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355 Taste of Roasted Pork Matched With Parsley Sauce

 "Boss Yuan is working really hard recently. You are serving a new dish again." Upon entering the restaurant, Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and teased.

"Yeah. He's serving new dishes more frequently recently." Yin Ya, who hadn't been here for a long time, nodded her head and echoed.

"It's been a while," Yuan Zhou ignored Wu Hai directly and said to Yin Ya lightly.

"Yes. I went back home." After a nod, Yin Yi revealed a hint of happiness on her beautiful face.

"Tsk. An adult man is really not welcomed." Wu Hai said to himself.

"What do you want to eat today?" Having ignored Wu Hai's sarcastic comments, Yuan Zhou said to Yin Ya straightway.

"I heard you're going to serve a new dish. What is it?" Yin Ya covered her mouth and smiled and only then did she ask.

"It's a famous Denmark dish, the Roasted Pork Matched With Parsley Sauce." Yuan Zhou showed the menu to her.

"It looks a little greasy." Yin Ya frowned and became a little hesitant.

Maintaining a figure was the goal of every woman. However delicious the food was, they would slightly hesitate.

"No, it's not." Yuan Zhou answered earnestly.

"Get me a serving of the dish, please." Yin Ya trusted Yuan Zhou very much. She was just suspicious about the fat on her body.

"Alright. Please wait for a moment." Yuan Zhou agreed with a nod.

While Yin Ya got seated anxiously on this side, Zhao Yingjun brought a man, who was dressed in a long-sleeve shirt and casual pants, to sit down at the other side.

"Bai Pi, this restaurant serves really nice dishes. There's also Swedish Meatball, a dish of the country where you have been last time." Zhao Yingjun guided the man to sit down.

Habitually, he put their number tickets into a special box and didn't stop talking while still introducing the food to the man.

"That's Norway, a different place from Sweden." The man called Bai Pi rolled his eyes discontentedly and then emphasized.

"I know. It's easier to be remembered than your name." Not to be outdone, Zhao Yingjun started to mock at his friend's name.

"What I want to eat isn't the meatballs. Do they have the swordfish, the Fragrant Boiled Swordfish?" Bai Pi wasn't interested in the dish of Swedish Meatball.

"Definitely not here." Zhao Yingjun answered affirmatively.

"How do you know?" Bai Pi said discontentedly.

"Ho Ho. I can even recite the menu of this restaurant." Zhao Yingjun took a look at Bai Pi with a wink of "You don't know about my power at all." and then said that.

"Why would you memorize the menu of a restaurant? Just for the meals? Oh, so silly. " Bai Pi said unreservedly.

"Never mind. You'll understand later." Zhao Yingjun said tolerantly.

"I'm going to choose another restaurant to eat." Bai Pi said without any hesitation.

"I'm not. Today Boss Yuan is going to serve a new dish. How about we ask him?" Zhao Yingjun looked forward to eating here very much.

"Ok. You ask." Bai Pi was originally playing along with Zhao Yingjun anyway. Since they had been waiting for so long, how could he leave without eating anything?

"Zhou Jia, come here. What's the new dish today?" Zhao Yingjun summoned Zhou Jia to him directly.

"It's the Swedish national dish, the Roasted Pork Matched With Parsley Sauce." Zhou Jia answered mildly.

"Do you have the Fragrant Boiled Swordfish?" Bai Pi frowned and asked.

"I'm sorry, we don't have it at the moment." Zhou Jia said with an apologetic tone.

"Can you cook the dish for us? After all, your boss can cook the Swedish Meatball and Roasted Pork. The two countries aren't that far from each other, right?" Bai Pi thought for a while and then said.

In his opinion, the several places weren't very far. It was just that he suddenly wanted to eat the exotic dishes, but not these ones.

Besides, there were also meatball and roasted pork in Norway, therefore Bai Pi asked about that.

"Sorry, we only provide dishes on the menu." Zhou Jia said mildly but affirmatively.

"Ok. Two servings of the roasted pork, please." Seeing Bai Pi frown all along, Zhao Yingjun said straightway.

"I'm not quite looking forward to the dish." Bai Pi also said directly.

"Just follow my advice. Do you think I will cheat you?" Zhao Yingjun patted on his chest and said.

"No comments." Bai Pi laughed speechlessly and said.

Although the two people ridiculed each other jokingly, Bai Pi felt a little pity in his heart. He wasn't necessarily going to eat it, but he just felt a little pity.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou carried out an ovenware, where inside, the streaky pork was sizzling with oil and making a sound of "Zi Zi".

This dish was quite simple. The main ingredient was the small potatoes while the others were three pieces of roasted streaky pork. Every piece was about the thickness of the little finger.

"Here's your dish. Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou carried the dish to Yin Ya by himself.

"It looks so good. Eating meat heartily, right?" Yin Ya was fairly interested in that.

"Um. It won't make you fat." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then added with a low voice.

"I have a physique that never becomes fat." Yin Ya said proudly.

However, there was some worry in her beautiful eyes.

The streaky pork on the brown plate was roasted into a golden yellow color. Scattered around the roasted pork were the little potatoes, with some green leaves of parsley over it.

It looked simple and pretty that way, with an irresistible fragrance. Of course, the parsley's characteristic delicate fragrance also stimulated people's taste buds.

"Um. Please take your time and enjoy." Yuan Zhou said that before he returned to the kitchen and continued preparing the dishes.

As he cooked western-style food this time, the big pieces of streaky pork had to be processed and pickled specially and then directly roasted. Although there were only three pieces, the amount was enough.

Therefore, the customers had to cut the pork into small pieces while eating. And naturally, Yuan Zhou prepared a knife and fork for every customer.

"Forget it. Let me first eat and then decide." Having made up her mind, Yin Ya took the knife and fork and then started to eat.

People don't like using knife and fork much at home, feeling that it was complicated to cut and then eat. Sometimes, the food would still be connected after being cut.

However, the one provided by Yuan Zhou was quite different. Although the blade looked blunt, it could easily cut the pork off.

After she stuck the knife into the small piece of pork, she picked it up and then dipped it into the cream sauce. Only after that did she stuff it directly into her mouth with a sound of "Awwoo."

Most exotic dishes used things like butter and cream. If one wasn't used to the taste, one would surely feel it to be sweet and salty at the same time. It would be terrible!

However, Yuan Zhou would also use these ingredients if he wanted to cook the very authentic Swedish dish.

But when Yin Ya dipped the pork into the cream sauce and gulped it down, she found that she had misunderstood western-style foods previously.

It's not that western-style food was bad, but those chefs that were really inferior.

As the streak pork carried the pork skin, she first ate the crisp and parched skin before going to the soft fat and the lean meat with a scorching aroma.

"Slurp slurp", it tasted quite chewy. As it was streaky pork, it also tasted soft and sticky while eating. What a wonderful taste!

There was slight saltiness in the cream sauce. The strong fragrance of the cream was blended with the characteristic delicate fragrance of the butter, instantly making the taste rich and colorful.

The saltiness of the cream didn't make people feel weird, but instead brought out the best out of the sweet cream.

It was exactly this salty taste that stimulated the intrinsic fragrance of the pork. Before one felt it to be greasy, the streaky pork would suddenly burst out the delicate fragrance of the fruits after it was stimulated by the salt.

"Is this watermelon? Why does it have the taste of watermelon?" Yin Ya was quite puzzled.

That's right. The streaky pork carried the refreshing fragrance of the watermelon as if one were eating iced watermelon in the summer. There was no sweetness in the mouth, but only the comfortable feeling that reached deep into the heart.

How strange!