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356 The Surprise of the Foreigner

 "Boss Yuan, why does the roasted pork have a faint taste of watermelon?" Yin Ya asked impatiently.

"Oh, yes, yes. It's the smell of watermelon. I was wondering just now what the taste was... So delicious.." Zhao Yingjun echoed with the roasted pork full in his mouth.

"It turns out to be the watermelon taste." Bai Pi got stupefied. Then he ate another mouthful of pork again, savoring the after-taste for a while.

"Tsk-tsk. Pork with fruit taste!" Wu Hai sighed with emotion at the side while eating whole-heartedly.

"Because the pig has eaten watermelons." To Yin Ya's question, Yuan Zhou would give answers when he was free.

"A pig that eats watermelon?" Yin Yin opened her mouth wide in surprise.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head affirmatively.

Before Yin Ya got time to say something, Wu Hai suddenly uttered at the side.

"Actually, my nickname is Little Pig." Wu Hai said deeply and earnestly. Without the pause, he continued saying.

"My zodiac animal is also the pig. Besides, my formal name is more well-known by people. It's Guangda Hierarch, namely the laudatory title of the pig."

"Of course I have my own breed. The name is Wu Pig. I love to eat watermelon."

"If I'm not wrong, the watermelon is the one used for making the watermelon juice."Wu Hai made such a long speech without any pause.

At the end of the speech, he asked Yuan Zhou while looking at him with an extraordinarily puzzled and earnest tone.

"Yes. The remaining watermelon is recycled to be their after-meal desserts." After a nod, Yuan Zhou brought out some words that even he himself felt unbearable.

What a joke! He himself didn't even have the opportunity to eat it, hence of course he found it unbearable.

"So do you agree that you should feed me with the watermelon?" Wu Hai said immediately.

"Brother Wu, this is much too exaggerated." Yin Ya cover her mouth and wanted to laugh.

"Exactly. He has lost his sense of shame just for something to eat." Zhao Yingjun gnashed his teeth and said that at the side.

Bai Pi also nodded his head to show consent.

Not everyone could say such shameless words so deservedly.

"You don't understand. I'm telling the truth." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou extraordinarily earnestly.

"What I use is the Mangalica." Yuan Zhou said positively.

"Don't you feel such a Wu Pig like me is also very superior?" Wu Hai continued to promote himself.

"No, I don't. It's still this one that is the best." Yuan Zhou looked Wu Hai up and down and then refused him again.

Wu Hai wasn't angry at all and he just stared at Yuan Zhou silently. Su Mu nevertheless uttered beside him.

"Although we know we have drunk up the essence of the watermelon, I don't think it is good to feed the pigs with the remaining parts." Su Mu said that quite earnestly, looking as if he didn't want to eat the remaining watermelon.

If he didn't say the following words, of course.

"So we customers here can all help to solve the problem. It's not complicated at all." Su Mu referred to all customers there intelligently to be his backup.

Right at the side, Su Yuesheng nodded her head obediently.

"Yeah, we can. Even if we have eaten the core of the watermelon, it's not good to let the pigs eat the remaining part left by us." Zhao Yingjun frowned and said.

"You do that as if you are making comparisons between the pigs and us." Bai Pi stated the main point.

"But you guys are eating the pig." Yuan Zhou said quietly.

It was then that the customers who had been in discussion in the main hall came to a halt suddenly.

Almost at the same time, they all thought the same, "Boss Yuan's words make great sense. I don't even know what to answer."

As expected, Yuan Zhou was the king of awkward silence. Once he spoke, people were instantly lost in absolute silence.

Luckily, the customers were used to that and, in just a little while, they started chatting with others.

For example, they chatted about Yuan Zhou's shamelessness.

Outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, Jack was discussing about Yuan Zhou's queuing machine with Liu Hui.

"Hey. What exactly do you think this machine is?" Jack had more curiosity than average about the electronic products.

"It's probably similar to the machine in the bank." Looking at the customers that took the numbered ticket, Liu Hui said affirmatively.

"But I don't have the identification that they are swiping. What shall I do?" Jack was quite curious, but not worried at all.

Sometimes, a foreigners' identity worked better than the domestic ID card, let alone just for getting a meal.

"How about you try your passport?" Liu Hui knew that the passport worked well in banks, thus he proposed.

"No, I won't. How could this machine distinguish the passport? It's should be done by hand." Jack's cognition was same to that of most foreigners, thinking that China's machines abilities were same as its IT abilities, very ordinary.

"I think you underestimate the machine too much. Remember who was astonished by the surroundings upon deplaning?" Liu Hui broke out Jack's funny behavior unceremoniously.

Yes. When Jack first arrived and saw the metropolis, he became extraordinarily astonished.

The first word was, "F*ck. Which damn guy told me it's very poor here in China?"

After all, the impression of China in most foreigners' mind still stayed in Qing Dynasty. But now, Jack no longer thought that way.

He just hadn't changed the habit of mind immediately.

"Ok. We can try and see very soon. You know, passports have to be inspected by hand even in USA." Jack shrugged, indicating that he didn't believe that.

Though he was astonished at the real China, he wouldn't believe it was more advanced than in the USA, even if it was for such a trifle.

"Please swipe your ID card. Only in that way can you get the number ticket." It was still the four people that maintained the order.

Till now, Yuan Zhou still hadn't said he would entertain the four guys again, but they came one after another as usual whenever they were free and therefore, had already been recognized as the special order maintainers.

Since the queuing machine was put into use now, they had been coming less frequently than before.

"Di", Liu Hui swiped his ID card cleanly and got the number.

"Use that. It definitely works." With an affirmative tone, Liu Hui revealed a decided expression on his face.

In his heart, however, he was actually praying, "Come on. Don't let me lose face. Let it be fine with just the passport."

"Alright. As you wish." After a shrug, Jack took out his passport and put it where the ID card was supposed to be swiped.

As a result, the queuing machine emitted a sound of "Di" unexceptionally and spat out a numbered paper.

It looked exactly the same to that of others, yet with a number written in English to match the number in Chinese.

"See? It works." Liu Hui revealed an "of course" expression.

"It's so miraculous! It surprisingly has English service. So interesting. May I have a look?" Jack looked at the queuing machine with a quite surprised expression.

He looked at the machine with his burning eyes as if he had wanted to dismantle it and have a look.

"Of course not. Let's go to line up." Liu Hui dragged Jack away hurriedly and didn't let him touch the machine.

After all, his hacking skills were obtained from dismantling many computers, which Liu Hui was quite clear about.

"It's the first time that I saw such a machine. Hui, do you think it can give the number in other languages?" Jack looked at the queuing machine curiously.

"I think we can ask the boss about that. It's going to be our turn very soon." Having successfully acted cool, Liu Hui crossed his arms across his chest and said happily.

Now, Liu Hui had a very nice impression of Yuan Zhou.

"Yeah, good. I can directly ask him if he could lend me the machine for research. Of course, I can study it after he gets off work." Jack said considerately.

After that, Jack dragged Liu Hui and entered the entrance impatiently.