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331 Ingenious Invention

 The customers fell silent due to Ling Hong's words. Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, was paying for the matter that he drove that person away.

The cause of the incident was naturally Guo Ming's words which made Yuan Zhou unable to bear anymore. In reality, such a man was simply a joke, the kind that could never be found in the world.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou directly called the system when he heard Guo Ming finish his words.

"What are the conditions if I violate the Chef's Guideline?" Yuan Zhou asked the system straightforwardly.

There was a provision in the Chef's Guideline that the chef should concern himself with stomachs and not with individuals. It was definitely not an option to drive customers out.

"Chef's Guideline can't be violated."

"Come on. Don't be so wordy. Say, what condition is needed?"

The system displayed, "You have to level up the title of Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods."

"How?" Yuan Zhou had obtained this title for quite a long time and used it for many times. But never had he been reminded of any levelling before.

Of course, what was also unforgettable was the regulations about the limited business hours that came along with the title free of charge. Seen for the time being, the limited business hours were fairly scientific.

The system displayed, "The way to level it up has been released. You can check the first cabinet on the right."

"Is it a paper?" Looking at the cabinet at his hand with puzzlement, Yuan Zhou paused for a while and then pulled open the cabinet.

It was definitely not because he was unable to tell the direction just now.

He reached out his hand and groped in the cabinet. It was a book about 1cm thick and the size was quite ordinary.

The system displayed, "Host, please read through it within half a year and then you can level up.

"It's not thick at all. I can even finish it in one day. Even if I am busy, I can finish the work in three days." Yuan Zhou said confidently.

The system displayed, "That is just the table of contents of all the books."

"..." Instantly, Yuan Zhou choked.

How many books were there if even the table of contents was so thick? Yuan Zhou opened the book and took a look and then he found out, as expected, that it was the table of contents. All was about books on cooked wheaten foods.

What the hell!

"System, is this the table of contents for books on cooked wheaten foods throughout the world since it's so thick?" Yuan Zhou especially stressed on the three words, "table of contents".

The system displayed, "This table of contents only includes Chinese cooked wheaten foods."

"It's really a beautiful pitfall. But I will take it." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and then agreed to the requirement.

Then, Yuan Zhou naturally drove Guo Ming out of his restaurant after he had just been entrapped by the system.

On the other side, a man called Xin Kui who often came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant was making the daily complaint about his name. The word "daily" meant that he made the complaint several times a day.

Xin Kui had always felt his parents named him wrongly. With the fact that he was so hard-working and made outstanding contributions to the society as well as the arduous life style, he deserved a name more well-known to others, Xin Ku (meaning work hard).

It absolutely had a sense of a revolutionist. It was obviously a good name and people could know his severity from his name.

A continuous ringtone suddenly sounded before he finished complaining and directly interrupted him.

Only then did Xin Kui take off the glasses and knead between the eyebrows before he walked through his messy laboratory unhurriedly. Only then did he answered the ever-ringing telephone.

"Xin Ku, are you busy recently?" Once the phone was answered, there came a question from the other end.

"Yuan Hou, are you back from the stone age? Coincidentally, I have finished the greatest inventions throughout history ever. It absolutely would be shocking." On hearing that, Xin Kui instantly became excited unlike his previous state of laziness and said with joy.

"Don't bullshit with useless words. I found a good place. Shall we get together in the evening?" Yuan Hou stopped the more and more excited voice of Xin Kui at the other end of the phone.

"Where and when?" Having barely stopped talking, Xin Kui intended to explain his latest invention in details when they met. He would necessarily make Yuan Hou experience the peerless charms of the new intentions.

"9:30 in the evening and at the crossing of Taoxi Road." Yuan Hou said spiritedly.

"Taoxi Road? Wow, you have surprisingly evolved and know that place." Xin Kui rolled his eyes and didn't remember any high-end restaurant around the area. Only Yuan Zhou's restaurant outshone others over there. Therefore, he said jokingly.

"What are you talking about by evolving? Do you really want to drink the morning dew and eat the flowers? Come on, man. But frankly speaking, it's more or less the same. Dishes in that restaurant are simply the best in the world." Yuan Hou said gently, pretending to be serious.

"I know more about that than you do. I am also a regular customer and have been there for several times." Xin Kui didn't trust the moral quality of Yuan Hou at all, but he trusted his own.

"Even a man that always forgets time while doing research like you knows to eat delicious foods now?" Yuan Hou said with great interest.

"Ok. See you there at night and I will tell you about my new invention." Xin Kui hung off the phone decisively. Otherwise, he would pour out his own invention right now.

Yuan Hou nevertheless shrugged helplessly at the other side. There were many benefits to being friends with Xin Kui except for one thing. That is, he took the experiments and inventions as if they were his wife.


Having hung off the phone, Xin Kui put away the phone. It was merely about 7:00 and there were still two hours left, which was sufficient enough to make another experiment. He could verify if there was any defect on his new invention according to the theory of positive and negative return current.

"Gonna be late, gonna be late, gonna be late."

In the quiet and messy laboratory sounded the clock alarm. Xin Kui raised his head, bewildered, and looked around before he reacted.

It was almost 9:00 p.m. Xin Kui stood up and patted on the cuff of his sleeves and collar before wiping the dirt on his body leisurely. He intended to change his clothing and then go there.

After he prepared everything, Xin Kui set out. If he was late, Yuan Hou would probably become the irritated King Kong.

Xin Kui knew this place and naturally didn't need to drive. He wasn't lazy. It's just inconvenient to park a car in Taoxi road. Therefore, he preferred to take a taxi.

Having made the decision, Xin Kui went out of the door quickly.

When he arrived at the Taoxi road smoothly, he happened to see Yuan Hou who was dressed in black casual clothing.

"I'm here, Yuan Hou." Xin Kui got off the car and waved his hand to greet him.

"Wow! Looking good." Yuan Hou took a few steps forward and punched him lightly for greetings.

"Of course. I have a new invention and will explain the details to you shortly. Let's go. It's going to rain at any time." Xin Kui was anxious to talk about his new invention and hence urged him.

"What a coincidence! We can only eat the BBQ served by Boss Yuan on rainy days. How fortunatet it is!" Yuan Hou said with a smile.

Speaking of invention, Yuan Hou totally couldn't understand the way his friend thought. He always tried to invent a series of things like rain gear or toothpicks for repeated use.

However, the theories used definitely sounded high-ended and outstanding, which he can't understand anyway.

On Boss Yuan's BBQ day, one merely needed to walk a few hundred meters from the quiet crossing before they walked into a quite different world of great bustle and enthusiasm. It formed a sharp contrast with the formerly quiet atmosphere.

There was a long line of customers outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. With a simple glance, there were about 30 people there. Xin Kui walked unhurriedly and leisurely.

Nevertheless, Yuan Hou dragged the unhurried man, Xin Kui, forward to the line swiftly like a cat whose tail was stepped on. It was absolutely the speed of a sprint...