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348 Strengthening Effect of the System

 The arrogant words of Yuan Zhou on the forum naturally attracted many people to disagree.

The first one who started to disagree was quite an influential person, which could be easily seen from his messages. ID Tang Xuehai, [I don't know where you get this conclusion, but I can tell you for sure that every country where I have ever stayed has their unique delicacy.]

Unkind Devil Chef, [As a chef, I want to tell you that I cook very well. Anyway, all my customers say so.]

US 99975564, [Although fast food presides over the majority in the US, there are also many delicacies.]

These were all mild messages, most of which were too prove their culinary skills or else to peacefully express their discontent. However, if there was peacefulness, there was naturally more aggressive messages.

Full Level Evasion, [You said that as if you were quite awesome. Get out and tell me where you eat your meals.]

Stormy Sword Devil, [Stop bullshitting. Leave me the address. Let me come and find you."]

Caring Foolish Youngsters, [Come, come here. Let's have a friendly talk. I will not beat you too heavily.]

Zi Yu Ting, [I haven't seen such a person that deserves beating for long. My 40-meter-long big knife is hungry now.]

"A piece of cake." Looking at the discontented messages all over the screen, Yuan Zhou revealed a smile and replied another message.

The Mantissa of Pi, [I have indeed eaten many delicious dishes. What are you going to do? Bite me? As for the address, I will never tell you guys where it is. If you are capable, you try to track my IP. Haw-haw]

The next moment, Yuan Zhou closed the web page. At the moment, Yuan Zhou acted as if he was possessed by Ling Hong. Not just the tone of dislike but even the expression was the same as him. The Ling Hong-style sharp tongue took effect.

Yuan Zhou went to the forums provided by Sun Ming one by one to leave messages and then, naturally, he was chased by others on the forums. However, Yuan Zhou ran away immediately after he successfully attracted the hatred.

Besides that, as the hatred was attracted by himself, he didn't feel unhappy. Instead, he felt a sense of achievement.

"Hooo. Finally. Let me witness the capability of those hackers." Yuan Zhou lay down the phone contentedly and prepared to take a rest.

The matter of queuing machine was known by others gradually.

"Chirp Chirp, Chirp Chirp." A continuous melodious birdsong passed from inside of Wu Hai's art studio.

"What's the matter?" Wu Hai answered the phone and asked directly.

"I heard that Yuan Zhou is starting using the queue numbers?" The voice of Jiang Changxi passed from the phone.

"Um. We can see what exactly it's like tomorrow." Wu Hai hung up the phone immediately after he said that.

Looking at the phone in her hand, Jiang Changxi was rather speechless. After quite a while, she gnashed the teeth in anger, saying, "This guy is fated to die alone, like Yuan Zhou."

She then could only call Yuan Zhou helplessly.

"Hey. Can you tell me about the situation this afternoon?" Without any nonsense, Jiang Changxi asked directly once the call was put through.

"This afternoon? Nothing happened." Yuan Zhou suddenly recalled the matter that he attracted the hatred everywhere and denied decidedly.

"Didn't you say that we have to line up by number later?" Jiang Changxi reminded him.

"Yes, indeed." Yuan Zhou got slightly relieved and answered lightly.

"It's so chaotic to line up. Do you have sufficient time?" Jiang Changxi frowned and said.

"I have a queuing machine now. I don't need to worry about that." Yuan Zhou answered with an affirmative tone.

It was known that anything provided by the system was the best.

"Alright. That's it." Jiang Changxi became speechless. This time, she hung up the phone by herself.

For the whole afternoon, Yuan Zhou waited for the replies from the forums with an excited mood and then found nobody was chasing after him.

"It might be because the time was too short? Or should I go attract more hatred?" Yuan Zhou just did it as planned.

He took up the phone and did the same as just now again. To make it even clearer, he specifically reminded that a hacker could come to trace him. However, nothing happened except for more severe curses.

However, patience was the last thing that he lacked. After all, a mission wasn't likely to be accomplished in one go.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou waited for two days calmly, but still, nothing happened.

Yuan Zhou felt that things might have been calmed down. However, those who had been offended didn't think that way.

On the forums home and abroad, the foreigners offended were totally unhappy.

It was a thorough contempt for the delicacies of their countries.

According to Six Degrees of Separation, one only needed 6 people to know another person. Therefore, it wasn't a difficulty to know a hacker.

Let alone, a computer layman such as him didn't even know how to defend against the attacks at all.

Thus, a person tried to fight back.

"It's surprisingly a new account. Just a piece of cake." A boy dressed in a sweater revealed an expression of excitement in a Southeast Asian-styled room.

His name was Jack. Although the name was very common, the person himself wasn't common at all.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Environmental Sciences and worked decently during normal times. However, what he did privately was quite different.

He worked privately as a hacker. Nevertheless, his hobby wasn't as exaggerated as described in novels.

Therefore, he didn't like hanging out in the Department of Defense, but went to stroll in the blogs of some beauties.

For example, improperly acquiring their phone number or some private photos for self-satisfaction.

However, it was absolutely a piece of cake to source an IP.

On seeing it a new account, Jack instantly paid no attention to that. For him, this kind of new account was either a new netizen or an anonymous ID, which for him was not a big problem.

"Let me source him along the network cable." Jack spoke Chinese oddly and then started while muttering.

Ten minutes later, half an hour later, one hour later...

"Fu*k, sh*t." Jack cursed continuously.

That's right. He had been attacking Yuan Zhou's IP for the past one hour, but the computer of the opponent was as still as before and had no reaction at all.

No matter computer virus or decoding, however hard they endeavored, Yuan Zhou's computer was a pool of dead water, not having the slightest waves.

"Damn it. Let me try my best to attack his system." Jack rolled up his sleeves and tried again.

At the other end, some other hackers encountered the same situation.

Yuan Zhou's phone and computers were like the cake locked up in the preservation tank. It was delicious but they couldn't eat it.

However, all that was unknown to Yuan Zhou.

He didn't know that it was because of the protection provided by the system.

Formerly, Yuan Zhou hated the noise of the band organized by Ling Hong and cheated the system for a set of protection facilities that were specially designed.

And the system also offered the best protection for him honestly and frankly. From the former memory alloy-steel plate that prevented the gourmet thief to the current electronic protection.

However, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that and thus knew nothing about how considerate the system was.

Although the protection was actually a pitfall for Yuan Zhou currently.

That only baffled those hackers that never gave up.

In the heart of each of them, they all had the same thought, "It's not the dam Department of Defense. Is it really necessary to be defended so heavily?"

"So strange. How could these people bear such an insult? Why don't they come to me?" Yuan Zhou was quite puzzled.

Nothing happened in the past two days, which was totally incomprehensible to him.

While Yuan Zhou was in contempt of them, the hackers were, nevertheless, cursing him on the other side.

"It seems that I can only register some more new accounts." Yuan Zhou took his phone and decided to go to the cybercafe when he was free right now.