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339 The Secret and Usage of the Mechanism

 In the western restaurant of Masterwork Nonsuch.

"Please wait for a while. The dishes are to be served right away. Please eat some pre-meal fruits," the waitress said kindly.

"Please serve us some java apples." Su Mu didn't really like the fruits on the plate.

"Ok. What do you need, Miss?" After a nod, the waitress turned his head and asked the young girl at the side.

"A cup of watermelon juice, please." Having recalled the watermelon juice in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Su Yuesheng had a sudden inspiration and replied.

"Ok. One moment, please." The waitress answered with a nod and then notified the food runner beside her.

"You might as well eat the watermelon rather than drinking the watermelon juice," Su Mu pointed at the long countertop and said.

"It's supposed to be freshly squeezed, isn't it?" Su Yuesheng was a little puzzled.

"It's definitely freshly squeezed. But I'm not sure which part they would use to make the juice." Su Mu didn't believe they would use the core of the watermelon to make the juice.

Such a thing would be done by nobody except Yuan Zhou, that frenzied obsessive-compulsive disorder victim, in this country.

Su Mu was actually wrong. Making juice from the core of the watermelon, which cost thousands of RMB in auctions, didn't exist in foreign countries as well.

Even thinking of that made him feel speechless.

"I suddenly just want to drink it now," Su Yuesheng admitted truthfully.

"It's up to you. This brother is just reminding you kindly." Su Mu stroked his own face.

"Brother, do you think the dishes here are delicious?" Su Yuesheng suddenly asked.

"No, they aren't." Su Mu answered affirmatively.

"Then why did you still come?" Su Yuesheng stared at her brother in surprise.

"Shall we go back to line up?" Su Mu looked back at the long line and suggested.

"Forget it. When do you think we can get our turn if we go now?" Su Yuesheng pursed her lips and looked at the long line discontentedly.

"That's why." Su Mu shrugged.

"Ok." Su Yuesheng answered and continued to stare blankly.

"Why didn't you take Sanmiao with you?" Seeing his sister gazing into space blankly, Su Mu directly interrupted her.

"She didn't feel good today. When I took her to the pet hospital, she met another cat and played with it and couldn't stop. I will go back to pick her up shortly." Only when she talked about the cat Sanmiao did Su Yuesheng spoke long paragraphs.

"A male cat?" Su Mu was a little surprised.

What Su Yuesheng raised was a pure-breed Chausie with two different-colored eyes, which was very rare to find.

Generally speaking, only the white cats had the two different-colored eyes. However, Su Yuesheng insisted on asking for a black one.

She looked for quite a while before she found this one. It was clingy and slightly haughty. No one was allowed to touch it except Su Yuesheng.

Even the pretty face of Su Mu was almost ruined by the cat's claws. From then on, Su Mu no longer liked that cat called Sanmiao.

"No. Sanmiao likes the white and quiet female cat." Su Yuesheng talked about the cat's hobbies as if enumerating one's family valuables.

"Alright. Whatever." Su Mu didn't care about that cat at all.

"Here are the dishes for you two. Please take your time." While they were discussing, the waitress carried their dishes up.

"Thank you." Both thanked the waitress courteously.

"Nice shape." Su mu poked the petals that were designed for decoration.

That's right. Li Li had cut the daikon into very thin slices and then soaked them in the boiling water. After they became clear, he made them into the shape of petals for plate presentation.

The meatballs that were placed inside had thick gravy poured over them.

In the middle of the plate was the mashed potato while at the side was a small plate of cranberry sauce.

"Chi, Zi". The chopsticks emitted slight sounds upon touching the plate.

It turned out that Su Mu was looking for something in his own plate.

"What wrong, brother?" Su Yuesheng asked curiously.

"Why isn't there any novelty in the dish? Now I don't have expectations." Su Yu checked around the plate and didn't find any suspected mechanisms. Then he said sadly.

"Brother, we are not in Boss Yuan's restaurant." Su Yuesheng was also a little speechless.

"If I knew it was like this earlier, I wouldn't have ordered this dish," Su Mu said unwillingly.

"Let's eat right now. We have to go back in a while." Su Yuesheng was at her wits' end while dealing with this occasionally childish brother.

"Tsk." There was full of dislike in the tone of Su Mu.

Only when he saw Su Yuesheng eat first did he start to eat it, too.

Su Mu enjoyed eating the meatballs along with the cranberry sauce.

After all, sweetness and sourness was a good match.

After the meatball was dipped into the sauce, however, Su Mu began to dislike it while looking at it.

"What's this?" Staring at the meatballs between his chopsticks, Su Mu found it hard to eat it.

"What's the matter, brother?" Seeing Su Mu not swallow it for long, Su Yuesheng asked with puzzlement.

"Do you think it is delicious?" Su Mu compared his meatballs with his sister's and asked carefully.

"Not too bad. It's like the creamy version of Lion's Head." Su Yuesheng didn't like the sauce. She usually ate it directly.

"Lion's Head? Then it's not too bad." Su Mu was then relieved.

A good serving of the authentic Swedish Meatball was surprisingly described by then as the Lion's Head. If Li Li knew that, what would he think?

If he knew that, he would probably be fatally depressed.

"What are you holding it for? Hurry up." Su Yuesheng said smilingly. She had a pair of beautiful eyes that were almost same to his brother.

"I think I might as well eat the steak." Su Mu set down the meatball on the plate and suddenly said seriously.

"Don't laugh. I don't want to eat it, really. You can try the taste by yourself." Su Mu had already recognized that Su Yuesheng was laughing at himself.

He was quite familiar with his own sister.

"I like eating it this way." Su Yuesheng snickered and then said solemnly.

"I miss Boss Yuan's obsessive-compulsive disorder. I believe only Boss Yuan makes allowances for the customers. He's a nice man." Su Mu suddenly said.

"Indeed." Looking at the abandoned meatball, Su Yuesheng said with deep feeling.

"Not until now do I understand the care and thoughts of Boss Yuan." Su Mu supported his head with one hand and leaned to the side.

"If I were you, I wouldn't eat it, too." Su Yuesheng looked at the meatball covered with the cranberry sauce and said firmly.

It appeared as if the two of them were making puzzling remarks, all about praising Yuan Zhou.

Actually, this matter was fairly easy to understand.

Originally, Su Mu felt the Swedish Meatball prepared by Yuan Zhou was totally flashy with substance like magic.

Of course, the taste was still the top-grade. No matter it was eaten alone or along with the fruit sauce, the meatball was always the best delicacy.

But there was still one point worth mentioning. Even if he didn't like the sauce, the remaining sauce wouldn't be wasted at all.

After all, some people didn't even know how to make it.

The difference of the meatballs today came from the dipping sauce.

Cranberry sauce and Swedish Meatballs were the standard match. People usually dipped the meatballs into the sauce and then ate it like that. The meatball itself had hot grease on the surface, along with the cherry red color, it was simply very ugly and made people lose all appetite.

In Yuan Zhou's hands, contrarily, the sauce was made like the film that could wrap the meatball. It looked charming and beautiful and furthermore, it greatly aroused the appetite of others.

"If we haven't eaten Boss Yuan's meatball before, I won't feel anything wrong. But now with the sticky layer of redness after dipping, I almost choked," Su Mu said with an exaggerated tone.

"It's indeed difficult to bear." Su Yuesheng nodded his head.

"This head chef isn't considerate at all to his customers." Su Mu looked at the barely touched meatball in sight and then said discontentedly.

"Perhaps, you can ask them about that, brother." Su Yuesheng suggested.

"Yes. Why not?" Su Mu nodded the head and summoned the waitress.

"Do you have the sauce alike to film?" Su Mu asked earnestly.

"Sorry, sir. We don't have such a sauce." The waitress was a little surprised. What was a film-like sauce? She totally didn't understand, but still, she answered dutifully.

It was unknown whether or not she had taken this beautiful man to be mentally disabled.

Of color, fragrance, and taste, even the primary element, color, was not as good as the meatball cooked by Yuan Zhou. Li Li failed in that aspect!