chinese slowly.

"What?" Jack was quite puzzled.

However slowly she spoke, Chinese wouldn't change to English. Therefore, Jack didn't get her at all.

"Well, what do you need?" It was likewise the first time that Zhou Jia had seen a foreigner order dishes. She was slightly nervous.

"Beauty, he's asking if you have the menu." Liu Hui couldn't bear it anymore and directly asked in Chinese.

"Yes. It's right in front of you." Zhou Jia pointed to the table smilingly.

"Ok." After a nod, Liu Hui took up the menu and asked while reading.

"What are the special dishes in your restaurant?"

"Every dish is special here. You can just choose whatever you like to eat." Zhou Jia said complacently.

"Is the Egg Fried Rice 188? What currency is it?" Seeing the price, Liu Hui raised his eyebrows slightly and asked in surprise.

"Have this country developed so quickly over the years when I'm abroad?" Liu Hui thought in the mind.

"I'm sorry. We only receive US dollars and RMB." Suddenly, Yuan Zhou went up and said that before Zhou Jia got time to answer them.

"Gee? If you receive US dollars, the price is going to be much cheaper." Liu Hui said naturally.

After that, Liu Hui told Jack about that in English.

"OK. It's great if he can receive the US dollars." Jack nodded his head contentedly.

"Alright. So what about we order the Egg Fried Rice, Translucent Beef Slices and a Roasted Pork, Jack? What do you want to eat?" Liu Hui ordered the dishes naturally like he did in other restaurants.

"I think I can eat more than that." Jack said exaggeratedly.

He took up the exquisite menu and started to order his dishes while pointing at the English content on the menu.

Speaking of which, Yuan Zhou really admired the system's foresight.

When the menu was provided, it was made in both Chinese and English. At that time, Yuan Zhou once asked the system.

"It is English, isn't it? What for?" Yuan Zhou didn't have any foreign customers in his restaurant at that time.

The system displayed, "As the future Master Chef, an English menu is a must."

"All right." Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou believed it was indeed so and thus didn't asked anymore.

When Jack swiped his passport for the number outside just now, the system reminded Yuan Zhou about that.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou rushed over to receive the money, even though it was slightly different this time.

However, Yuan Zhou would still remind them of what they could do and couldn't do.

"Hello. In my restaurant, if you can't finish all your dishes, you'll be blacklisted automatically and can never come again." Yuan Zhou reminded them dutifully. Of course, he spoke Chinese.

"Do you have such a rule?" Liu Hui asked with much interest.

"Yes. It's right behind you on the wall." Yuan Zhou showed them the menu on the wall and said.

Liu Hui turned his head and looked toward the wall. Really, there was not only this rule, but also other rules.

"Look at this. This boss has really many rules." Liu Hui pointed at the wall and said to Jack.

"What's that?" Jack could neither spoke nor understood Chinese. Naturally, you can't expect him to read Chinese.

Liu Hui translated the rules briefly in English and then Jack understood it.

"This boss has a unique personality. I like him." Jack appreciated the rules very much, believing the boss had his own personality.

"Indeed he is." Liu Hui nodded his head.

"Help me ask him if I can take a photo." Jack took the phone and asked, being eager to have a try.

Liu Hui shook his head speechlessly, but he still turned the head and asked, "Can we take a photo of the wall?"

"Yes, as you please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"The boss says you can take photos of whatever you like." Seeing Yuan Zhou nod his head, Liu Hui became relieved and told Jack straightforwardly.

"That's great." Jack directly went up to take photos excitedly. Moreover, he took group photos of the lotus flower and the menu as well as himself.

He finished after quite a while. Yuan Zhou asked them again, "What are your dishes?"

"What's the amount of one serving?" Liu Hui asked habitually.

"Same to the dishes served in other restaurants." Yuan Zhou said immodestly.

"Then I want the Egg Fried Rice and Translucent Beef Slices." Liu Hui kept two dishes.

"I want this and this one." Jack said affirmatively while pointing at the Roasted Pork and the Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

"Ok. Yours are 876 RMB in all. Payment comes first before the dishes." Yuan Zhou said first to Liu Hui.

When Liu Hui gave him the money, the customers beside him started a discussion.

"Boss Yuan seems to speak more than usual today," a customer said with puzzlement.

"I also feel the same. He first greeted the beauty when she came. But I can fully understand that." Another customer revealed a manner of understanding.

"Yeah. I can understand that, too. Boss Yuan is single." The next customer followed.

"But now it's merely a foreigner. Why did Boss Yuan go to greet him by himself?" Wu Hai chimed in.

"Because I'm the very first customer of this restaurant." Yin Ya broke in and explained.

"Yes, we know, we all know." The customers smiled ambiguously and nodded continuously, saying that.

"What do you know about? What?" Yin Ya slightly flushed and couldn't help saying that.

"It is fine as long as we all know." The customers roared with laughter.

"I think Boss Yuan surely isn't that kind to greet his customers in person. He definitely has some hidden purposes." With a flush on her face, Yin Ya tried to change the subject.

"Haw-haw. We also think that way." The customers were all very nice. They changed the subject as per Yin Ya's intention.

"Exactly. Such an aloof person as Boss Yuan is unlikely to be so proactive." Seeing Yuan Zhou was still there, they said with an unbelievable tone.

"What about we guess?" Wu Hai proposed.

"I don't want to guess. You want to cheat us for the liquor again." Su Mu directly reacted and said.

"No. There's no liquor now." Wu Hai had once learned cooking from Yuan Zhou for three days and understood him a lot. Relying on that, he often cheated others.

"I will not be fooled by something I'm going to know very soon." Su Mu said stoutly.

It seemed that he had been fooled a lot, therefore, he definitely wouldn't like to play with Wu Hai on that.

People guessed a lot about Yuan Zhou's purpose this time. At the other side, Yuan Zhou turned his head to Jack and said to him.

"Hello. The total price of your dishes is 1256 dollars." Yuan Zhou reported the price in one breath and then continued in the end.

"We accept bank transfer, cash, or international cards."

It sounded very professional to say that.

At the other side, however, the two people who heard the price were greatly surprised.

Liu Hui asked straightforwardly, "The price isn't correct, is it? Is it in US dollars?"