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353 A New Method of Cooking the Pork

 During the dinner time when customers sat together for their meal, Zhou Jia suddenly said to Yuan Zhou in a low voice.

"Boss Yuan, look at Manager Shi." Zhou Jia privately pointed at Manager Shi who was seated in a corner.

"Um. Do you know the reason?" Yuan Zhou had already found that something went wrong with Manager Shi.

"No, I don't. May I go to ask him?" Zhou Jia was a little worried.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Manager Shi was an established customer. After he arrived today, he didn't say anything. Apart from that, he just sat there in a daze. There was even some stubble on his usually confident and clean face. The most unbelievable thing was that the business suit on him today was obviously the one he had worn yesterday and even had some wrinkles.

This was frankly quite impossible for it to happen to Manager Shi.

All the regular customers knew that Manager Shi was a tasteful man. He always wore costly business suits and changed clothes every day. According to him, the business suit was his armor while negotiating deals.

Of course, it needed to be cleaned from time to time.

Therefore, it was the first time that the customers had seen Manager Shi so slovenly.

Wu Hai uttered first ahead of Zhou Jia.

"Old Shi, what's wrong with you? Were you kicked off the bed by your wife?" Wu Hai was really a tough guy while talking.

"No. She's good." Manager Shi remained dumbfounded for quite a while and then answered.

"Then you definitely have a bad appetite and want me to help you, right? No problem. It's just a piece of cake." Wu Hai looked at the Egg Fried Rice in front of him and said cleanly.

"What you care is all about eating, eating and eating. In my opinion, he's going bankrupt." Ling Hong took a look at Wu Hai sneeringly and said jokingly at the side.

"Manager Shi, are you ok?" Only then did Zhou Jia get the opportunity to say that.

"Ho Ho. You are right."Surprised by the several people, Manager Shi wasn't dumbfounded anymore. He simply admitted.

"Haw?" Ling Hong got surprised.

"It's not true, isn't it? Old Shi, you aren't in the business of electronics. How could that be?" With a frown, Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said with puzzlement.

At that time, Yuan Zhou went to stand in front of them while Zhou Jia beside dared not say anything.

"Yes, I am. Electronics are really unpredictable. Now I'm bankrupt." Manager Shi appeared to be smiling, but he was actually looking at Yuan Zhou with a sorrowful manner.

"You can still afford my dishes." Yuan Zhou kept silent for quite a moment and suddenly said.

"Yes, but it's the last time." Manager Shi sighed, with depression in his tone.

"It's not worth mentioning for an adult man. Work hard and create your business again." Ling Hong disliked such an atmosphere most. Once he talked, he said that directly.

"Does a second-generation tycoon like you even know about that?" Wu Hai turned his head and stared at Ling Hong.

"Of course. In the business of electronics, you can make an unbelievably much money during good times. But once business becomes terrible, you will lose everything." Ling Hong nodded his head and said immodestly.

"Exactly." Manager Shi nodded his head.

Then, all of them became silent. He failed in his business and it seemed he had nothing left now. Under such situation, whatever others said meant nothing. Therefore, everyone ate their dishes quietly and paid close attention to Manager Shi beside them.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, returned to his kitchen and started to cook dishes. Only when he paused did he pay attention to him.

After about 10 minutes of quietness, Manager Shi suddenly stood up, "Boss Yuan, I will come every day rather than every two or three days in future after I make it.

The several words were said sonorously and firmly with powerful confidence. He just stared at Yuan Zhou like that as if to wait for his answer.

"Good." Yuan Zhou set down his spatula and nodded his head earnestly.

Seeing that, Manager Shi began to laugh confidently. He then turned around and prepared to leave.

"But if you don't eat your dishes up, you'll be blacklisted automatically." Just when Manager Shi turned around, Yuan Zhou continued to say.

"Eh..." Even if Manager Shi was a resolute man, he almost couldn't control himself from beating Yuan Zhou to death at that moment.

"Please enjoy your meal." Seeing Manager Shi turn around stiffly, Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Ho Ho."Manager Shi answered him with the two words. As for his expression, only Yuan Zhou himself could taste it.

After the conversation between Manager Shi and Yuan Zhou, the atmosphere became back to normal. Almost all the customers were ridiculing Yuan Zhou.

No one really knew what kind of psychological journey did Manager Shi experienced overnight which finally caused him to straighten out his thinking to start anew. Leave that aside, Yuan Zhou still got up very early on the next morning. He needed to prepare a new dish for lunch at noon. Therefore, he specifically served the Thousand Layered Mantou for breakfast.

The time needed for preparing the new dish was quite long. So right after the breakfast time, Yuan Zhou started to prepare the food.

"So it's another kind of pork again this time?" With a mere glance, Yuan Zhou saw a new label pasted on that conspicuous small-sized ice-locker.

The system displayed, "Yes, it is."

After a sound of "Hua", Yuan Zhou pulled open the door of the ice-locker, where big pieces of streaky pork lay. Yuan Zhou took a pair of bamboo clippers and picked a piece of the pork up before placing it in the wooden barrel, ready to be used.

"I know you are a professional." Wearing face mask, Yuan Zhou directly uttered to ridicule it.

Yuan Zhou had expected that the system would reply him to thank for his compliments. However, the system had no reaction at all.

"Peng", Yuan Zhou set the wooden barrel on the azure stone countertop, took off the face mask, and approached the pork carefully to smell the flavor.

"It surprisingly carries a faint fruity taste. Well, and some wine fragrance?" Yuan Zhou put on the face mask and got a little puzzled.

As far as he knew, no pork had such a taste, let alone when he hadn't cleaned it yet.

"System, what breed is the pig?" Ever since he opened the restaurant, Yuan Zhou had taken many lessons about the knowledge of the food ingredients. With his hard work, he believed that he knew better than the normal top chefs.

Of course, the contribution of the system cannot be left unrecognized. The color of the pork in front of him now was pretty while the fat and lean meat were evenly distributed. The pork skin also had a plump feeling of colloidal matter. Yuan Zhou couldn't recognize at all what breed the pig was.

The system displayed, "This is the Mangalica. The full name is Lincolnshire Mangalica. The pig is also called the Sheep Pig."

"The species has been extinct for 37 years. At the very beginning, the curly wool allows the Sheep Pig to resist cold and live through very cold winters. When it comes to summer, it can also protect it from the burning sun. It comes from Hungary and Austria. Previously, it was often frequently seen in Lincolnshire in Britain. Similar to sheep, it's also suitable for shearing. The wool sheared could be used to make woolen sweaters."

"System, the pig has already been studied by the geneticists, hasn't it?" Yuan Zhou recalled a piece of news before and asked with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "The pig studied is actually the Linculista Pig, which contains a part of genes from the Mangalitza. It's not the previous Mangalica. The meat texture and living habits are quite different."

"So that's why. The pork looks very delicious." Yuan Zhou poked the pork skin with the bamboo chopsticks and said affirmatively.

While Yuan Zhou was observing the pork, the two foreign friends that came a long way from another country were just on their way to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. However, there appeared very slight divergence between them on the way.

"I think it should be the neighboring restaurant of that tiny restaurant that serves more delicious dishes." Jack pointed at the restaurant "Masterwork Nonsuch" marked on the map and said to Liu Hui earnestly.