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337 Yuan Zhou Buying Books

 While Li Li was busy with the issue of the Swedish Meatball from last night to this morning, Yuan Zhou went out in the early morning to wander around.

Of course, that happened after the breakfast time ended. Otherwise, the customers, foodies and the big eaters would surely cause a riot at his restaurant.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou only came out and wander around during the break. Of course, he had a mission with him.

Thinking of the index book about one inch thick, Yuan Zhou had the strong urge to greet the system with bad words.

"Luckily, I didn't bring the index book to come out to buy books. Otherwise, I will definitely be judged as a fool." Yuan Zhou held a slip and felt rather fortunate.

As for the system that heard Yuan Zhou's words, it wouldn't take notice of him.

The sky of Chengdu City was as unpredictable as a kid's face. In the blink of an eye, it changed from a wide clear, sunlit sky to cloudiness.

"Ta Ta Ta"

Yuan Zhou walked towards his destination step by step along the avenue and looked up at the cloudy sky.

To go to a nearby place or the planned site, it was a question that was worth pondering.

Originally, he hadn't intended to come out at this time of day. He had to entertain the customers at noon, thus there wasn't sufficient time. Besides that, the destination wasn't near. Yuan Zhou had actually thought of writing a request for leave.

However, he failed to find a festival related to books. Nevertheless, the main reason was that he had not given any notice beforehand.

It was every animals' instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. In conclusion, it was out of fear of being beaten...

But Yuan Zhou's purpose was right. Books were the greatest gems of human wisdom and nutrition of humans. Having a collection of books was much better than having immense wealth.

One's knowledge wasn't based on the quantity of books bought or kept in the study room. Instead, it was based on how much he had read or digested.

"I'm an intellectual and moreover an intellectual that loves reading. Every cell all in my body is permeated with the breath of culture."

"I think I ought to tell my friends that I'm buying books. I'm not only handsome but also capable of cooking. Besides, I can cook delicious dishes and earn a good money." Stroking his chin, Yuan Zhou felt the suggestion was quite attractive.

"Would a well-equipped and cultured prince charming like me be torn to ribbons?" Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

While thinking aimlessly, Yuan Zhou walked quite a while longer before he reached the destination. In order to showcase his good physical condition, he chose to go there on foot.

"I walked here for green and low-carbon life, definitely not because I want to save the taxi fare of 7.5RMB or the bus fare of 3RMB." Yuan Zhou looked back at the long journey and praised himself for a while consciously.

He turned the head and then saw the banner overhead, saying, "12% Discounts for All Books of This Bookstore. Hurry, please!" The deadline was exactly today.

88 was a fortunate number and the advertorial didn't cheat him. Yuan Zhou maintained his taunt face happily and appeared extraordinarily solemn, not showing his feelings at all.

"Hi, Sir. Welcome." A short-haired beautiful girl that was dressed in the business suit came up to greet him enthusiastically.

"May I ask what kind of books you need? I can introduce the specific locations to you." The smile of the short-haired girl was just perfect. Her attitude was enthusiastic but not disgusting.

Yuan Zhou had been to this bookstore for quite a few times. The messy stuff that Wu Hai asked him to buy last time was bought over here. Besides, he had the VIP membership in this bookstore, therefore he could have a higher percentage of discounts. An inexplicable sense of pride filled his heart.

"Um. Tell me where I can find books on cooked wheat products, please." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and said with a reserved tone.

"Please follow me." The girl brought Yuan Zhou to the second floor directly to look for related books.

"It's changed quite a lot, right?" Yuan Zhou looked around and suddenly asked.

"Yes. We increased the number of books. You can even find the popular novels that are serialized through internet here." The short-haired girl pointed to the bookshelf after a nod.

"Um. Looks good." Yuan Zhou nodded the head, indicating his consent.

When she saw Yuan Zhou looking around the bookstore, the girl introduced the bookstore to him while walking forward.

"There are five floors in this Haohan Bookstore. We have children's books, youngsters' books, classic novels..." The girl introduced the details to him dutifully. Only after that did they leave and go to the next division.

Of course, there was also a mark in each row to roughly classify different divisions. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou would never find all the books in one day.

Following the guidance, Yuan Zhou only intended to buy up the books on the first page of the index book first.

He reached out his slender fingers and checked the book carefully one by one in hope of finding what he was looking for. Just in a little while, he found 8 books. Unfortunately, there were still approximately half books that hadn't been found.

"Do you have the books of Road to the Cooked Wheaten Food, Quick Tips of Nice Cuisines...?" Yuan Zhou reported ten books in one breath to a thirty-year-old attendant and asked.

"No, we don't." The woman looked at Yuan Zhou in surprise and then answered courteously.

"No? Then do you know other places that sell them?" Yuan Zhou knitted the brows and felt a little complicated.

The woman glanced at Yuan Zhou in surprise again and then answered, "Basically, none of them are sold. Most of these books have been no longer published. You can choose something else." While saying that, she turned around and walked away.

Yuan Zhou was a little dumbfounded. What the hell was that? Not available for sale, nor for publishing?

On hearing that, he was slightly surprised. After thinking for a while, however, he cheered up instantly.

"System, what do you think of that? They are not published anymore. Does that mean that I can skip them?" Yuan Zhou inquired about the system's opinions with a seemingly kind-hearted manner.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released to you."

Although Yuan Zhou felt the system wasn't likely to simplify the mission, especially on the aspect of culinary skills, he still felt a little sorrowful when he was refused mercilessly.

"But it's because it's out of print now. It's an unforeseen factor," Yuan Zhou said primly.

The system didn't answer him. Its meaning has been made very obvious. Since Yuan Zhou had already received the reward, there was no way to cancel the mission.

"I suddenly feel the shiny floor here is so attractive that I like it very much. So if you don't say anything, I will feel the cold surface of the floor."

Yuan Zhou glanced at the white tile after he said that primly, with a conspicuous intention of lying on it if the system didn't give him a satisfactory answer.

In front of the system, Yuan Zhou didn't have the aloof manner of a prince charming at all. The only thought was that he could get something more from the stingy system. That would be a victory.

The system, "Host, you can buy the books from the online bookstores or read the PDF electronic books."

"The price is more expensive than those in the actual bookstore. You know the bookstore is offering discounts today and moreover I have the membership. See, VIP?" Yuan Zhou took out the glittery membership card dumbly.

Provided the system had an inner voice, it would definitely have a mental breakdown.

The system, "Considering the difficulty in completing the mission, the system will randomly offer the reward of One Hundred Ways of Making Mantou①.

A successful blackmail!!!


① Mantou is a plain steamed bun with no fillings, a kind of cooked wheaten food.