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345 A New Way to Line Up

 Yuan Zhou had no idea of what was happening outside his restaurant. Liu Chen, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief. It was good to have 10 minutes to solve the problem.

"Boss Yuan, I think you should know why we are here today." Liu Chen said earnestly with a serious expression.

"No, I don't. Please tell me." Yuan Zhou answered earnestly, too.

"Cough cough cough. Then let me tell you something first." Liu Chen choked slightly. He managed to calm down and then said.

"Um, please." With a nod, Yuan Zhou indicated that he was listening.

The attitude of Yuan Zhou made the people behind feel relaxed. As long as he would like to listen, there would naturally be methods to solve the problem.

"Things are like this. Boss Yuan, the business time of your restaurant is only 6 hours every day. Breakfast takes up one hour, about which I have nothing to say." Liu Chen first let go of the breakfast time generously and then continued saying.

"Two hours at noon and three hours in the evening. Every time, the meal commences the previous second before the restaurant is opened. The daily business time is quite fixed and is never short." Liu Chen knew much about the sequence of negotiation. First, give compliments and then, problems.

"Thanks for your compliment." Yuan Zhou didn't actually recognize that was a compliment, but he still thanked him politely.

"You are welcome. But Boss Yuan, have you ever considered the situation? We come to line up every day and we, at the latter part of the line, don't know how long it will take for one person to finish their meal. After waiting for several hours, we are told that your business time has ended. Do you think it good?" Liu Chen's words were quite inducing. He first let Yuan Zhou himself feel bad. Only in that way could this matter be taken seriously.

Resourceful as Yuan Zhou was, however, he had already seen through all his intention. He nodded his head and then said, "You are right. What then?"

"So Boss Yuan, you also agree with me. So what's your solution to this problem?" Liu Chen was surprised at Yuan Zhou's frankness and only asked after he paused a little while.

"I'm waiting for you to tell me." Yuan Zhou straightened up and revealed a manner of carefully listening.

"Er..." Even Liu Chen, this eloquent person, became slightly dumbfounded.

"Here's the thing. We, including the people outside, are all that couldn't manage to have meals after lining up for many times. However, Wu Hai can have meals here every time as he lives really near." When he spoke of Wu Hai, Liu Chen gnashed the teeth in anger.

"That would be unfair to us and moreover affect your business." Liu Chen said in summary.

"But that's out of the control of my boss," Shen Min stepped forward and said.

Once she said that, the people including Liu Chen and Yuan Zhou all looked at Shen Min.

She was a little nervous, but still calmed down and said, "You might not know, but in this store we don't know much about cooking and can't help Boss Yuan in this restaurant. All the work are done by my boss alone."

"In order to make the best dishes, even the work of washing the vegetables is done by my boss himself. Although the business time is only 6 hours, my boss is either practicing sculpting or cooking dishes every time I arrive and see him. Or else, he is reading books on cooked wheaten products."

"My boss gets up at 5:30 every morning and sleeps at 12:00 midnight. He keeps working all day except the five hours when he is asleep."

After the long paragraph, Shen Min let out a breath and became more and more natural. In the end, she said in summary, "So my boss is really really hard-working."

After Shen Min said that, Liu Chen was lost in silence. He knew that being a chef was quite laborious, but never had he expected it to be so tough.

Therefore, Liu Chen and others intended to give up at that moment, thinking that they might be overdoing it.

Being a chef was indeed laborious, but Yuan Zhou had already gotten used to the busy life. Contrarily, he felt that such life was rather fulfilling. Looking at people come and go every day in his restaurant, he felt every customer was quite interesting.

At that moment, however, Yuan Zhou didn't think they were overdoing it. He was inquiring the system as it was really a good chance for blackmailing.

"System, I think you should be responsible for this problem."

"I think you should offer a solution. After all, all the missions you released before are about fame and reputation. What about enlarging the restaurant?" Yuan Zhou proposed lightly.

The system displayed, "Host, you are unqualified to do that due to your low level."

"Then why not offer more seats? Look, you can actually add another table for four over there or you can change that table for two into one for four?" Yuan Zhou looked at the narrow place in the restaurant.

The system displayed, "Host, you can't do that until you reach the required level."

"Then this is your problem now. My advice is the best in solving the problem." Yuan Zhou shrugged dumbly.

The system displayed, "Considering that you are working hard to level up, a queuing machine is hereby rewarded."

"Haw, what do you mean?" Yuan Zhou got a little surprised.

If the system offered the machine now, where did it put the reward? If it appeared from nowhere, Yuan Zhou was unlikely to be able to tell others that his part-time job was a magician.

"Where would the reward be?" Yuan Zhou asked nervously.

After a while, the system displayed, "The reward has been released. Please go to the first floor of the pub to check."

"I feel that you intentionally did that." Yuan Zhou was quite suspicious.

The system displayed, "The functions of the queuing machine are available for checking."

The system didn't answer Yuan Zhou's suspicion, but changed a subject.

"You always maintain silence regarding my questions. Forget it. I'm a magnanimous man and decide to forgive you. Let me check the queuing machine now." Yuan Zhou didn't want to offend the system at this time. After all, it wasn't a delusion when he was fooled by the system.

[Special reward] A Queuing Machine (already received)

(Reward tip: Now that the queuing machine is here, customers no longer need to worry about waiting in vain. It has surpassed the performance of the same machine in the bank. It deserves to be owned.)

"Actually, I have a question. System, I hope you can answer me." Yuan Zhou suddenly revealed a serious expression and asked in mind.

The system displayed, "Please ask."

"Is the reward tip invented by you every time? It is way too funny." Yuan Zhou stared at the tip speechlessly.

The system displayed, "This is originally in the system.

"Really a wonderful answer." While reading the manual, Yuan Zhou said that earnestly.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan. I'm sorry, but we still need to figure out a solution." Although Liu Chen was touched by Yuan Zhou's hard-work, he was still reluctant to give up the delicious dishes.

It was because of Yuan Zhou's seriousness that could make these foodies so persistent.

"Um. The solution has been figured out. Tomorrow it will be put into use." Yuan Zhou revealed a calm expression as if he had already worked out a solution.

"Really? Great!" The people behind Liu Chen all cheered with one accord.

"Um. Tomorrow, the function of queuing will be put to use. By then you can clearly know if you can dine on that day," Yuan Zhou gave a brief introduction.

"How does that work?" Liu Chen calmed down first and asked.

"You only need to use your ID on this machine, which will not record your personal information." Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou explained to them in the easiest way.

"Isn't this same to that in the bank?" Liu Chen thought of the bank in the first instance.

"Um, more or less the same. But it's more convenient than that of the bank," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"That's great. So we don't need to wait in vain later." Liu Chen let out a gasp.

What a joke! Yuan Zhou had so many fans. If Liu Chen still didn't let this end, it would probably be their turn to be gathered around.

The crisis of queuing came soon and vanished quickly. And Yuan Zhou found the existence of the machine had also solved a small problem of the previous mission.