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354 The Delicious Denmark Roasted Pork

 "No, no, no. You don't understand. If you want to look for something delicious around here, this kind of tiny restaurant is absolutely the best choice." Liu Hui pointed at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and said quite affirmatively.

"Hey. But I think the chef called Li is more reliable. He is a skilled individual internationally." Jack still trusted Li Li, the chef of "Masterwork Nonsuch", more.

"This restaurant was searched and sourced by you yourself." Liu Hui waved his hand.

"Then let's eat in both restaurants." Jack figured out a compromise.

"Ok. Let's eat here first for lunch." Liu Hui said while pointing at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"No problem." Jack agreed with a nod.

In the meantime, Yuan Zhou was still inquiring about the matter of the Mangalica.

"I'm curious about why the pork carries the fragrance of fruits." While processing the pork carefully and seriously, he asked.

The system displayed, "The system recycles watermelons to feed the Mangalica as the after-meal fruit. Besides that, it even offers other fruits including apple, pineapple and strawberries. Therefore, the fruit fragrance of every piece of pork is different from each other."

"I'd rather not have asked." Yuan Zhou couldn't help saying that while his mouth slightly twitched.

You sure you aren't joking? As the boss in the fruit circle, the watermelon was good enough to be auctioned. But now you're telling me that it was merely the after-meal dessert of a pig. Not to mention that it also ate other fruits provided by the system. In other words, it can choose whatever it liked to eat."

Humans were even inferior to a pig.

"As a chef, I actually think I also need the vitamins from the fruits to supplement my physical strength." Yuan Zhou said primly.

The system displayed, "The function is temporarily locked."

"So you mean this function does exist?" Yuan Zhou said sensitively.

The system displayed, "Host, please endeavor to level up."

"Alright." Yuan Zhou became speechless.

After a long while, Yuan Zhou changed a question, "With the wine flavor, don't tell me this pig likes drinking liquor?"

What's unusual about the pork was the wine flavor and fruit flavor, therefore Yuan Zhou would definitely ask this question.

The system displayed, "The pig is the pure-breed Mangalica. Its legs are brawny; the skin is white and the meat is tender; the figure is graceful; besides that, its temperament is also mild."

"The Mangalica is a kind of omnivorous animal. It likes inhabiting in grasslands, forests and mountainous areas and living in groups. Its main foods are seeds, rootstocks and fruits of plants like corns, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Also, the fungi-like mushrooms are also their favorite type of food."

"The system raises it with the mountainous feeding method. There is fresh air, green mountains and surrounding water in the place where it's raised, making its growth cycle 2.5 times longer than that of the normal pigs and the meat texture to be low cholesterol, high in nutrition, no residual virus, delicate and tender, mellow-flavored, along with a unique taste as well as being green and healthy."

"The after-meal fruits and good wine everyday make its meat delicious and fresh with intrinsic fragrance. Therefore, it's free from any underlying bad smell."

"So does it drink the bamboo liquor?" Yuan Zhou asked speechlessly.

The system displayed, "Mangalica likes drinking the Nanxun Wine from Hu'nan Province, especially those kept for more than 3 years."

"What feeling would one have after knowing he is not even living as good as a pig?" Yuan Zhou said dumbly.

He hadn't known that before while he knew it now.

His life was inferior to a pig, which ate pure natural and pollution-free green foods and after-meal fruits and even enjoyed drinking wine, good wine.

"I have never heard of any pig that drinks wine and fruits." Yuan Zhou said indignantly.

Only after he complained for a while and knew something about the pork did he start to cook the dish.

At that time, customers likewise began to form a line."

"See the long line? It's exactly the right place." Liu Hui raised his eyebrows and looked at Jack, indicating the differences between the two restaurants.

"But I don't think that way. That restaurant is much bigger than this one, so it's very common that no one lines up there." Jack shrugged and said while pointing at the other restaurant.

"Moreover, this place is fairly strange." Jack pointing at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and said.

"I feel the same, too." This time, Liu Hui agreed with Jack.

It wasn't a good time when they arrived. They were waiting at the latter part of the line. When they saw people ahead start to take the number ticket, they thought they could also take the ticket and have a meal. After tens of people took the number ticket, however, no one followed.

"Liu, what do you think is the matter? Is anything different?" Jack pointed to the people who got the ticket and asked curiously.

"I don't know, either. Maybe they are the members of this restaurant?" Liu Hui guessed.

"They don't look like the members. Look, they are also waiting." Seeing the people taking the number ticket and continue waiting there, Jack believed it wasn't that reason.

"They seem to be taking the ID card." Liu Hui had a pair of sharp eyes, thus he caught sight of the situation there easily.

"What's that?" Jack didn't really understand.

"It's something like identification paper." Liu Hui explained to him.

"Ok. It's so complicated. Why do they need that just for a meal? I have only the passport. Does it work?" Jack spoke English fluently while Liu Hui also answered in English.

Therefore, the conversation that seemed to be full of complaints between the two wasn't interrupted by anybody, even if somebody understood them.

"It may not work. Let's wait and see." Liu Hui shrugged. After all, he had never heard of passports that could work on machines since it wasn't in banks or other institutions.

"It's the only way." Jack nodded the head. They were still some distance away from taking the number ticket.

While working in the restaurant, Yuan Zhou didn't actually know that his sarcasm had truly attracted the real foreigners. He was still signaling Zhou Jia to come to him.

"A new dish is going to be served today. The Denmark Roasted Pork." Once Zhou Jia went into the kitchen, he told her straightforwardly.

"Ah, another new dish today? I didn't manage to inform our customers, again." Zhou Jia was a little worried.

"It doesn't matter. They'll know that after a while." Yuan Zhou said with a comforting manner.

"But many people won't know about it if we do something like that." Zhou Jia looked at the crowds outside and said.

"Never mind. They'll know after some while." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"Alright. I'm going to inform them now." Zhou Jia walked out of the restaurant again hurriedly.

"Today Boss Yuan will serve a new dish, more specifically, an exotic dish." On exiting the door, Zhou Jia said loudly.

"Wow! Another new dish today? We didn't come in vain." A customer immediately said happily when he heard the new dish.

"Exactly. I'm so smart that I came ten minutes earlier today. Otherwise, how could I get my turn?" Liu Chen, who had once been here for negotiations, revealed a thankful expression.

"Hey hey. It's so good and promising to be with Brother Chen." Brother Jun stood behind Liu Chen and said smilingly.

The customers were all expectant of Yuan Zhou's new dish, because it would be another tasting trip for an exotic dish. After the translation by Liu Hui, however, the newly arrived foreigner didn't become expectant.

"It's surprisingly an exotic dish. I came a long way to eat Chinese dishes, not exotic dishes." Jack was quite dissatisfied.

"There should also be other dishes. You can order something else." Liu Hui didn't really mind.

"You don't understand. One could only cook well by concentrating on one thing at a time. If that chef cooks exotic dishes today, his culinary performance of the Chinese dishes today cannot be as good as in normal time, either." Jack said affirmatively.

"It's likely to happen. But we can try the other one in the evening." Liu Hui tried to comfort him.

"Complicated procedures. Hope the taste doesn't let me down." Jack had to answer that way.

However, would Yuan Zhou let his customers down? That was an absolutely impossible matter.