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344 Cause of the Crisis

 "Damn it. The police are here. Brother Jun, I am a little scared." A tall man said to the man who had always been answering Director Wang.

"Me, too. Brother Jun, what shall we do?"Another person crowding at the door panicked a little, too.

"What shall we say if the police come?" More people followed. It was another one who was scared.

"You guys, please make way for us. Things would not be good if the police arrive later," Director Wang said in a threatening manner.

"That's right. The police will be here in no time." The young assistant revealed a manner of intimidation.

After that, even Brother Jun didn't react and fell silent.

"What are you afraid of? We didn't commit any crimes. Remember our purpose." It was the girl who was chatted up by Ling Hong that said firmly.

"Oh, right. I was scared just now." The man who first got scared instantly reacted and touched his head, feeling embarrassed.

"She's right. Don't be scared. Let me talk to them if the police come," Brother Jun said earnestly while looking at the several people.

They managed to calm down soon, but Director Wu was not happy.

"It's a crime for your guys to crowd like that and affect Boss Yuan's business." Director Wu was a little exasperated. She pointed at the people who crowded at the door and said that.

"No, it's not like that, aunt. It is Boss Yuan's resting time now. We came to ask Boss Yuan about something. If you want to go inside, please line up." The girl said to Director Wu unhurriedly.

"You don't seem to be asking something, but causing trouble." The young assistant volunteered to say.

"Boss Yuan plays by rules best and adheres to sequence. It is a must, right, Brother Wu Hai?" The young girl conveyed something more than words.

"Of course. He's Compass." Wu Hai cared little about that and just nodded his head straightforwardly.

"So please, aunt." The girl said smilingly.

"Sigh. Kids nowadays are really capricious." Director Wu was quite helpless. However, she didn't leave right away but waited there for the police.

Occasionally, she craned her neck to look into Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What do you think is the situation?" Ling Hong turned his head and asked Wu Hai.

"I don't know. But Boss Yuan is supposed to be alright." Wu Hai shrugged and said calmly while stroking his mustache.

"How do you know that?" Ling Hong was slightly curious.

"Look! Broth is so calm and is still cheating for food and drink." Wu Hai said while pointing at the dog Broth who was acting cute at the side.

"Er... It's merely a dog." Ling Hong was speechless.

"But it's a devoted dog." Wu Hai said affirmatively.

While the two of them were chatting over here, the policemen that were ordered to come became a little speechless.

"What are so many of you gathering here for?" A policeman went up and shouted loudly to the crowds.

Although they were inquiring the crowds gravely, they didn't stay too close to them. After all, the notification that he received was that some people gathered a crowd and caused a disturbance. Once they came, they nevertheless found there were as many as a few hundred people. They were just two ordinary policemen and of course they had to be cautious.

Another young policeman started to pacify the crowd peacefully, "Everybody, please calm down and tell me what exactly is the problem. Then we can figure out how to deal with it."

"Who called the police? Please come out to give your details." The policeman who shouted first uttered again.

"Nothing important. We are just here waiting for meals." Once the police came, they put down the banner and said mildly.

Seeing nobody cause disturbance and all have a good mood, the two policemen became rest assured. What a joke! If all hundreds of people caused a disturbance, how could they keep it under control?

"It's me. I called the police." A woman who opened a noodle restaurant at the neighboring place said loudly.

"Ok. Come here to give your details." The policeman walked into the crowd carefully and waved to her, saying that.

"Alright. I'll be there right away." The woman wiped her hands on her apron nervously and then came over.

As soon as she spoke, she didn't say anything favorable about Yuan Zhou.

"In my opinion, Boss Yuan, namely the boss of the restaurant that was blocked, has definitely cheated people." The woman had always been jealous of Yuan Zhou's business. Now that she got this rare opportunity, she would naturally seize it.

"Tell us something about you and then why you called the police." The young policeman didn't say much, but just spoke according to due procedures.

"I'm the boss of this noodle restaurant. Once I found the restaurant was suddenly blocked just now and these people were causing a great disturbance, I called the police." The woman wiped her hands and reported nervously.

"Good. Thank you for your cooperation." The young policeman took note carefully and then signaled her to go back.

"Officer Ma, what do you think we should do?" The young policeman handed the notebook to the other one beside him.

"Who is in charge here? Come out, please." After Officer Ma read the note, he shouted decidedly.

"Coming, coming. What's the matter?" Brother Jun kept his word as expected. Once the policeman called, he stood out.

"Tell us what you are doing here." Officer Ma looked at Brother Jun with a serious expression.

"You misunderstood us. We are all here lining up to ask Boss Yuan about something." Brother Jun grinned and said calmly.

"Do you need so many people to gather here to ask something?" Officer Ma didn't believe them at all.

"You can ask others by yourself if you don't believe me. This Boss Yuan cooks very nice dishes. People lining up for meals here every day are way more than these people." Brother Jun pointed at the crowd smilingly.

Brother Jun spoke very loudly. Others nearby who heard that started to discuss immediately.

"The boss has really good craftsmanship. The only problem is that the line is too long every day." Those who had eaten that before said, as if savoring the aftertaste.

"The price is too expensive. If they could be cheaper, I can also take it as my personal canteen." This was a customer who rarely ate here.

"Come on. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is worth more than the current price. Look at the neighboring western food restaurant. The so-called Swedish Meatball is cooked the same as the Lion's Head." While speaking, this man pointed to the western food restaurant of Li Li.

It was the legendary being insulted without doing anything.

When Officer Ma heard them talking, he also felt that they did not seem to be causing a disturbance.

"Then you guys better disperse. What does it look like with so many people gathering together?" Office Ma looked around at the crowd and found there was indeed no rage nor evil intentions, but more of grudges.

It looked more like the state when they were hungry.

"Don't worry. We'll disperse within 10 minutes. We will just stay here a little longer as there are only a few workers in Boss Yuan's restaurant." Brother Jun said earnestly with a smile on his face.

"We'll stay here for another 10 minutes until you leave. You'd better disperse as soon as possible." Office Ma directly made the decision.

"Ok, no problem. Sorry to bother the two officers. Here are two bottles of mineral water. Drink some water, please. It's too hot." Brother Jun handed them two bottles of water timely.

"No need. Go handle your problem quickly and then leave." Office Ma refused solemnly.

"I'm going now." Brother Jun didn't insist anymore. He put the water away and then turned around and leave.

Director Wu, her assistant, Wu Hai and Ling Hong were nevertheless surrounded in the center of the crowd and couldn't leave. The key point was that Brother Jun had said that causing disturbance would do no good to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Besides that, he said that he would let these people go inside after he dealt with the police.

That was the very reason why the several people would rather stay and Brother Jun persuaded the police so easily.

Of course, the police weren't stupid. They didn't believe in Brother Jun's words thoroughly and hence waited at the side. They had reported the situation here back to the police station. If anything went wrong, they could still ask for support.

"Brother Liu, I have everything ready. We have 10 minutes. Please hurry up." Brother Jun turned around and sent an SMS.

Yes. That was arranged by Liu Chen. He asked Brother Jun to do that after he heard about the situation. That way, it wouldn't cause their plans to go away and could still pass the police inspection.

In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, a strange contest was taking place...