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330 Tough Yuan Zhou Second

 Jiang Changxi was squinting her eyes. People familiar with her all knew that she was now at the peak of anger.

"This gentleman, may I ask for your name?" Yuan Zhou walked to Guo Ming and Li Hongji, asking Guo Ming directly.

"What? Even a small boss like you has a problem?" Guo Ming was now in a state of fury. Right after he vented at Jiang Changxi, he turned his gun to Yuan Zhou.

"Sorry. This friend of mine isn't in a good mood." This person was brought here by Li Hongji. He was fairly embarrassed in such a situation.

"Never mind. What's your name?" With a solemn look on his face, Yuan Zhou spoke as if he were asking something important.

Seeing that, Jiang Changxi and Wu Hai that had intended to say something became dumbfounded and swallowed their words temporarily.

"Guo Ming. What's the matter?" Guo Ming still answered impolitely. He just stared at Yuan Zhou and said that.

"I'm very sorry. I don't think I can serve you anymore." Yuan Zhou said indifferently with a tough attitude.

"What do you mean? Do you know you are driving your customer away?" Guo Ming instantly got irritated. He stood up and said intensely.

"I don't mean anything. When I opened the restaurant at the beginning, I went to a diviner to predict about my future business. I was told that I would be unable to get along well with a person called Guo Ming. Never did I expect this prediction to be true". Yuan Zhou talked seriously and earnestly as if this thing had really happened.

"Er... What kind of diviner could be so awesome that he could even tell this guy's name?" Even Li Hongji didn't believe that ridiculous excuse.

"Out, please, sir." Yuan Zhou didn't care if the excuse was full of loopholes and just started to drive him away.

After all, this kind of person really affected his mood for cooking.

"Chuckle... I really love the prim manner of Boss Yuan." Jiang Changxi couldn't help laughing and saying first.

"Exactly. Please, go back where you come." Pointing at the entrance, Wu Hai also revealed a gesture of seeing him out.

"It's not your place. I insist on eating here today. I have paid the money." Having recognized their intention, Guo Ming flushed and shouted.

"Just like you said, I'm the owner of this tiny restaurant. Your money will be doubled and then returned to you. Please." After saying that, Yuan Zhou took out the money and handed it to Zhou Jia. Obviously, he was reluctant to have contact with Guo Ming.

"Zhou Jia, send him out." Yuan Zhou said to Zhou Jia who had already itched for a try.

"Sir, as you should know, no law stipulates that the boss must cook dishes for you." Zhou Jia had endured Guo Ming for quite a while. As a waitress, however, she couldn't say that out. Now that the opportunity was here, she naturally spoke it out quickly.

"You, you guys!" Guo Ming whispered dumbly that he was a cultured man and could not be bothered to argue with a woman. However, his face became liver-colored and he became lisp.

"Please, sir." Zhou Jia made a gesture of "Please".

Then Guo Ming left angrily. Before leaving, he didn't even give his friend, Li Hongji, a glimpse.

Sometimes, people were very polite when they were angry. It was like a kind of disguise. Taking Yuan Zhou and Zhou Jia for example, both of them were extraordinarily courteous even if they actually wanted to throw this person out of the door.

"What an embarrassing meal it is!" Li Hongji heaved a sigh and became a little speechless.

"Your friend is more interesting than you." Wu Hai likewise didn't like Li Hongji, therefore he talked with great sarcasm.

"I'm just curious how his wife could marry him. I'd rather stay single for a lifetime than marry this kind of man." On thinking of that, Jiang Changxi was a little angry. She even threw out dirty words.

"It might be the state-owned enterprise that changed him. Formerly, he was an influential person in our college. He was skilled in many fields and also looked handsome. Many young girls went after him at that time." Li Hongji didn't really mind Wu Hai's sarcasm, but explained the matter that Li Hongji had wife.

"Ho Ho. I don't think he can attribute his failure to society." Jiang Changxi revealed a dismissive smile. To her, that was just an excuse and a manifestation of weakness.

"Maybe you are right. Speaking of which, can I eat two servings of the dish?" Li Hongji tried to change the embarrassing subject.

"One serving has been returned. So, you can't." Zhou Jia pointed at the money on the table and said lightly.

"Forget it. I'll just keep mine." Li Hongji wasn't in a good mood. After saying that, he was lost in silence.

Nevertheless, other customers waiting behind started to discuss.

"Was that person really an influential man in former times? He wasn't even as outstanding as me." A customer said discontentedly.

"You are right. Even a person like him could have wife. Why can't I?" It was a customer who was still single.

"I guess she might be very ugly. No one wants to marry her except him." Another customer said with a low voice.

Sometimes, men were better in gossiping than women.

"I feel that woman also has problems. Since her husband is like that, why doesn't she control the money?" A male customer said that.

"That makes sense. Women are said to be a good college. But this one obviously is not." Someone nodded the head approvingly.

"I still believe it's supposed to be the problem of appearance." This one insisted on the appearance theory.

"His wife was the most beautiful woman in the class. She's extraordinarily good-looking." Having heard them gossip for quite a while, Li Hongji couldn't help uttering that.

In his opinion, the wife of Guo Ming was fairly sad.

"The most beautiful in the class? God, I'm more jealous of him now." As an excellent single man, this customer revealed an expression of envy.

"Does his wife know what he is doing now?" Jiang Changxi knitted the brows and asked.

"Even he knows that his wife isn't good at managing the money matters. So she definitely knows about that." On this point, Li Hongji was quite sure.

"Then why doesn't she leave him?" Jiang Changxi asked with puzzlement.

"I'm not his wife. How do I know? Li Hongji said spitefully.

"How many years are they married?" Ling Hong who had kept silent just now suddenly asked.

"Quite a few years. I have never counted the specific years." Li Hongji thought for a while and said.

"Have they been together for long before they got married?" Ling Hong asked some detailed questions.

"They fell in love in the college time. At that moment, they were the best couple." While talking about him, Li Hongji couldn't even believe that his former superior would end up like that.

When Ling Hong heard that, he kept silent for quite a long while and then said as if he had experienced that before, "Who she loves now is probably not the person in front of her anymore but the memory of the influential person during college."

Women were strange. They apparently knew that they could no longer go back then, but they would still be affected by the former memory.

In most cases, women were said to be too softhearted to leave the bad man. That wasn't actually demeaning. It's just that the bad man had left her a period of good time, which was sufficient to heal the wounded heart of women.

"Memory?" Jiang Changxi let out a sigh and understood what Ling Hong meant. Although she was reluctant to admit, she occasionally had the same feeling.

Speaking of which, she had intended to tell that woman directly to leave Guo Ming just now.

However, it was merely an impulsion. She can't do that. Every man was best known to himself. Even if she told her, the woman wouldn't follow her advice. Moreover, what standpoint could she advise her by?

Having heard Ling Hong's word, Jiang Changxi reacted a little bit.

If the road is uneven, you can try with your feet and step on it. For some affairs, however, you just couldn't go up straightforwardly and help others.

Thinking of that, Jiang Changxi got more depressed. She could only say sadly, "Unfortunately, there's no liquor right now."