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346 The Use of a Queuing Machine

 "Thank you, Boss Yuan. And sorry for bothering you." After that, Liu Chen bowed along with others behind him to apologize to Yuan Zhou.

"Um, goodbye." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Shen Min made way for them at the side. The scene of dozens of people bowing together was quite striking but Yuan Zhou just stayed where he was, stonily, with a manner of indifference.

"See you tomorrow, Boss Yuan." Liu Chen straightened his body and said after others behind him all stood up.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn't answer them but just nodded his head earnestly.

"Don't be so impulsive next time." Director Wu added at the side.

"Surprisingly, they are here for this matter? But I'm really not afraid." Wu Hai clearly knew that these people were not happy to see him live nearby and eat more frequently than them, but he didn't care about it at all.

Ling Hong also shrugged indifferently. Being a boss meant one could just be that capricious. He could come whenever he wanted to.

Seeing Yuan Zhou not care about that, Liu Chen let out a sigh of relief and then turned his head, saying, "Let's go and tell them this good news."

"That's right. We can definitely eat more frequently later. Wonderful!" A person behind him said excitedly.

"Exactly. It can be fairer that way." The people behind said while sharing their happiness.

"Boss Yuan told us that the queuing machine will be provided tomorrow. So don't worry, everybody," someone said loudly.

"Little Jun, what's the situation now?" Liu Chen looked at the people smilingly. When he saw Brother Jun, he asked.

"They are still there and seem to be waiting for us to leave." Brother Jun took a look at the police standing outside.

"Good. Let me go to talk to them. You tell the people to leave now. Tomorrow we can line up to get the number." With a nod, Liu Chen said while walking outside.

"Ok." Brother Jun agreed with a nod.

Liu Chen walked very fast and in just a little while, he arrived beside the two policemen.

"Hi, officers. We are leaving right now. We were here just for the matter of lining up for meals. Nothing more." Liu Chen said earnestly.

"Then you have to make a detailed report to us so that we can take a statement." Officer Ma let out a sigh of relief when he saw the crowds disperse gradually. After that, he took out a notebook.

"Ok, no problem. The thing is that we were unable to get our turn for meals every time we come here or Boss Yuan's business time would have ended when it's our turn. Therefore, we specifically come here to inquire if there's a solution. Now that Boss Yuan has promised that he would set up a queuing machine, it would be better." Liu Chen said that in one breath, thinking there would be no problem.

The two policemen beside him, however, were stunned upon hearing that.

Was it just for this little matter of queuing that such a disturbance was caused?

It was definitely all for queueing up for a meal. If they said they could now line up and get a number, how was the situation previously?

The two police officers indicated that they didn't get it.

"So you all came just for that matter?" The younger policeman reacted flexibly and asked for confirmation.

"Yes, we did. See? They are leaving now, otherwise, we'll affect Boss Yuan's business shortly." Liu Chen pointed at the door with only a few people left and said earnestly.

"Ok. You should also leave. It's a crime to gather a crowd and cause a disturbance. Next time, you'd better take a milder measure," Officer Ma said that immediately.

It was basically the most frequently used words said by the police when they were out on a mission, therefore they said that very fluently.

"Ok, ok. Thank you." Liu Chen nodded his head.

The matter was solved and Liu Chen took his men away. Except the female boss of the noodle restaurant, all that watched the scene for fun were satisfied with the result.

Of course, the two policemen also felt it to be unbelievable. Luckily, they had encountered much stranger affairs, thus they just grumbled a little.

"People nowadays do whatever they could think of." Officer Ma sighed with emotion.

"Exactly. Fortunately, the onlookers all said the same thing. Otherwise, God knows what will happen with so many people all gathering here." The younger officer revealed a thankful manner.

Strange events were always better than serious incidents.

"Little Yuan cooks so well. Some people could never reach that level by envy." Once the police left, Boss Tong said loudly.

"What do you mean? I'm doing that for our common interest. With so many people gathering around here, what if anything bad happens to us." The woman that ran the noodle restaurant instantly lost her temper and answered loudly.

"You know better than anyone else. This old woman don't know." Boss Tong first humphed and then she returned to her own store.

"What are you muttering about all day long? Come back and wipe the tables." The woman who had intended to go up to Boss Tong and reason with her was interrupted by a male voice coming from the noodle restaurant.

"Got it, got it. All work has to be done by me." Having complained for a while, the woman went back into her restaurant to do her work.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou didn't know that somebody was jealous of him and hence called the police here due to the incident just now. He was now trying to persuade Shen Min.

"You can go back now. This accident has delayed much of your time." When Yuan Zhou found the crowd has left one after another, he said to Shen Min.

"No. I can help you to prepare the dishes." Shen Min looked at Yuan Zhou and said.

"No need. You go back now and come back in the evening." Yuan Zhou shook his head and refused.

"I can do the cleaning." Shen Min had to take the second best option, saying that.

"The so-called job is that you listen to me." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Alright. I won't bother you anymore." Seeing Yuan Zhou take out the book and intend to read, Shen Min found it inappropriate to stay here longer.

"Um. Take care." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok, good bye." Shen Min walked out of the restaurant slowly.

"Sigh. Fortunately, I'm so smart." Only when he found nobody in the restaurant did Yuan Zhou sit down.

"What exactly does the queuing machine look like?" After some rest, Yuan Zhou opened the sergestes wall and prepared to check it out.

"Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou walked into the first floor of the pub. A machine that was slightly taller than Yuan Zhou was standing right over there and appeared rather conspicuous.

The entire machine looked like the ticket machine in the cinema. At the bottom part, there was an obvious mark for swiping a card.

The silver shell looked more like futuristic. On the 18-inch-wide screen were only two choices.

"'Eat on time' and 'Wait to eat'. What do they mean?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "'Eat on time' means that you can line up immediately for meals; 'wait to eat' means that we'll arrange another time for those who want to have a meal."

"How many people would be allowed to use the 'wait to eat' service?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "20% of the total customers entertained every day."

"It's quite fair that way." Yuan Zhou immediately understood.

That way, it could solve the problem of those tourists or the future foreign tourists.

Besides, the right of choice was in their own hands of the customers.

"Does it need to be charged? Connected to the internet?" Yuan Zhou walked for a lap around the machine and didn't find the charging port, thus asked curiously.

"By the way, will it be destroyed by rain? I don't have anything to keep out the rain at the door." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of that.

The system displayed, "The machine uses 100% natural solar energy and could work in either rain or the sun. It doesn't need to connect internet. And the system will adjust the number of people dining here every day automatically."

"A really comprehensive answer." Yuan Zhou nodded his head with satisfaction.

"Hey!" After Yuan Zhou turned around again, he suddenly put forth his strength and carried the queuing machine up.

"It seems that my exercises have some results." Yuan Zhou set it down lightly and said with a satisfied expression.

As for the fact that the queuing machine was originally very light, he straightforwardly neglected that.

"Now it's the time for me to finish another mission of mine." Yuan Zhou brought out his phone again with a rare evil smile on his face.