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351 First Conflict Provoked by the Queuing Machine

 "One more serving, please." The fatty ate so happily that he shouted carelessly without noticing it.

"I'm sorry. Each person can only order one serving here." Zhou Jia went up and said dutifully.

Even if she had seen the fatty for several times, she had to remind him smilingly. After all, many people often ate their meals happily and shouted like that subconsciously, which Zhou Jia had gotten used to.

"Oh, right. How could Boss Yuan just serve each of his customers only a few Mantous?" The fatty stroked his belly unwillingly and straightforwardly murmured.

"You can come again to eat at noon." Zhou Jia suggested smilingly.

"I'd like to. But my wallet doesn't allow me to do that. It doesn't always increase in weight like me." The fatty patted on his big and jiggly belly, which was fairly interesting.

Standing at the side, Zhou Jia didn't know what to say and thus just smiled.

"This fatty is so interesting." Su Mu smiled lightly.

"Brother, please don't reach your chopsticks into my food steamer when you are talking." Su Yuesheng seized Su Mu's hand swiftly.

"You misunderstood me. I'm doing this to check if you have wasted any food. Caring for my beautiful younger sister is my duty-bound responsibility." Su Mu talked righteously and solemnly as if it were true.

"If you can put the Mantou between your chopsticks down, I will believe in that." Su Yuesheng didn't let go of Su Mu's hand and signaled him to talk after putting down the Mantou.

"Although you are my sister, I have to say you are too stingy." Su Mu struggled a little and found he couldn't make it. Only then did he say that to Su Yuesheng.

"Thanks for your compliment." Su Yuesheng nodded her head and thanked him quite politely.

After staying with his brother for a few days, Su Yuesheng wasn't so shy anymore. Sometimes, she retorted back to her brother.

The customers that entered the restaurant first had the meal very contentedly while others waiting behind were also quite expectant.

"I heard it's a new type of food for breakfast. Boss Yuan is always so awesome." The customers stood together by twos and threes and discussed.

"Exactly. I heard it's the delicious little Mantous." Having stayed hungry for the whole morning, the customers naturally discussed the food heatedly.

"Hi, guys. Do you want to try the steamed buns that are freshly prepared?" A hawker went up to peddle his steamed buns immediately when he saw the several people discuss fervently.

"No, no, no. I have a number and will soon eat it. It will ruin my appetite if I eat yours." One of them waved his hand continuously.

"Indeed. We'd rather drink some soybean milk." Another customer thought for a while and then said.

"Yes, of course I have that. It's also freshly made this morning and hence very fragrant. Five cups of that?" The hawker wasn't really angry. Seeing that they have interest in the soybean milk, he immediately took out a cup of that and said.

"Ok. How much?" The customers touched the hot soybean milk and asked after a nod.

"The same price. 5 RMB per cup." The hawker made a gesture of 5 with a smile.

"Here you are." The customer handed him the money and then gave the soybean milk to the other four people.

"I'm still waiting for Boss Yuan to serve the soybean milk." The customers murmured while drinking.

"Anyway, not today." The other one shrugged helplessly.

Speaking of which, the breakfast sold by the hawkers around Yuan Zhou's restaurant was much more expensive, but there were more people who bought from them.

As they all knew that the hawkers that could stay here till now were all very clean. And the soybean milk was truly made from soybeans. Therefore, 5 RMB for 500ml of soybean milk was really not bad in their eyes.

Nowadays, people were quite particular about freshness, health, good taste, and safety. Even if they were not as delicious as the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the business of these hawkers was pretty good.

The rule of positive natural selection was best reflected around Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Therefore, the noodle restaurant of which the boss was jealous of Yuan Zhou's business also existed because of its distinct taste.

Five minutes before business time in the afternoon commenced, the customers started to line up and swipe their ID for number tickets. The scene was very like in a bank. Here in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, one really had to line up for the ticket to eat lunch even if he was a personnel from the bank.

The first twelve people all proceeded smoothly. When it went to the thirteenth one, something unexpected happened.

It was a young man with a fair and clear face. He looked very young and comely. It seemed that he had never been here before.

He took out his ID and swiped it in front of the machine. Then it displayed, "Data error."

He swiped it again and still, it displayed, "Data error." after a sound of "Di".

"That's weird. What does that mean? It doesn't want me to eat?" Stared by the crowd, the young man flushed slightly and shouted loudly.

"I'm sorry. Please swipe it again." Zhou Jia came over hurriedly and said nervously.

It was the first time that she had encountered such a situation in the recent few days. Thus, she was also puzzled.

"What bloody machine it is! Is it broken?" The young man said discontentedly.

"No, it's not. It was just bought several days ago." Zhou Jia explained mildly.

"The reality proves that. You are selling the dishes so expensive, but you don't even want to buy a good machine." The young man insisted on his own thinking.

"Please try again." Zhou Jia reached out her hand and signaled him.

After he tried again, however, it still displayed "Data error."

"I don't care. It's definitely the problem of your machine. You must keep a number for me." The young man stared at Zhou Jia and then said earnestly.

"I'm sorry. I can't call the shots. Please wait a moment." Zhou Jia said with an apologetic tone.

"Ok. Hurry up." The young man got out of the way and let others swipe their ID cards.

Seeing Zhou Jia running quickly into the restaurant, the young man got slightly relieved. In his eyes, there's supposedly no problem now.

"Boss, there seems to be something wrong with the machine. A customer is unable to swipe the ID card for a number." On entering the restaurant, Zhou Jia said hurriedly.

"What's displayed?" Yuan Zhou asked calmly.

"He swiped three times, but every time the machine displayed data error." Zhou Jia answered carefully.

"Let him leave." After Yuan Zhou heard that, he said straightforwardly, without even blinking.

"Haw?" It was the second time that Zhou Jia had seen Yuan Zhou drive the customer away. However, there was nothing wrong with the young man except his not-so-good attitude.

"He's not using his own ID card. Tell him that he doesn't need to come again today." Yuan Zhou raised his head and said that while looking at Zhou Jia.

"So it's the reason. Sorry, I'm going right now." Instantly, Zhou Jia felt embarrassed and then ran out quickly.

In Zhou Jia's opinion, Yuan Zhou had given her such a high salary, but she worked so carelessly. She was really embarrassed about that.

At the other side, the young man who had thought it practically sure waited leisurely at the side.

He felt pleased in his heart and thought happily, "This Boss Yuan perhaps will compensate me. After all, I have waited here for so long and still can't get the ticket. Since it's the problem of his own machine, he will necessarily compensate his customer."

Maybe he could also get his superior's recognition as he was one of the first several people.

This person indeed wasn't using his own ID card, nor did he want to come to eat by himself. He just heard his superior wanted to eat dishes served here but had no time and hence he volunteered to come.

As for no one being allowed to line up for others and people needing to swipe their own ID cards for the ticket, he didn't think a mere machine could distinguish between his boss and him.

Just at that moment, Zhou Jia went up to him and uttered politely with a tough tone, "I'm sorry. We only accept customers to line up in person with his own ID card. Replacements are not allowed."

"You talk nonsense. Where's your boss? I want to see your boss. I'm indeed swiping mine." The fantasy of the young man was interrupted. Therefore, he shouted guiltily.

"Boss Yuan says that you don't need to come again today. You can never get a ticket today." Zhou Jia's tone became a little moderate.

"As for whether or not the ID card is yours, you should know that best," Zhou Jia continued saying.

"Humph. I don't give a sh*t." Seeing others tend to gather around to watch, the young man immediately felt a little embarrassed. After he said that, he ran away right away.

"Take care." Zhou Jia said courteously to the back of the man.

The customers became puzzled. Was the machine capable of recognizing if the ID card matched the person?