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336 Yuan Zhou’s Day

 The pub was quite noisy. They talked and joked with each other for only one purpose, that was, to cheat for some liquor of others.

Due to the evaluation matter, Chen Wei was now arguing with Zou Hai.

In the meantime, Yuan Zhou was improving the dishes so that he could serve new dishes as soon as possible. It was also Yuan Zhou's pursuit to keep serving new dishes. At that time, the system suddenly popped up.

The system displayed, "The requirements for the main mission have been reached and the main mission has been released."

[Main Mission] To entertain at least 1000 foreign customers

(Mission tips: As a world-class tiny restaurant, how could you continue business without the support of foreign friends since you have an exotic dish now? Host, please work hard to increase your skills. I have confidence in you.)

[Mission reward] A set of western-style dishes with a total of three servings and also one set of standard western food etiquette.

(Reward tips: A handsome reward can be a solid foundation for the host to become the Master Chef and Prince Charming.)

"System, I find that you always keep pace with the times." Yuan Zhou naturally heard Zou Hai's loud voice just now but he didn't actually care much about it.

The system displayed, "Self-promotion is not allowed."

"System, you are so arrogant." Seeing the system pay no attention to his words, Yuan Zhou could only mumble to himself dumbly.

However, the system still didn't answer him this time. He thoroughly adhered to that principle of "Silence is golden."

"What's the standard of being a foreigner?" Yuan Zhou was a little confused.

There were lots of foreigners in China now. And many of them had successfully applied for China's nationality. However, they still had been foreigners formerly.

The system displayed, "You can differentiate them based on their current nationality."

"I am not likely to be able to inspect the nationality of others. How am I supposed to differentiate them?" Yuan Zhou was quite puzzled.

The system displayed, "Don't worry about that. It'll be solved automatically then."

"If you say so, I won't worry anymore now." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

On this point, he trusted that the system wouldn't cheat him.

Observe the mission carefully and then complete it in an attempt to increase the completion of the mission.

Having kept silent for a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly uttered, asking, "I can understand about the Master Chef. But what do you mean by Prince Charming? Would you change my appearance?"

Yuan Zhou was thinking which part of his face needed to be changed. It had to be inconspicuous but meanwhile still can highlight his pretty face. He was thinking about that very earnestly.

As for the dishes in his hand, they naturally had already been prepared and set down at the beginning.

The system displayed, "The only fundamental factor is an improvement on temperament."

"You are so damn right that I even don't know what to answer," Yuan Zhou said dumbly.

"System, could you first tell me what three servings of dishes mean?" Yuan Zhou was fairly interested in this problem.

The system displayed, "You won't know that until you complete the mission."

"Good. What does western food etiquette mean? I can guarantee that it isn't something to eat." Yuan Zhou looked at the name of the reward and had a bad prediction.

The system displayed, "Yes, host, you are right. You can get it the moment you complete the mission."

"You really are a system that advances with the times." Yuan Zhou was rather speechless.

Yuan Zhou was debugging the system and testing the functions, mainly by asking one question and then another, to test the ultimate endurance of the system.

Most of the time, however, the system was in the state of silence. It would only answer once after tens of questions.

At the other side, Li Li was also working. The pure white chef uniform and the clean chef's hat that he was dressed in appeared very clean and spotless. If you looked carefully, you would find the neckband, elbow and the cuffs were all very clean.

"Duk Duk Duk". While taking two broad kitchen knives in the hands, Li Li chopped the meat stuffing continually on the chopping board.

The meat stuffing was divided into two colors. One was the dark red beef without any tendons and the other was the marbled pork.

With his hand up and then the knife down continuously, he chopped the beef into the meat stuffing swiftly. The other knife was held in the other hand and moved slightly slower, but did not fall behind by too much.

Therefore, the meat stuffing on both sides was prepared at the same time.

"Hu... Finally it's good and I can add the secret recipe now." Li Li let out a sigh of relief and then took out a bag of soft-packaged, jelly-like semisolid.

This thing was what was used to put in the meatballs when Li Li went to Finland. Many chefs like using it as it could make the meatball very tasty and delicious.

Li Li had been there for an exchange of pointers and hence obtained some of it. However, he managed to figure out the compounding ratio soon.

Now it was available to be used.

While the meatballs eaten in Yuan Zhou's restaurant made Li Li quite motivated, he also felt a sense of crisis. Therefore, he hadn't rested ever since he came back from Yuan Zhou's restaurant and had constantly been experimenting the compounding ratio to put it into the meatballs.

There had been quite a few plates of various shaped meatballs on the long countertop.

Each shape was exquisite and beautiful.

One was the shape of a phoenix spreading the wings. It was so vivid that even the feathers on the wings were visible.

The other was the shape of the peony. Each of the blackish red petals scattered on the plate was clearly visible and they matched the meatballs well.

The most common one was probably the Swedish Meatball carried in the bamboo basket.

There were many more meatballs that hadn't been shaped. It could easily be seen that Li Li had prepared lots of meatballs to practice.

"It's supposed to be perfect this time." While deep-frying the meatballs, Li Li thought that positively.

Yuan Zhou's meatball was always fried while Li Li liked deep-frying them. He believed that only in the high temperature could the gravy be locked up instantly and the taste more aromatic scorching, with the gravy becoming more abundant.


After the repeated experiments overnight, Li Li finally found out the recipe that he believed to be perfect. He put the stuff into the gravy, which made the meatball more delicious.

Then, Li Li summoned Liu Ruoyu energetically on the next day even though he had stayed up overnight.

"The main dish served at noon today is the Swedish Meatball." It was the first words that Li Li said to Liu Ruoyu.

"Alright. I will notify all the waiters right now." Without saying anything else, Liu Ruoyu straightforwardly nodded.

Originally, Liu Ruoyu was in charge of the main hall and Li Li was in charge of the kitchen. Even if Li Li's meatballs came back with a lot of negative feedback, Liu Ruoyu would still follow his instructions without any hesitation.

Having notified Liu Ruoyu, Li Li went back to the kitchen to prepare and waited to commence business at noon.

Mornings always passed quickly. In just a little while, noon arrived. Conventionally, after Yuan Zhou's restaurant became too crowded to entertain more customers, a small part of the remaining customers would come to the western restaurant "Masterwork Nonsuch" and began to eat lunch.

"Hey. There's also the dish of Swedish Meatball over here. Look, the price is almost the same. Shall we order one and have a try?" Looking at his younger sister, Su Mu raised the eyebrows and asked.

"Brother, do you believe the one served here is delicious?" Su Yuesheng knitted her brows discontentedly.

"At least we have to try." With his beautiful peach blossom eyes slightly squinting, Su Mu shrugged and indicated it didn't matter.

"Two servings of the Swedish Meatball." Although Su Yuesheng was dissatisfied, she didn't disagree. Therefore, Su Mu directly ordered two servings.

"Hello customers. This is the main cuisine prepared by our executive head chef. The taste is very good." The waitress said warmly.

"Um. Got it." Su Mu nodded the head.

Then the waitress went to report orders. As for the taste of the Swedish Meatball this time, they wouldn't know it until they savored it...