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341 Persistence in the Name

 The business time during noon passed very soon. Yuan Zhou divided his personal time in the afternoon into two parts, one for reading the books bought today and the other for perfecting the craftsmanship of the new dish according to his habits.

Time passed quickly under Yuan Zhou's arrangement.

Dinner time passed soon, too. Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief of "Hu" and sat down for a break.

"Hello, boss." Shen Min said lightly when she came inside and saw Yuan Zhou looking tired.

"Um. Go get it ready." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok, boss." Shen Min carried her backpack and nodded her head obediently.

"Zi". After a light sound, Shen Min opened the sergestes door. Having thought for a while, she couldn't help but turn around and say, "Boss, I can close the door by myself. You can go rest."

"Um?" Yuan Zhou felt a little strange.

Shen Min had always been afraid of him and only spoke with him about work. It was the first time she showed some care for him.

"But if you don't feel good, you can watch. Anyway, please get more rest." Shen Min was a little flustered by Yuan Zhou's serious gaze and hurriedly added. After that, she lowered her head.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"You are welcome. I'm going to prepare, boss." Shen Min was a little embarrassed. She ran away after she finished saying that.

"Really a little girl." While looking at Shen Min who was quickly running away, Yuan Zhou smiled. It was fairly pleasant to be cared about by his own staff.

As for Shen Min, she just felt embarrassed, but didn't regret it.

After she started working here, the working hours were short and the work was easy. Besides that, she was allowed to do her homework here. If she was unable to go back, she would likewise be sent back safely. All these little things were remembered in her heart.

Therefore, she always worked dutifully and believed that Boss Yuan was the best boss.

Moreover, she became happier when she thought of Yuan Zhou's gratitude just now.

Nothing could make one happier when their own concern was accepted.

"Sha Sha Sha", Shen Min took up the broom and swept the fallen leaves of the bamboos to one side.

"These bamboos really grow healthily. Seldom do their leaves fall." While sweeping, Shen Min looked at the green bamboos and muttered.

The work of sweeping the fallen leaves started from this week.

Although the bamboo leaves provided by the system do not wilt, the leaves of the plants bought by Yuan Zhou would turn yellow and scatter. Therefore, Shen Min had another job to do.

However, even if there were some yellow fallen leaves, they didn't affect the beauty of this place.

Some slightly yellow leaves were scattered among the green leaves, which contrarily brought multiple scenery to this platform, like the transition of life from the old to the new.

"Yo. Hello, Uncle Yuan." Ling Hong was wearing a white shirt with standing collar, a ripped jeans and a pair of pure white sneakers. Along with his handsome appearance, he looked quite youthful like a college student.

"Ling Hong, you are 28 this year, not 18." Yuan Zhou kept silent for a while and said suddenly.

"Haw-haw. Remember, I once said you were just pretending to be young. At that time, you was still reluctant to admit that. Huh, 28-year-old man?" Wu Hai followed him into the restaurant and laughed at Ling Hong unreservedly.

"But he really looks young." Right after him was another person, whose voice was as clear as limpid spring. Besides that, he looked quite spirited and good-looking.

Of the three people, only this one looked the most normal. Anyway, Yuan Zhou thought that way.

"I think Uncle Yuan is jealous of me. After all, you look so... You know what I'm saying." Ling Hong ridiculed.

"I'm only 24 this year. It's the best age of a Prince Charming." Yuan Zhou said without any hesitation.

"You once said I pretended to be young. But I think this guy deserves the accusation more. How dare he says he's only 24?" After Yuan Zhou said that, Ling Hong immediately said to Wu Hai while pointing at Yuan Zhou.

"Cough cough cough. But Boss Yuan is really 24 years old." Wu Hai was unable to smile as he happened to know that Yuan Zhou was truly 24.

Right after that, however, he added, "Similar to me, he's a young talent," Wu Hai said proudly.

"Tsk, tsk. You are really shameless." Ling Hong didn't believe him at all. He stroked his own collar and said with distaste.

"Is this Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" A sweet female voice sounded as a tall and slender figure walked inside.

"The name of this restaurant is Master Chef Restaurant." Yuan Zhou corrected her earnestly.

"Sorry, I got it wrong. I was told the address by Jiang Changxi," the woman smiled and explained.

"Don't hear him bullshit. It's also called Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Ling Hong was always into pretty girls, therefore he volunteered to help.

Of course, he didn't forget to tidy his hair.

"This brat must have evil designs." Wu Hai remained unmoved and muttered to himself.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head and had the same feeling.

However, the good-looking man beside him just smiled. He looked fairly clean and natural.

"That's wonderful. When does business hours commence?" The pretty woman asked smilingly.

"Ten minutes later. This is Compass and he is extremely punctual. Do you know Jiang Changxi?" Ling Hong suddenly remembered her words and asked curiously.

"You can call me Lin Xiu, a friend of Changxi," Lin Xiu said gracefully.

"Never did I expect that Jiang Changxi would have such an excellent friend like you." Ling Hong answered, feeling disbelief.

"Changxi is also very good." Lin Xiu said smilingly.

"If I'm not good, do you think I will treat you to the liquor?" The voice of Jiang Changxi came from outside the door.

"Yes, of course, it's true. You are the best. Thank you." Lin Xiu went up smilingly.

Two women always had an endless amount to talk about. Ling Hong could no longer break in and thus had to stand back.

It was lucky that Shen Min came to lead them upstairs at that time.

"The name of the store is Master Chef Restaurant." Just when they were walking into the pub, Yuan Zhou said after them faintly.

"Ok. I got it." Lin Xiu turned her head naturally and nodded, saying that.

"Um." Only then did Yuan Zhou nod.

"Sometimes, Boss Yuan is really persistent." Ling Hong shrugged and then said to the Wu Hai.

"As always." Wu Hai said, not feeling it strange at all.

Ling Hong didn't bring other people to come to drink. When he came to drink, he would consciously sit together with Wu Hai.

Of course, it was because Jiang Changxi was way too awesome. Otherwise, he would rather sit together with that cute and pretty woman.

"It's not your agent. Who's he?" Only then did Ling Hong react as he still didn't know whom Wu Hai had brought with him.

"This is my friend. We paint together. He's Qin Yu." Wu Hai pointed at the man who was sitting beside him and said.

Hearing his own name, Qin Yu raised the head and nodded to Ling Hong as a greeting. Then he continued to eat the Drunkard's Peanut. He stuffed them into the mouth one by one, chewed, and swallowed it slowly and carefully. His actions were extremely slow and even the gesture of holding the chopsticks were rather elegant.

"You look really clean." Ling Hong looked at Qin Yu carefully and earnestly for a while and said that.

"You'll never imagine how much this guy likes cleanliness. You can't even find a hair in the place where he lives." Wu Hai complained.

"Tsk-tsk. A man who likes cleanliness must have got a girlfriend, right?" It was the only possibility that Ling Hong could think of.

"No, he doesn't. But if his room is clean and tidy without any peculiar smell, he must either be a ladyboy or a gay." Wu Hai suddenly said.

"I feel your agent is more like that." Ling Hong retorted immediately on thinking of Zheng Jiawei.

"Zheng jiawei is quite manly." Wu Hai shook his head and denied.

"Couldn't you talk about me when I'm not here?" Qin Yu set down his chopsticks and said helplessly.

"Don't you mind?" Ling Hong asked curiously. He had thought this person would lose his temper.

Qin Yu shook the head, saying, "No, I don't. I have gotten used to it."