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338 Yuan Zhou’s Singing

 Having obtained the system's compensation, Yuan Zhou immediately felt as if he had eaten a ginseng fruit and that every pore all over his body had opened. He really wanted to yell out "Excellent".

"A successful move." Yuan Zhou summarized.

A bright mood would naturally bring more wits. Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of a terrific idea. The fact that this bookstore didn't have these books didn't mean that other bookstores didn't, either.

This bookstore wasn't the only one in Chengdu City. Most importantly, other bookstores probably also had special offer.

On thinking that he could save quite a little money again for an extra pancake and a boiled egg, he felt it just awesome.

No sooner said than done. Yuan Zhou took out his phone and started to look for other bookstores or bookstalls nearby with Baidu. If it was too far, he would inevitably give up as there wasn't much time left before the restaurant opened at noon.

Although he didn't fear the customers' complaints, he had no desire to see Wu Hai grumble to him repeatedly when he went back late.

Yuan Zhou fished out the phone quickly and began to leaf through the websites. Suddenly he got a shine in his eyes, finding that there was a fairly big bookstore just two blocks away. He estimated there would be the things that he needed over there.

For the sake of money, he had to charge forward. With Yuan Zhou's current revenue, the little bit of money was nothing to be particular about, but every piece of money was the unique work of art. He had to protect it.

"How smart and clever I am!" Yuan Zhou put away the phone and rushed toward it.

He had to pass by a very big square to get to the bookstore. Seated in the central part of Chengdu City, the square was flourishing. The roads were twisting and winding and the vehicles were crowded.

Yuan Zhou often passed by this place, therefore he was quite familiar with the roads. Having estimated quietly in his heart, Yuan Zhou found that taking a bus wouldn't actually be faster than walking. It might even be slower than walking.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou decided to choose the most environmental and friendly way of travelling, by walking.

"Di Di Di"

He evaded from the busy traffic stream and came to the front of the big square along the sidewalk.

An unknown activity seemed to be in preparation on the square. The stage had been set up and the staff members seemed to be doing the final preparation work.

"Hello, hello, hello."

A young man who had delicate features and was dressed in a casual jacket was right standing on the stage. After he checked the microphone for audition, he stood still at the front part of the stage and prepared to commence. He appeared to be a host.

"Dear ladies, gentlemen, old men, children and all, good morning. Right now we are holding the releasing conference of new cellphones of our company. Shortly, we'll play a small game. If anyone is chosen and he can finish the game, he will get generous gifts." The young man was refined and courteous while his voice was loud and clear.

As the young man's voice passing quite a distance, the people around began to gather gradually. Humans had the characteristics of gathering together. Therefore, as long as people gathered, one totally didn't need to worry about the popularity.

In normal times, Yuan Zhou would surely get together with others for fun if he was free. However, it wasn't a good time now, so he didn't join them. He just passed through the crowd and straightforward walked to the other side.

"Now, whoever gets the lucky light could come up onto the platform and sing a song. After finishing another test, he could get the super prize." The mellow voice of the young man passed to everyone.

Right following that, a beam of colorful light began to move around from left to right and scatter in all directions.

Yuan Zhou had walked to the edge of the other side and was about to leave when the beam of light fell on him. He was almost dazzled by the light.

"Sir, sir, congratulations on getting the precious opportunity. Please come up onto the platform." The voice of the young man was quite penetrating.

Yuan Zhou wasn't good at singing. It was unlike the food ingredients that was easy to handle and work with great efficiency. Besides, he didn't like being watched by others on the stage, so... Without any hesitation, he walked onto the stage.

"Ta Ta Ta"

Seeing the host take the microphone and run to him, Yuan Zhou stood still there and no longer moved.

"Sir, you are the first lucky person today. Please come up onto the stage and sing a song. After you pass the quiz, you can take our prize. This way, please." The young man said earnestly.

With his face tightly taut, Yuan Zhou looked at the young man solemnly and just kept silent.

"Sir, what a rare opportunity it is. Do grasp it." The young man continued saying that.

"I am unable to sing." Yuan Zhou answered.

"Never mind. Participation itself is more important than the results. The more important thing is the quiz later on. Apparently, you are a clever man and there are definitely no problem." There was full of allure in the voice of the young man.

Although Yuan Zhou felt the young man had really sharp eyes to know he's clever, he was definitely not good at singing. Therefore, he wasn't tempted at all.

"If you can pass the quiz, you can obtain the super prize package for free from our company." The young man said.

"I am really not good at it." Yuan Zhou answered primly.

"It doesn't matter. As long as you can pass, you can get the prize package, inside of which is the latest cellphone of our company. Look, it's the sample." The young man finally used the most powerful weapon.

Yuan Zhou took a look at the cellphone with graceful design. It looked to be top-grade and was indeed shining.

"I suddenly recall a song that's just tailored perfectly for me. I think it suits the current atmosphere best." After that, Yuan Zhou disregarded the dumbfounded expression of the young man and grabbed the microphone and then walked onto the stage handsomely.

"Ke Ke"

Yuan Zhou let out a dry cough and looked around at the people off the stage, not knowing what the stage fright was at all. It was known that he had refused the golden-collar worker, the famous painter, the second-generation wealthy young master, the big boss and moreover the princess charming.

That's right. If these people appeared before him right now, he would refuse them all again. This was just the aura of being a God of Refusal.

Seeing Yuan Zhou talking with such influential auras, the host became fairly expectant. Once Yuan Zhou opened the mouth, however...

"How lonely it is to be matchless; how meaningless it is to be matchless. I stand alone in the cold wind..." With a solemn expression on his face, Yuan Zhou kept a taut face and began to sing.

The lyrics were dynamical and forcible. Along with Yuan Zhou's rigorous and earnest face and his rigid body movement, the scene was too perfect for people to watch directly.

When it went to the part of the song's climax, the young man straightforwardly grabbed the cellphone at hand, went up onto the stage and then stuffed it into the other idle hand of Yuan Zhou. After that, he took the microphone and said, "Sir, this is your prize. Congratulations that you have won the prize."

Yuan Zhou was a little stunned while touching the cellphone in his hand. There seemed to be something wrong with the development. But now that he had got the prize, it was good. It was definitely his beautiful singing that helped him pass beforehand.

"Isn't there another quiz?" Yuan Zhou was a person who obeyed rules.

"That's not important. It's good as long as you get the prize." The young man with smilingly.

For fear that other audiences had any objection, Yuan Zhou intended to explain something. When he looked down at them, however, he found the former crowd had already been gone, with only a few cats left there.

After a shrug, Yuan Zhou felt so many people had grasped the deep meaning in the lyrics and gone home. It was really admirable.

Looking at the crowd off the stage, the host really wanted to cry. How hard he had worked to gather so many people around!!!

It was no longer early. Yuan Zhou rushed to the bookstore hurriedly and searched for a while. Finally, he found two books listed on the index book. And more fortunately, both of the two books had a discount of 1%. It was really a fortunate timing.

After he finished the due work, the lunch hours started. Looking at the long line of customers outside the door, Yuan Zhou felt quite a few ease.

Luckily, he managed to get back.