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343 The First Crisis of Yuan Zhou’s Restauran

 While Yuan Zhou was preparing to attend an interesting contest, Li Li was thinking about his own failure in his restaurant.

"That guy looks young, but his craftsmanship is very good indeed. However, I'm not inferior to him, either." While tapping on the suggestion forms on the table, Li Li was thinking of the best method slowly in his mind.

He was not likely to be defeated by others all the time, which didn't conform to his temperament as well.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid". Li Li suddenly cursed himself continuously for three times and then knocked his head with his hand.

"Sure enough, I wasn't calm at all. Why did I compete against him in the areas where I'm not good at?" Li Li felt it to be a little funny when he recalled what he had done for the past few days.

He might be right. Li Li was a senior western food chef recognized worldwide, and he was good at steak rather than these dishes. As long as the customers ordered the steak, they all praised Li Li.

Having straightened out his thinking, Li Li instantly felt better and hence selectively neglected the possibility of Yuan Zhou also serving steak.

"Beef Wellington is a nice option." Li Li remembered this famous dish in Britain.

That's right. This dish came from Britain and was also a famous dish. It was quite well-known by people and the cooking method was also very elegant. It was considered to be a rare normal dish.

Compared with the Black Chocolate Roasted Eggplant, this dish sounded much more normal.

This dish was also what Li Li was good at. Of course, he had learned to cook this famous British dish in France.

After he decided on the dish, Li Li instantly became much more relaxed. He took off his chef uniform and went home.


Early next morning, Yuan Zhou got up for jogging as usual and then came back to cook noodles. After he finished the breakfast, he carried the remaining broth to Broth and afterwards, prepared the food ingredients for breakfast.

The business time for breakfast was still same as before. The restaurant was always crowded with so many people. After all, 100 servings was really not a lot.

Lunch time was also same as usual. Two hours later, Yuan Zhou stood up and announced, "I'm sorry. Lunch time has ended now. Please come earlier tomorrow."

Such words had been repeated for many times in the past few months, therefore Yuan Zhou said them quite deftly.

Those customers in the line would soon disperse although they often complained discontentedly during normal times. However, it was Saturday today and they didn't disperse as usual, but instead, gathered together. That made Yuan Zhou slightly puzzled.

"Liu Chen, do as what we have agreed on. This time, we must let Boss Yuan give us an explanation." A man who was dressed in sportswear and had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for several times said to the other man ahead who appeared to be the headman.

"Everybody, please calm down. Let me get this thing clear." Dressed in the business suits, Liu Chen looked rather peaceful. He was wearing rimless glasses and appeared cultured. But once he talked, he directly silenced them immediately.

"My boss said that business hours for today have ended. Everybody, please leave." When Shen Min found they didn't seem to be leaving, she went up and said.

"Don't worry, little girl. We have something to tell Boss Yuan. It's beyond your reach." With a mild tone, Liu Chen drove Shen Min away firmly.

"What's the matter, guys?" Yuan Zhou frowned and asked.

Standing behind the long curved table, Yuan Zhou was directly facing the dozen of people led by Liu Chen in the restaurant. His aura was no less than that of these complaining foodies.

Well, that also included the crowd outside the restaurant. Some just watched the bustling scene while others were gathered together to riot.

These people must have prepared very well as they were all holding the banners in their hands.

Written on the banners were the following words, "Against unfair dining treatment. Strongly request fair queuing."

As soon as they gather together, they attracted many people to watch.

While more and more people gathered and some even declared excitedly to resist Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Zhou's neighbor, Boss Tong, couldn't bear it anymore.

"How can you guys do this shameless thing? Little Yuan has only two arms and naturally is unable to entertain all of you guys. Please be reasonable." Boss Tong shouted.

"We don't mean that, but just want to talk to Boss Yuan." An organized and disciplined person who was holding the banner answered with a calm tone.

"Then why do you guys organize so many people to gather here?" Boss Tong pointed at the crowds that almost blocked half of the street discontentedly.

"Don't worry. We just want to eat more of Boss Yuan's dishes and wouldn't go overboard." A girl turned her head mischievously and answered smilingly.

"I really can't understand the young now. They caused such a big chaos just for something to eat." Seeing them finish talking, Boss Tong explained on her own to the people beside her why she did so.

Then she spoke no more.

The granny who sold steamed buns and soybean milk every morning around here also persuaded both sides.

Just in a little while, the personnel of the Street Administration Office came over when they saw such a big chaos. However, the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was thoroughly blocked and nobody could get inside, including Wu Hai and Ling Hong who returned instantly.

"Whoops! What are you doing here? I'm from the Street Administration Office. Please make way for me. What do you want to do by crowding at the door?" Director Wu tried to squeeze themselves in Yuan Zhou's restaurant along with his assistant, but still failed after quite a while. She took a step back and said loudly.

"Yeah. You can't do this. What if you guys block the whole street?" The young assistant also turned red due to the anxiety.

"This is a personal affair between Boss Yuan and us." The crowds refused with a tough attitude.

"Here's the thing. If something happens to Boss Yuan, you are committing a crime. Calm down, everybody. Anything could be negotiated peacefully." Director Wu was an experienced staff. She first said something that sounded serious and then something else.

"We won't hurt Boss Yuan," the crowd said earnestly.

"If so, please make a way for us. Let me get inside and have a look. Maybe I can be of some help." Director Wu said immediately.

"Yeah. This restaurant is under our administration. If there's any misunderstanding, we will surely provide help." The assistant also nodded her head continuously and said that.

"Boss Liu has given us the instructions. No one could get inside until the matter is solved. He hasn't made a call to us." A person who was crowding at the door waved his phone and then said.

"What exactly are you crowding here for? I remember that you have been here for several times to eat meals." Stroking his mustaches, Wu Hai frowned and said.

He didn't actually worry about Yuan Zhou's security. After all, these people looked to have deep grudges, but they didn't do anything immoderate and furthermore, helped to explain to others that watched the scene.

"Humph." Unexpectedly, these people who had a resolute but mild attitude directly gave Wu Hai the cold shoulder, not intending to answer him.

"Haw-haw. It's definitely because you are too ugly that they don't want to answer you." The originally serious tension was disturbed by the interlude. Ling Hong instantly burst into laughter.

Wu Hai completely disregarded Ling Hong. Nonetheless, wherever he looked, the people under his gaze would turn their heads away and not intend to answer him.

Ling Hong made eyes at Wu Hai, indicating "Watch me". After that, he walked straightway to a girl.

"Hi, beauty. Look, it's so hot. Shall I buy you some drinks?" Ling Hong believed that he himself knew something about girls.

He was so handsome and so rich. Normally, he would at most be refused politely.

However, the girl who was holding a banner just answered bluntly, "The way you chat up girls is already out of fashion. It's too old."

This time, it was Wu Hai's turn to mock at Ling Hong.

Before he finished smiling, there suddenly came a voice from the other side, "The police are coming..."