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340 Challenge and Results

 "Are you sure that you don't have it? It's an indispensable ingredient to eat the meatball with." Su Mu pointed at the meatball on the table.

"Isn't this your dipping sauce? Do you want a change of flavor or...?" The waitress didn't really understand what he meant, thus asked in puzzlement.

"No. Cranberry sauce is the standard ingredient. What I want is something that can directly wrap the meatball up after dipping." Su Mu explained a bit more to her.

"Sorry, sir. We don't have what you need right now. But you can write your opinion down and we will report it to the managerial team. When you come again next time, we'll probably have it." The waitress took out the suggestion form and put it on the table while smiling.

Having hesitating for a while, Su Mu looked at the meatball and then at the suggestion form. In the end, he took the pen and wrote a few lines of words on it.

With full confidence, Li Li was still busy working in the kitchen although he hadn't slept for a whole night. Thinking of his better Swedish Meatball, he was quite complacent.

Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn't know that somebody had been endeavoring to fight back in hopes of winning once. He only felt slight headache now.

The reason was, naturally, the two adorable girls in front of him.

Ever since the ponytail girl who liked wearing sailor suit, white shirt and pleated skirt was dressed up as Du Du and took photo with him, Yuan Zhou's restaurant enjoyed some fame in the circle of two-dimension animation.

There were many young and youthful girls who liked two-dimension animations just like the ponytail girl did. Every time, they lined up obediently and asked weird questions without eating anything.

There were also a few adults. After all, just as the martial world was a man's romance, the comics and animation covered a lot of age groups as well.

The two girls were both animation addicts and super foodies. After they heard that Yuan Zhou was a real life Cooking Master Boy, they would naturally come to visit his restaurant. Just like now, they came twice or thrice per month.

They came at noon only while never in the evening. However, Yuan Zhou got a headache every time he saw the two girls. Now, they came again.

"Boss Yuan, where is Broth?" On the left was a big-eyed pretty girl with her hair braided in an oblique. She asked with puzzlement.

"I don't know." Yuan Zhou said cleanly with his face tight.

"Boss Yuan, have you fed Broth with the broth?" The girl on the right had a silky short hair. She looked adorable and harmless like a little animal.

"Yes, I have." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Gee! Boss Yuan, why did you do so again? I haven't taken any photos of the dog till now." The girl whose hair was braided pouted her lips discontentedly.

"This tone is really strange." Yuan Zhou kept silent for a while and changed the subject.

"How could that be? This is my speech preference. Gee!" The girl said again with dissatisfaction.

Yuan Zhou then got speechless, not knowing what to answer.

The girl on the right interrupted, "Boss Yuan, do you live together with Broth?"

This question was more disgusting than the speech preference. Yuan Zhou didn't want to answer that, either.

Seeing Yuan Zhou's embarrassed expression, Wu Hai and Ling Hong just watched the show. Even Manager Shi beside him was watching smilingly, not intending to help him out.

"Those two girls are truly lovable." Wu Hai stroked his mustache with an evil smile.

"Absolutely. They just love beating around the bush," Ling Hong said with a manner of solemnity.

"But it's actually not bad that we can see Boss Yuan get embarrassed." Wu Hai said with a smile.

"Of course. Only these two girls have the capabilities." Ling Hong was unable to hold himself back. He first smiled and then answered.

After all, it was so rare to see Yuan Zhou becoming speechless and getting a headache at the same time.

That's right. Every time the two girls came here, they would ask some very strange questions.

For example, "Boss Yuan, Broth doesn't seem to feel good today. Are you sad?"

Yuan Zhou was really puzzled. How could they say Broth did not feel good since it's obviously alive and kicking? Besides, why would he have to be sad?

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, a pretty woman wants to embrace Broth. Go, go to stop her." While talking, the two girls both revealed a manner of anxiety.

The other one even asked him directly, "Boss Yuan, will you be jealous?"

Such odd questions made Yuan Zhou quite speechless. Broth was merely a dog. What did it have anything to do with him whether it was good or not?

Therefore, in most cases, Yuan Zhou would rather stay in the kitchen whenever he saw them come. He just left the main hall to Zhou Jia alone.

Occasionally, he could hear them discuss something that he didn't understand.

The two girls discussed heatedly and happily.

Long after that, Yuan Zhou got to know there was a group of girls called Fujoshi, who acted similar to the two girls.

Of course, Yuan Zhou still didn't understand why the two girls liked to ask about Broth and him so much.

After the business time ended, Yuan Zhou shut the door and directly went upstairs, preparing to read for a while.

This was the mission from which he managed to get an extra reward. Yuan Zhou was fairly active on that. As for the main mission, Yuan Zhou hadn't got any clue about it temporarily. He might be able to think of one as time went by.

Seated on the chair, Yuan Zhou took the book with one hand and a can of walnut milk with the other, preparing the open it with one hand.

"A man who can open the can with one single hand is said to be Prince Charming." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of a sentence on Meng Meng's microblog. Inspired by that, he prepared to open the can with one hand.

He clasped the pull ring of the can neatly with the finger and the can body with the remaining fingers. Then he pulled the ring forcibly and the can was opened after a sound of "Pa".

"As expected, I'm the Prince Charming." Yuan Zhou looked at the walnut milk in the hand contentedly.

Yuan Zhou was fully satisfied with every aspect of himself. However, Li Li was quite different, as he was reading the suggestion form in his hand.

On the first page, it was Su Yuesheng's suggestion, "If it's the Lion's Head, it's really not bad."

"Don't you know what dishes you have ordered?" Li Li knitted his brows and said discontentedly.

Right following that was Su Mu's suggestion, "It was originally good. After all, they are all meatballs. However, once they are dipped in sauce, they severely affect my appetite."

Opinion first and then was the suggestion, "I suggest the head chef learn something from Boss Yuan."

"That flashy method?" There was full of sarcasm in Li Li's tone.

After that, however, there were all suggestions about the Swedish Meatball apart from some favorable comments.

Similar to the first time, there appeared a severe difference in opinions.

What appeared most therein were the two words of Boss Yuan.

"Is there really a problem?" Li Li was a little puzzled. He leaned against the chair support and began to consider carefully.

He thought back of the plate presentation and taste when he ate the meatball.

In an instant of inspiration, Li Li grasped the answer to that question.

"Is it because of the sauce?" Li Li stood up immediately.

Ha paced back and forth and patted on the suggestion form on the table, shouting, "Yuan Zhou, you set me up."

Yes. Li Li instantly understood the meaning of the mechanism that Yuan Zhou designed.

When the meatball was dipped into the thick sauce, the fruit particles would be attached on it and also the bright red sauce. From the appearance, it really wouldn't give people a good appetite.

The matter itself wasn't so serious. After all, most customers cared little about that. What they cared more was the good taste and pretty shape rather than the trifles.

As a perfectionist, however, Yuan Zhou wasn't able to bear the flaws. He managed to negotiate with the system and make such an intricate mechanism. This idea came from the Yuanyang Pot in ancient times.

Yuan Zhou perfectly solved the aesthetic problem of the meatball with sauce while Li Li didn't even find the problem.

Having made comparisons between Yuan Zhou's meatball and Li Li's, those who didn't mind nor find the problem all found the aesthetic problem of the dipping sauce.

As the saying goes, if the pearls and jades came prior, what came after was either the dazzling diamond or something much more inferior.

Tragically, Li Li's meatball became the inferior one by comparison.

This story told us that one had to be humble and modest. Otherwise, one would be struck by lightning.