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333 Li Li’s Personal Visi

 On the following day, in the western restaurant Masterwork Nonsuch, Li Li looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant crowded with customers across the street and then at his own restaurant that had much less customers. The sharp contrast made him quite dissatisfied.

"What do you think is wrong with our executive head chef?" A waitress asked with a low voice.

"I don't know, either. He has been standing there and staring blankly for a whole morning." Another waitress beside her said smilingly.

"Although my smile is becoming stiff, I don't dare to stop smiling. What about you?" The third waitress had a sweet smile on her face.

"Exactly. What's wrong with our executive head chef?" The waitresses were quite interested in that.

"Don't you discover why? He is looking at the tiny restaurant." A waitress that passed by chimed in with a same smile on her face.

The several waitresses kept smiling in the whole course when they were talking and weren't discovered by others that they were actually chatting. Every time a customer passed by, they made time to greet him. They were simply the most professional waitress.

Even if they were chatting, the customers felt at home.

"I have heard of that tiny restaurant. It's likewise said to serve delicious dishes. And besides, the dishes are too expensive." The waitress slightly glimpsed at outside of the restaurant and then said affirmatively.

"It seems to be true. On the first day after our restaurant opened for business, most customers went to that restaurant." The waitress Xiao Jing that had ever entertained Wu Zhou remembered the happening that day and still showed a stunned expression even now.

"Yes. But that restaurant doesn't look good. It's said that there's only one waitress there." Since it wasn't really far, the waitresses basically knew everything about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

There was a waiter who even lined up and eventually went into the restaurant, but he didn't eat before leaving immediately. What a joke! They were merely curious about it rather than preparing to eat so expensive dishes. If he had girlfriend, they might be able to be extravagant once. For now, however, he felt the working meal provided by his restaurant didn't taste bad.

"But our business is also good." A waitress looked at the nearly fully-occupied seats in the main hall and asked with slight puzzlement.

"How do you think that way? The reason why they come here is that they can't get their turn at Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Another waitress whispered with a low voice.

"Even so, they are the customers of our restaurant." The waitress said straightforwardly.

"But he's not here because of the intrinsic attraction of our restaurant." There was also someone who was clear about that.

"Our executive head chef is coming to us." A waitress reminded lightly.

Then they stood well there instantly and maintained their composure. When Li Li walked close to them, they immediately greeted, "Hi, executive chef."

"Um." Li Li nodded the head with a solemn expression.

"Ta Ta Ta". Li Li walked toward his office with unhurried paces.

On the way back, many staff greeted him and he answered with a nod in most cases as if he had been considering something very important.

Not until he walked to the door of his office did he act as if he had made the final decision. He shut the door after a sound of Peng", took out his phone and started to make calls.

There clearly appeared two characters of "Niu Li" on the screen. Obviously, he called the short-haired woman.

The phone was put through soon. Niu Li answered with her mild tone, "Master Li, good afternoon."

"Good afternoon. I have a question to ask you." Li Li didn't like beating about the bush. Instead, he asked straightway.

"Of course." Taking the phone, Niu Li had actually worked out Li Li's question.

"I prepare to go for a taste once. The Swedish Meatball." There was full of reluctance to admit failure in his tone.

"Ok, Mr. Li. Just go ahead." Niu Li agreed and didn't say anything else.

"Good bye." Hearing that, Li Li hung off the phone directly.

Looking around at his own office, Li Li took off the chef's hat earnestly and put it away carefully. Then he took off the chef's uniform and changed into his business suit. After that, he appeared tall, straight and spirited from head to foot.

Not knowing exactly why, Li Li specially wore PatekPhilippe. This was a brand-name watch that was worth millions of RMB. The dial plate was blue and the shell was golden. The watch band made from the calfskin leather made it very comfortable when it was worn on the wrist.

The watch of men was like the jewelries of women. It was a symbol of identity and fascination.

Wearing this valuable watch, Li Li walked out of the restaurant with aggressive pride.

The two restaurants weren't far from each other. It took Li Li only about 5 minutes to get to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to line up.

When he was about to skip lining up and walked into the restaurant, he was stopped outside.

"Sir, if you wanna line up and have the meal, this way please. If you just look around randomly, please don't get in the way." The tall and slim man went up and said courteously.

"I'm acquainted with your boss." Li Li knitted his brows and said earnestly.

"I'm sorry. Many people tell me that they know Boss Yuan. But still, you can't cut the line." The tall and slim man should have heard many people say so every day.

"How long shall I wait to get the turn?" Looking at the long line, Li Li asked.

"About 1 hour. Who know exactly?" Seeing Li Li line up, the tall and slim man shrugged and then left.

The tall and slim man had volunteered to maintain order for quite a long time. He had been doing quite good and didn't make any mistake.

Having released a long sigh, Li Li suppressed the anxiety in the heart and then began to line up.

As for other customers at the side, they had been quite used to such a scene, even if some one immediately recognized the brand-name watch worth millions of RMB.

After about 1 hour, Li Li finally got this turn.

When Li Li entered the restaurant first, he knitted his brows unconsciously. The cramped space and the small table and chair appeared quite crowded in Li Li's opinion.

If the people felt depressed in the cramped space, how could you expect him to have a good appetite?

He then found a satisfying place and got seated and then waited for some body to come and take orders.

"Sir, what do you want to eat?" Zhou Jia didn't know Li Li at all.

"The Swedish Meatball." Li Li straightforwardly answered.

"OK. One moment, please." Zhou Jia brought out the price and then told Yuan Zhou.

When he came inside, Li Li thought for an instant and didn't say hi to Yuan Zhou.

Eat the dish and then leave right away. This was the idea of Li Li.

During the business time, Yuan Zhou usually wouldn't carefully observe customers. Therefore, he didn't know this plate of Swedish Meatball was actually ordered by Li Li.

After receiving the meatballs, Li Li first carefully studied the entire dish and then began to taste it. As a specialized chef, it was necessary for him to savour the cuisine.

"No cranberry jam matches the dish?" Looking at the ingredient that the dish was short of , Li Li murmured to himself.

Having studied it for quite a while, Li Li finally found our the mechanism of this dish after a sound of "Ka La".

"It's really quite yummy." Li Li praised with a restrained manner.

Then? There was no then anymore. Li Li was totally immersed in the delicacy of the meatball. Every bite would release some gravy into his mouth. The thick cream and butter plus a little black pepper formed the most wonderful taste experience.

Alright. Even if it was in such a crowded atmosphere, there was a wonderful taste experience.

"The taste indeed surpasses mine." After the meal, Li Li didn't give up but instead became spirited.

It was said that an unknown rival was dreadful. If you had known about your rival, he wasn't that dreadful anymore. After all, the unknown was the source of the dread.

"Such a kind of mechanism is quite useless. It's merely a small trick to attract customers' attention." Li Li played the mechanism again and then said affirmatively.

"I finally find your weak point." Li Li murmured to the empty plate alone.

At least, it was like that in other customers' eyes.

Of course, he ate up the dish at the same time while he was studying it with a fairly quick speed.

Naturally, he left the restaurant and went back to his restaurant the moment he ate it up. In Li Li's opinions, the Swedish Meatball cooked by Yuan Zhou didn't look perfect, like the plate presentation as well as the redundant decorations.

Even when Li Li was eating, he completely forgot that he himself was also a cook. He was captured by the delicacy at the first time.

Li Li felt that he could improve this dish further and fight against him again.