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334 Drinkers of the Tiny Pub

 The business hours of Yuan Zhou's restaurant were never sufficient for him. It passed soon. On the other side, some people also felt that way.

"Pa Pa Pa". The MX Soft Tactile keyboard emitted a melodious sound in the darkness. With the brilliant colors shining in the darkness, the keyboard appeared extraordinarily conspicuous.

"Pa", after going through a series of swift finger movements on the keyboard, a complicated continuous jumping action was completed. Then Zou Hai let out a sigh of relief.

He won!

He could probably get the reward of a grand bonus package next time.

When he saw the words Game Over on the screen, Zou Hai exercised his skilled fingers slightly and felt it necessary for him to offer them a reward.

He prepared a cup of instant coffee for himself and sipped it contentedly. With his eyes and brows stretching out, he was quite relaxed.

"Dong Dong Dong"

A series of cluttered knocks came from the door. Zou Hai knitted his brows subconsciously and went to open the door drowsily after a slight hesitation.

After the door was opened, a forty-year-old man could be seen standing outside.

The crease-free business suit was tidy and neat, without any trace of wrinkles, even the hair clung neatly to his head. Judging from his appearance, he was a very serious man.

"Little Hai, what are you doing recently at home? Still playing online games?" The serious manner of the man made the wrinkles between his eyebrows deeper.

"No, I have stopped playing. It's not interesting." Immediately, Zou Hai answered without any hesitation.

"What do you mean? I told you many times before that it's not a proper occupation and you should control yourself. But you tell me what you said to me then?" The man looked angrier.

Upon mentioning that, the man felt very angry. Teenagers during the rebellious phase were known to be uncontrollable. If you let him chase after the chicken, he would definitely run after dogs, doing the opposite of what was told.

Unfortunately, Zou Hai was more than 20 years old and had already got out of the rebellion phase. However, he was still disobeying his parents. He had been addicted to online games for the past two years and constantly practiced it, even joining various clubs. He was just in a state of madness.

He didn't follow anyone's persuasion and was always indulged in them with the fine-sounding excuse that the

e-sports were promising and they can't be demonized. Perhaps, he could get a gold medal with the e-sports.

He stuck to that theory firmly. No matter what measures were taken, they wouldn't work. He just refused to give up until all hope is gone.

Anyway, the online game industry seemed to be booming again suddenly over the past year. Finally, there was something to look forward to and his son could barely make a living out of it as a proper business.

The man comforted himself like that. The perennial headache was likewise relieved slightly. But today when the man called Zou Hai, he suddenly told the man that he would quit online games. The man got irritated again immediately.

"Tell me once again what you told me just now on the phone. Not playing anymore? Weren't you desperate for my consent?" The man said angrily.

"It's just not interesting and I don't want to continue. Didn't you tell me that online games were all trash?" Zou Hai said carelessly.

He leaned on the door and revealed a lazy manner by putting his left leg on the right leg. Meanwhile, he crossed his arms across the chest and slightly turned up the corner of his mouth, answering his father vaguely in an absent-minded state.

"What bullshit are you brat talking about?" While speaking, the man took a step forward and stared at his son in anger.

Suddenly, a mild voice passed, "Do a father and son really need to talk so aggressively? Can't you have a good conversation?"

The next moment, they heard footsteps of high-heeled shoes on the ground, "Da Da Da".

An elegant woman dressed in a beige overskirt walked to them with split steps with some anxiety on her still attractive face.

"Mum, it's nothing important. Don't worry." Seeing his mum, Zou Hai stood up straight, not seeming as lazy and careless as before.


The woman probably had a weak body. She breathed for an instant before regaining some energy with the help of the man. She then stared at the two people, staying silent after making a discontented "Humph".

"Little Ya, don't worry. There's nothing special. I just have a matter to tell our son." The rigid features of the man became soft and even the way he talked slowed down.

"Humph..." Without giving an affirmative or negative answer, Zou Hai just humphed but didn't retort anymore.

"That's good, that's good. Just converse normally, please." The woman's tone of voice was elegant and agreeable, with a unique watery tenderness and softness that comes from the area south of the Yangtze River.

"Please be rest assured. I will return soon. You go first."

The man sent the woman to the door of the room and saw her go inside before returning to Zou Hai.

"Little Hai, one of my friends has developed an online game and needs somebody to help. You must go." The man hardened his face and said stiffly.

"What game? Just a stuff that wastes time. I won't go." Zou Hai wasn't satisfied at all and hence answered carelessly.

"No matter what you say, you have to go. You have no other option." The man got a little impatient while frowning.

"Let's talk later." Zou Hai answered indifferently.

Regardless of the man's solemn expression, Zou Hai returned to his own room.


The door was shut immediately. It was a quite different world from outside.

The man pinched the wrinkled eyebrows and sighed secretly. He didn't say anything else and then left.

Having returned to his own room, Zou Hai looked at the shimmering computer and stayed where he was like a wood, not knowing what he was thinking of.

"It's no big deal." Zou Hai muttered to himself.

"Pi Li Pa La", the computer keyboard emitted the sound for a while. Staring at the game interface attentively, Zou Hai moved his fingers about on the keyboard like dancing.

The speed was extremely fast. With a simple glance, he could be recognized as a skilled player.

"Di Di Di"

A melodious chord ringtone sounded. Zou Hai got around to look at the phone and then found the name Su Mu appearing on the screen. He hesitated for a little bit and the single-handed skill showed up again.

After a wild finger movement, Zou Hai moved his left hand to the phone. He clicked the screen with the finger and instantly the call was put through.

"Hai, come out and play. I'm very lucky today and have drawn a grand prize. So we can go to Boss Yuan's place to drink liquor." The euphonious voice of Su Mu passed from the other end of the phone, with a trill in the end sound, which made Zou Hai frown.

However, he still asked, "What the hell is this Boss Yuan?"

"It's very good liquor. Were it not because Sister Jiang did have no time, you would never get this opportunity." Su Mu said with a tone of displeasure.

"You can go there alone. I don't want the honor. I'm so busy." Zou Hai answered indifferently.

"You aren't practicing the APM of various skills, are you? You have maxed them out already. Is there room for any more improvement?" Su Mu was puzzled.

"What are you talking about? I have quit online games long ago," Zou Hai said firmly.

Looking at the bright screen, Zou Hai fell silent. Nevertheless, the way he talked revealed his indifference to that. Obviously, he spoke without thinking.

"That's great. Come to No. 14 of Taoxi Road. Remember the place by heart and arrive here at 8:00 p.m. on time. I guarantee you won't regret coming here." After saying that, Su Mu hung off the phone decisively, not caring if Zou Hai agreed at all.