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335 Main Mission Firs

 "I don't want to go..." Zou Hai hadn't finished his words before the call was hung up.

"Beep Beep Beep"

There was only the continuous busy tone left. Zou Hai showed the whites of his eyes speechlessly. What a deceptive guy!

Having zoned out for a while, he looked up at the clock and saw the hands of the clock point toward 7:30. He then tidied everything up very quickly and set out. When he arrived at No. 14 of Taoxi Road, the clock hand happened to reach 8:00.

Perfect, not a minute more or less, right on time.

Zou Hai smiled happily. He felt quite pleased by arriving exactly on time.

"There you are. Hurry up. Time to go inside." Su Mu turned around, preparing to step into the restaurant.

"Tsk. A man looking so good better be cautious," Zou Hai grumbled.

"What an inferior restaurant it is! Why do we have to come here for a drink?" Zou Hai asked.

"Hey buddy, don't worry. I can help you to drink it. The liquor isn't suitable for you."

A hearty voice passed from behind them before Su Mu had time to answer him. He turned the head and then saw Chen Wei walking to them with big strides alone.

"What? You come alone this time? It is better that we help you with the liquor. I believe you are unable to finish it by yourself?" Su Mu raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Haw haw. Don't worry. With my physique, I definitely have no problem finishing it and even have extra strength to help you." Chen Wei patted on his chest and revealed a manner of "You can count on me."

Su Mu just smiled and spoke no more. He turned around and walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant with Zou Hai.

Shen Min stood there gracefully alone with a courteous smile on the face. She took a few steps forward and greeted, "Welcome. This way, please." While saying that, she led the three people to the sergestes wall.

"Boss Yuan, there's a new customer. Do you want to come for a drink?"

When Su Mu passed by the kitchen and saw Yuan Zhou was still busy with his work, he couldn't help asking him.

Yuan Zhou raised the head and took a glance at the several people. Wearing the face mask, he didn't say anything but continued doing his own work.

"Sorry, my boss is working. Please, this way." Shen Min felt a little embarrassed. She quickened her pace hurriedly, opened the blank door and showed the way.

"The EQ of this boss is so unbelievable," Zou Hai murmured.

After Yuan Zhou's five senses were strengthened by the system, every part of his senses was under his control. Zou Hai's words were naturally captured by him easily, too.

Only after Shen Min and other people left did Yuan Zhou take off the face mask. He was actually a little shy.

Although he had always felt his EQ was very good, it wasn't so unbelievable. Such straightforward praise made him slightly embarrassed. After all, Yuan Zhou was a thin-skinned person.

Behind the sergestes wall was a path paved with small stones. The winding path led to a secluded quiet place, which had no difference from other places except the several sculptures along the path and the small garden at the side.

Zou Hai took a careful look and then found that they were actually sculpted. They were vivid and in different shapes, which made Zou Hai suddenly have some expectancy.

"Are they sculpted by the boss himself?" Pointing at these brilliant sculptures, Zou Hai asked Su Mu.

"Of course. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is absolutely god-tier. The dish of Phoenix-Tail Prawns is also a unique dish. We can come and taste it someday. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience." Su Mu knew that Zou Hai preferred to eat dishes of Jiangsu and hence mentioned.

"Phoenix-Tail Prawns? The real phoenix tail?" Zou Hai hadn't eaten the authentic Jiangsu dish for long, therefore he was a little tempted.

"It surely is. Just looking at Boss Yuan's actions that are as smooth as the floating clouds and flowing water is a kind of visual enjoyment, let alone the unique taste. It's simply perfect," Su Mu said quite earnestly.

"Really? Then we can come for a taste provided that we have the opportunity," Zou Hai answered.

"Come on. Let's discuss that later and talk about the pub now. What about we three sit together? Then we can have two bottles of liquor. Just thinking about that makes my blood boil." Chen Wei said to Su Mu and Zou Hai excitedly.

"Actually, you can also join me." The mild voice of Fang Heng passed from behind them.

"What are you here for?" Chen Wei was very dissatisfied with the person that affected his plan.

"Each of us is alone except Su Mu. Why couldn't we get together? Anyway, we are all here for Boss Yuan's liquor."

Fang Heng said in a calm mood. He appeared rather gentle and didn't reveal any manner of anger. Of course, one word that could describe a person like him was shamelessness.

While talking, they arrived at the second floor. The square bamboos were still standing there still. The moonlight and the lamplight blended together, giving people an atmosphere of quietness.

Zou Hai felt the atmosphere was not bad and then followed Su Mu to get seated at a table. It had entirely different feeling to sit around bamboos grown inside.

The consequence of both sides grabbing Zou Hai was that none of them took the advantage of him. Finally, they still ended up with drinking their own.

Shen Min started to get the liquor for them deftly and cleanly.

A delicate fragrance floated out along with Shen Min's actions. With his nose moving slightly, Zou Hai smelled the fragrance of the liquor. It was really good liquor.

When it was served on the table, the fragrance became stronger and simply made people unable to resist the temptation. People couldn't help swallowing it up right away.

Chen Wei carried up the cup meticulously and took a deep breath before pouring it into his mouth slowly. He savored the aftertaste carefully and had to admit that it was really top-notched. Along with the fragrant and crisp Drunkard's Spiced Peanut, it was simply the utmost bliss in the world.

Zou Hai looked at the amber liquor filled in the cup with plum blossom patterns that appeared good and then took a deep breath. He carried the wine cup up to his nose and felt as if the wintersweet flowers were blossoming in front of him. Even the taste was becoming stronger.

He sipped it lightly. Like the mellow and smooth pear juice, it directly rushed to his throat with a slight pungency. The taste was so mellow that the drinkers directly lost their hearts to the taste. Zou Hai drank up another gulp of the liquor hurriedly and squinted his eyes and started to enjoy.

"How do you like it? The taste is good, right? You didn't come in vain, huh?" Su Mu drank up a mouthful of the liquor contentedly.

Su Mu never liked using chopsticks when he ate peanut kernels. There he started to pick up the seemingly toothsome peanut kernels with his slender fingers. Normally, one would appear rough while doing the same, but Su Mu did that gracefully, quickly but not messily.

"It's not too bad. It's just what it should be." Zou Hai answered after he drank up a gulp of the liquor swiftly.

Without any special expression on his face, Zou Hai began to eat the peanut kernels quickly. In just a little while, half the peanut kernels were eaten. He moved the chopsticks so quickly that he appeared totally professional, which didn't conform to his words at all."

"Obviously it's delicious. If you don't like it, you can share it with me. I don't mind drinking more at all," Chen Wei said loudly.

"No need. Even if I don't like it, I will drink it up with tears." Zou Hai refused cleanly.

"Then why did you say it's not good? Inexplicable!" Chen Wei said discontentedly.

"There are so few people here. Although it's said to be well-known, there's not even a foreigner and thus it isn't international. My evaluation is fairly just." Zou Hai spoke so reasonably that even he himself believed that.

At the same time, due to Zou Hai's quibble, Yuan Zhou received a mission from the system, more specifically, a main mission...