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350 Name of the Thousand Layer Mantou

 At the other side, the system continued to show off its great knowledge without stopping.

The system displayed, "One thousand years ago, the yield of one wheat was 10 to 12 grains while now, it is 20 or so. It has more than doubled."

"Besides that, the earliest remains of wheat were found in Peacock River basin, namely the Rou-Ran district. After combining the ancient wheat and the current wheat, the system believes that 16 grains on each wheat are in the best form. Therefore the yield of every wheat is 16 grains with each grain plump and full. The sunlight was natural while the rain was sufficient.

"The system uses the most careful method of picking the wheat heads by hand and then grinds the flour using the ancient processing way."

"All the flour provided by the system is sieved for 6 times. Therefore, the flour is white and fine; the best choice for making Mantou."

"Besides that, it contains starch, protein, fat, mineral substances, Ca, Fe, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin A, and various abundant mineral substances."

"All in all, you just want to tell me yours is the best. To summarize again, the flour that you provide is the best." Yuan Zhou covered his forehead with his hand helplessly.

The system responded with silence and didn't pay attention to Yuan Zhou's complaint.

"System, I feel all that you provide me is the best. And if you don't charge me when I eat, I feel that it will be even better." Occasionally, Yuan Zhou joked around with the system.

Although the system gave no response.

After the daily joke, Yuan Zhou washed his hands earnestly and prepared to make the Mantou.

Speaking of which, even Yuan Zhou's hand-washing water was superior. The temperature was just perfect, neither too cold nor warm, making it feel like it didn't even exist.

Nevertheless, its effect for cleaning hands was pretty good.

Yuan Zhou who suffered from obsessive-compulsive-disorder and the system that had an abnormal fear of dirt or contamination were a perfect combination.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou took up the bamboo splits beside him and brought out the flour before getting to work.

Dawn was getting later and later. At about 7:50 a.m., the sky became clear and light.

"Yo... Wu Hai, you are so early." Su Mu brought his sister here and waved his hand to Wu Hai ahead of him.

However, Wu Hai didn't answer him at all. Instead, he walked quickly to the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and swiped his ID card in front of the queuing machine. After a sound of "Di", there appeared two options on the machine. Wu Hai naturally chose the option "Eat On Time".

Immediately, the machine spat out a ticket, on which a big number 1 was written. Seeing that, Wu Hai smiled contentedly.

"Tsk-tsk. You even don't let go of one single second." Su Mu also went up swiftly to swipe the ID cards with Su Yuesheng.

"Of course. I live so close," Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and said proudly.

"It's all because of you. Otherwise, we don't even need to line up." Su Mu wouldn't admit failure so easily.

"Never mind. Boss Yuan will also need it later. But I was absolutely wise when it came to buying this house." Wu Hai turned his head and took a look at the art studio on the second floor of the building across the street.

"You are really awesome! It seems that I also need to invest in a house." Su Mu was considering the feasibility of the matter.

"It's our turn now." Seeing the two guys chatting in front of the queuing machine, others that waited behind them couldn't help saying that.

"I'm sorry." Su Mu brought his sister a few steps back and made way for others.

Then, the crowd rushed to swipe their ID cards like a swarm of bees.

The time set by Yuan Zhou was quite reasonable. The customers could get the first twenty numbers about five minutes before the meal started. Of course, as convention suggested, whoever came earlier got the smaller number. After the meal commenced officially, others behind could only get the bigger numbers.

That way, it saved a lot of time that would have been delayed in getting the numbers one by one. Yet, it also didn't go so far as not to let others behind get the number.

During the past two days after the queuing machine was used, things went very smoothly without any problems.

After a sound of "Hua La", the door was opened. Zhou Jia stood out and said smilingly, "Business time starts now."

"Ah. Finally. I'm almost dead from hunger. Luckily I got the first number." While entering the restaurant, the customer didn't forget to show off.

"Indeed. What will Boss Yuan provide for breakfast today?" Customers always cared more about the dishes.

"The Thousand Layer Mantou will be provided today. The price has been made known publicly. Also, you can see it on the menu." Yuan Zhou pointed at the menus on the wall behind and in front of everyone.

"Mantou? The kind without any meat stuffing?" A fat customer frowned discontentedly.

"Don't you like it? You can give it to me." Wu Hai was quite sensitive to such matters. He went up immediately on hearing that.

"Not really. I prefer to eat soup dumplings or sesame seed cake now. I haven't eaten them for a long time." The fatty touched his belly and said alertly.

"If you can't finish them, you can share some with me beforehand to prevent you from getting blacklisted." Stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai said mildly.

He talked as if he were kindly offering help.

"No, no. Look at my figure and you'll know my appetite. I can surely eat them up." The fatty patted on his belly and said with quite a convincing tone.

"Oh." Wu Hai nodded his head and then said no more.

"This brat wants to cheat others again." Su Mu turned his head and said to Su Yuesheng. Just before Su Yuesheng reacted, however, he immediately said in the opposite direction, "Yuesheng, I remember that you don't like eating Mantous, right? Let me treat you to some pastries and help you to eat up the Mantou."

"Ho Ho." The scorn on the girl's face almost overflowed.

They all wanted to take advantage of others with a seemingly high-handed reason.

The failure of cheating for others' food didn't affect Wu Hai's mood. After all, he had never succeeded once and thus already got used to that. Seeing the food carried to him, he began to eat it immediately.

"Here's your Thousand Layer Mantou." Zhou Jia carried the food steamer up and put it in front of the fatty.

"Um." The fatty nodded his head.

The heat emitted from the food steamer, where several walnut-sized Mantou lay. The color was snowy white while the skin was silvery. They all looked exquisite and adorable.

"Is this Mantou? They look so small. I can even eat up two with a simple bite." The fatty breathed in the fragrance of the Mantou and murmured.

The fatty was indeed right. Even if there were only eight Mantou, he still picked two together at a time and stuffed them into his mouth.

On entering his mouth, the fragrance of the Mantou dispersed inside. The skin of the small Mantou had slight toughness. With a simple bite through it, however, the delicate fragrance of the wheat grains came out immediately.

Having filled his mouth, he began to chew the Mantou carefully. The Mantou tasted soft and fluffy and while chewing it, it felt as if there were many layers, making the texture continuous as well as fine and smooth.

Even if he drank no water, it didn't affect him in swallowing it all. It was unbelievably fluffy and palatable.

During the period, the strong fragrance of wheat grains filled his nose. Upon tasting that, one could easily know it was made with very fresh flour. There was not the slightest taste of flavoring, only the pure wheat flour.

What they longed for was exactly that feeling of freshness.

"Too bad it's too small. If it's as large as my face, I can take it in my hand and eat it carefully. With Boss Yuan's craftsmanship, it would be delicious." The fatty ate some Mantou and said loudly, full of dissatisfaction.

Of course it would be delicious. If the Mantou was that big, how could one not feel awesome with the soft and palatable feeling?

"Too small, too little." While gulping down the Mantou, the fatty muttered to himself.

His mouth was busy, still it never stopped.

The thought that it didn't taste good without any stuffing had already been flung to the four winds...