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332 Kong Yiji① In Real Life

 Dragged by Yuan Hou, Xin Kui lined up together with him.

"It's just something to eat. Why can't you wait by yourself? What do I have to wait here for?" Xin Kui was a little lazy.

"What do you know? We can buy two servings of the BBQ only with both of us waiting here," Yuan Hou said.

"The boss of this restaurant simply makes it resemble the one of the descendant of the royal chef. Look at the long line." Standing at the end of the line, Xin Kui complained for a little bit.

"It's not comparable to this one. Boss Yuan becomes talented through self-study. He is totally the savior of foodies. I'm 5kg heavier than before." Yuan Hou made eyes at him.

"Just sighing with emotion." Xin Kui straightforwardly answered.

"I have also been here several times. With Boss Yuan's craftsmanship, even his enemies are reluctant to strike his hands." Yuan Hou revealed a manner of drooling with envy and appeared fairly funny.

"Hey, watch out. Don't drool. I have also eaten the dishes for some time but never acted like you." Xin Kui revealed an expression of contempt.

In just a moment of those few words, there appeared another ten people behind them. Xin Kui looked back at them speechlessly and totally didn't know what to say.

"Now that we are in the line, let me tell you something during this short interval. This time, I have invented two new things. What an awesome man I am!"

He became complacent himself even before he said anything.

"I have invented a new type of environmental product this time. With the wheat flour as the fundamental material, it is shaped directly through molecular condensation reacting in high temperature and pressure. So in the future, even the dinnerware could be edible." Xin Kui added, "What do you think? Am I awesome?"

"Is it delicious?" Yuan Hou only cared about that.

"It isn't a problem whether or not it's delicious. The key point is that it's environmental. You know that?" Xin Kui said, "You seem to have little awareness of the importance. I might as well tell you about the other invention of mine."

"Stop, stop. Let's talk about that after we have the meal. First, think about what you want to eat later." Yuan Hou rolled his eyes and uttered.

While they were talking, they got their turn. Yuan Hou quickened his pace hurriedly and stepped into the door. Xin Kui had only to swallow up his words and followed him.

After they entered the restaurant, they got them seated at the long curved table and waited there to order their dishes without any guiding.

"Here are all the kebabs. You can order whatever you like." Yuan Zhou turned the head while pointing at the kebabs that had been sorted out.

After he said that, he started to grill the kebabs in his hand.

Because of the timing of the BBQ, he didn't let the two girls come to work. It wasn't good for a girl to go back too late.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was working as the waiter by himself now. Luckily, his customers had gotten used to helping themselves by now.

Yuan Hou only knew the dishes here were delicious and he had only eaten the main cuisines. Nevertheless, it was the first time that he had eaten the BBQ. Therefore, it was also the first time that he had seen this rule.

This rule was really matchless. One wasn't allowed to order the BBQ but had only to wait until it was allocated to them randomly. Boss, does your kitchen know that you were so awesome?

If the kitchen could talk, it would probably answer like that.

Kitchen, "I know, I know. There's no problem at all."

"Don't be so picky. They are more or less the same. The taste is undoubtedly delicious. You can taste it in a moment." Xin Kui shouted, "Boss Yuan, two servings of us two."

"Ok." Yuan Zhou's voice passed from inside of the face mask.

"What is there in the random allocation?" Yuan Hou was fairly curious.

Before Xin Kui was ready to answer him, however, Wu Hai approached.

"Bro, you came for the first time, didn't you? Actually, I can help you with some kebabs shortly if you can't eat them up." After Wu Hai ate up the kebabs in his own plate, he captured Yuan Hou's question easily and then approached them shamelessly.

After he was rebuffed by Yuan Zhou, Wu Hai learned to be smart occasionally and studied the military method of roundabout ways. He aimed at the new customers, thinking that he might be able to eat some from their plate.

Although he took the restaurant as his private canteen every day, Wu Hai nevertheless indicated that he could still eat more by 100 RMB.

"Just ignore him. Wu Hai, don't even think of cheating us." Xin Kui immediately said.

"No, I'm not cheating at all, but offering help. Bro, I can help you with it in a moment. No need for thanks." Wu Hai's awe-inspiring righteousness was even believed by himself.

"We can eat together shortly." Looking at that many kebabs, Yuan Hou answered frankly

"Don't blame me for not reminding you. Let's eat separately shortly. I won't share mine with you." Xin Kui announced first.

"Let's skip this subject. What's the second invention that you talked about just now?" Yuan Hou suddenly asked Xin Kui about the matter that he was interested in.

"Let me tell you. The second thing that I have invented absolutely goes well with human life. It's able to promote people's life for at least 30 years. Through the photoelectron theory and test of X-ray, it's definitely a qualified product." Xin Kui said excitedly.

As a professional painter, Wu Hai indicated that he totally couldn't understand what the guy was saying. For the sake of the delicious dish later, however, Wu Hai chose to be a listener.

He summarized his thoughts in a sentence, "No matter how strange it sounds, I choose to listen to you."

"The former disposable chopsticks have greatly wasted natural resources since it would be thrown away after being used once. In order to solve this problem, I have carried up a research as long as one year. Through various experiments and investigation, I have finally invented the chopsticks that could be used for the second time. This is definitely the top technology nationwide currently," Xin Kui explained with excitement.

"Puff!" Wu Hai was choked, "Chopsticks for secondary use?"

He must have been so hungry that he started having delusions. Otherwise, how could he have heard such weird things such as secondary-usage of chopsticks? It was all Yuan Zhou's fault.

While grilling the BBQ earnestly, Yuan Zhou suddenly felt his ears were a little hot. He heaved a sigh. It was a sin to have a good appearance. It was definitely because some girls were talking about him. After all, he not only looked handsome but also cooked delicious dishes. Apart from that, he can also earn money. More importantly, he had a good temper.

Good temper. There's nothing wrong with that.

"Through assorted experiments and repeated failure, I finally made the chopsticks that can be used for the second time. After all, it avoided the processing methods such as smoking with sulfur, soaking and bleaching with hydrogen peroxide solution and sodium sulfate and the burnishing with talcum powder that all harm us humans. The reason why the disposable chopsticks couldn't be used repeatedly was that its function would degrade after being used once. If it's used for the second time, it will do great harm to people. I just prolonged the service life of the chopsticks through a special treatment. Even if it's used for the second time, there will be no problems at all." Xin Kui spoke excitedly and happily.

Yuan Hou stroked his forehead. He had already known it would be like that.

"Then what did you invent the chopsticks for? According to your theory, I might as well use this kind of chopsticks." Wu Hai felt severely shocked. He raised the chopsticks in his hand and said. If not for the BBQ, he would have already cursed him an idiot.

Undoubtedly, this guy was stupid.

Loving to invent wasn't a problem, nor was inventing trash. But it was too much to say so many technical terms and waste so much time to invent such a thing.

Hearing that, Xin Kui became dumb and didn't know what to say.

"Here is your BBQ." Yuan Zhou carried the plates personally to them and set them down.

Rarely would he offer services to his customers by himself.

Yuan Zhou would never admit that he came over here to look at the talent that had invented the recycled chopsticks with reverence.

After all, this guy always invented some strange things every time. But basically, none of them had the actual use or value although they sounded great.

He was truly funny. Wherever there was unhappiness, there was him...

① Kong Yiji is a character in a novel who is pedantic, obstinate and indigent. He appeared in a novel of Lu Xun, the greatest Chinese literator in the early 20th century.