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352 Automatically Fixing The Bug

 "Young girl, can this machine recognize if it's the original person?" A customer asked curiously.

"Yes. One can only use his own ID card to line up. Just as before, replacements are not allowed." Zhou Jia explained mildly with a smile.

"That is way too advanced. Interesting." The customer looked at the queuing machine curiously.

"But you don't need to worry. This machine won't record and keep the private information of the customers." Zhou Jia said beforehand.

"That's great." The customers then became relieved.

After all, this machine only recorded the identification information and nothing else.

Advanced technologies ruled the world nowadays. With only an ID card, one really couldn't do anything substantial. After all, people could no longer act on others' behalf nowadays as everything had to be done by the person concerned himself.

About that, the customers were quite clear.

"Business time commences now. Everybody, now you can go inside and enjoy your meals. Those that waited behind, please start to line up for the ticket." Zhou Jia checked the time and signaled smilingly.

Of the customers that went inside, a person asked Yuan Zhou directly. After all, this queuing machine was so miraculous.

"Boss Yuan, this machine looks so nice. So it can recognize automatically if it is the original person himself?" The customer revealed a curious expression.

"Um. A friend of mine sent it to me." Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Can you get another one? I'm quite interested in it." The customer asked with interest.

"I'm sorry, I can't." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Ok, forget it." The customer shrugged, not intending to insist on that.

Customers that had obtained the numbered ticket stood together in twos and threes.

Some even walked out of the side street and prepared to come back after taking a walk around.

Now that the queuing machine was there and they had obtained the valid number and seats, they didn't need to worry that they couldn't manage to have their meals, although they were still unclear when they could eat it. Naturally, they wouldn't line up there and waited to eat obediently.

After taking a walk outside, they could probably eat more dishes later. Therefore, basically every customer in the latter part of the line went to do so in the past few days.

Since there were so many people, there would definitely be chaos if they didn't line up.

"Please come inside and have your meals according to your number." Upon seeing a customer finish his meal and leave, yet realizing that no one had come in to take that seat, Zhou Jia uttered to remind them.

"Little girl, No. 126 is not here. I'm No. 127. Can I go inside first?" A man took his own number and asked affably.

"Sure. Come in, please." Zhou Jia said with a smile.

"Gee? Are you not waiting for that person?" A customer asked with puzzlement.

"Business time is limited. If we wait for that person, it would be unfair to others. So everybody needs to pay attention to the time." Zhou Jia had said that more than two times, hence she answered very deftly.

The matter of not waiting for anybody was reminded by Zhou Jia every time. Therefore, if anybody missed it, they missed it. They wouldn't wait for anybody, nor would they give him the number again.

"The girl reminds us of the matter every day. What do they think I wait here with the number ticket for?" A customer said while pinching the number ticket in his hand.

"Exactly. If we continue to wait for him, God knows when we can eat the dishes." Other customers instantly made it clear.

"I think so, too. I feel the numbers are getting lesser recently. Do you feel the same?" Another customer said that while taking the numbered ticket.

"Indeed. I remember there were more numbers at the same time yesterday. But today, it decreased by at least 5 numbers." Customers paid much attention to that.

"But I have already checked the time. It's still two hours. What's the matter?" A customer felt slightly puzzled.

Others that heard him fell in silence. It was indeed true, but where exactly did the problem lay?

"It should be like this." Man Man lifted up the number and started to say.

"Formerly when we are lining up, we'll go to eat impatiently right after anybody comes out. But now, we cannot go inside until the girl comes out to call to us. The short walking distance was delayed by at least 1 minute. It's not obvious, but if it accumulates, the time will be a lot." Man Man was quite clever. She said that to a point.

"What she says seems to make sense." Most of the customers agreed with a nod.

"But now that I got the number, I don't want to stand here like a fool." A man with spiky hair said frankly.

"Yes, me too. I don't want to stand here like a fool since I have the number in my hand." After that, more people echoed.

"Exactly. It's too tiring." Other customers nodded their head one after another.

"I think we can do this way. There are only 10 seats in the restaurant. When ten people go inside at a time, the other 10 people behind line up there. That way, when one finishes the meal and comes out, the following one can get inside immediately to reach the seamless convergence." Man Man gesticulated for a while and said earnestly.

"The idea sounds great. Ten people move fairly quickly." The idea received most consent from the customers.

"We have to think this way. If we don't follow this way, we are actually wasting our own time." Man Man continued to persuade them.

"If only Boss Yuan would increase his business hours." A customer sighed.

"That damn Compass probably won't change his rule." Man Man gnashed her teeth and then said.

"Alright. Let's do it like that. Everybody, please be strict with yourselves and save as much time as possible. Otherwise, whoever comes late in future wouldn't have the opportunity to eat the meals."

For their immediate interests, everybody paid much attention to that. If they can save time during the meals, they could also manage to eat when they came late next time. That was pretty good.

Sometimes, one really didn't have so many thoughts while doing good deeds.

It wasn't more complicated than hoping that somebody else could volunteer to help him out when he was in trouble.

Similarly, young people offered their seats to the old in the bus not for anything in return. They just wished that one day when their aged parents were in the crowded bus, others could also offer the seats to them.

While the customers were clearing up a problem by themselves unconsciously, the foreign friends were likewise on the way here at the other side.

"Hey, we finally arrive. I feel that my joints are already stiff." Upon deplaning, Jack stretched himself eagerly.

"Aren't you shameful to say that? What are you complaining for since you slept the whole way?" His friend was, on the contrary, quite dissatisfied.

"Bro, I'm doing this to remove heavy burdens from you." Jack reached out his hand to hang on his friend's neck before saying with a smile.

"Come on. Let's go to the hotel quickly." Seeing so many countrymen around, his friend was quite delighted.

"Hey. Liu, slow down. If I'm lost, you'll have no brother anymore." Jack said shamelessly.

"Please call me by my full name. Every time I hear you utter one word, I get goosebumps all over my body." His friend, whom he called Liu, said firmly.

"Ok, ok. Liu Hui, let's just go to that restaurant in the evening." Jack clenched his fist and said decidedly.

"No, let's go tomorrow. I'm too tired." Liu Hui said firmly.

"Your physical condition is too bad." Jack said with dislike.

"Then you can go alone." Liu Hui said without any hesitation.

"Come on, don't do that. Tomorrow is good. Let's go there at noon tomorrow." Jack indicated that he was quite self-conscious about the fact that he had no sense of direction.

"Let's go." Liu Hui reached out his hand and stopped a cab.

While the two people were preparing to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for meals the next day, coincidentally Yuan Zhou was also preparing to serve another new dish that day. It was a dish that had been prepared for a long time.