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329 Tough Yuan Zhou Firs

 It was a classmate of Li Hongji. To be exact, the person was a team leader in his former company. His name was Guo Ming. Several years ago, Li Hongji had worked under him and was taken good care of, which Li Hongji had always borne in mind.

There was a saying that a man without ambitions was a failure of a man. Li Hongji was a man of ambitions. He was dissatisfied with the salary of 3000-4000 RMB per month in the state-owned enterprise and thus resigned and then entered his current company.

Guo Ming was an influential man when he was in the college. He was handsome and good at playing basketball. Due to his character, however, he wasn't an ambitious man. After graduation, he had always stayed in this company.

Therefore, Li Hongji often called Guo Ming out to have meals together even when he prospered later. Man cannot forget others' help during his beginning.

"Old Guo, let me tell you something. Dishes in this restaurant are awfully delicious, although there's something wrong with the boss and some customers." The latter part of the word was said with a lower voice intentionally.

Meanwhile, Jiang Changxi, Wu Hai and Ling Hong talked and joked together. However eloquently Ling Hong and Wu Hai spoked, there was nothing they could do except being ridiculed when they faced the Three-Lost woman, Jiang Changxi.

"Our Big Beauty Jiang is obviously the charming type."

"Bullshit. She's actually the queen type."


Li Hongji handed the exquisite menu to Guo Ming, saying, "Order whatever you want."

As they came early, they didn't need to line up. In just a few minutes, however, the formerly empty restaurant had been crowded with people."

"Ouch! How blackhearted the boss is!" Upon seeing the menu, Guo Ming screamed with an exaggerated tone.

"Hongji, we might as well go to the western restaurant across the street. The price here is really not low. Why are there unscrupulous merchants everywhere?" The tone of Guo Ming was full of dislike.

"Old Guo, you don't seem to be in good mood. What's bothering you?" Li Hongji was a smart guy. He instantly recognized Guo Ming's mood.

"Still, the woman in my family." Guo Ming was like a rubber ball, the kind that exploded upon being kicked.

"What's wrong with my sister-in-law?" Li Hongji asked hurriedly.

Li Hong had seen Guo Ming's wife merely once and had only a vague impression of her. He could only remember that this sister-in-law was also a younger schoolmate of his. She was also a beautiful girl and finally married Guo Ming.

"She likes buying, buying and buying on the shopping sites every day. I know women need cosmetics and new clothes. But is it really necessary for her to buy so much? She had totally forgotten about her own financial economic means." Guo Ming had quite some resentments, therefore he spoke loudly, "Hongji, do you agree?"

Regarding this matter, Li Hongji also had no idea what to say and hence he had only to try to mediate smilingly, "Absolutely. One should estimate their economic strength before they buy. But in my opinion, women like shopping. As long as it's not excessive, there's nothing to worry about. I also bought things on the shopping site for as much as ten thousand RMB once."

"You are a man. It's different." Guo Ming said, "Do you how much she has spent on online shopping this year? I don't even dare to tell you."

"How much?" Li Hongji asked and conveniently ordered two bowls of Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

Guo Ming reached out four fingers, "That much, she spent that much."

Before Li Hongji brought out the number that he estimated to be about 40000, he heard Guo Ming say, "4000, no less than 4000. The end of the year is yet to come, she has spent 4000 only."

4000 a year...

Li Hongji was dumbfounded. Was he talking about US dollars or Pounds?

Seeing the stunned expression of Li Hongji, Guo Ming said, "What do you think? It's too much, right? She even bought a pair of shoes yesterday for as much as 300 RMB. I'm too embarrassed to say that. Hongji, don't tell others about it, please."

"Well, Old Guo. As far as I know, the salary of my sister-in-law isn't low. Right?" Li Hongji was too shocked to know what to say.

"She works in a private enterprise as a middle-level manager and has only a salary of a little more than 30000 RMB per month." Guo Ming said with a manner of contempt.

The three people of Jiang Changxi who had been talking and joking stopped talking now. Guo Ming's voice was so loud that they could hardly ignore it.

Especially Wu Hai. He revealed a dumbfounded expression on the face. Earn 30000 RMB per month but only spend 4000 RMB a year. Was it much?

"Old Guo, I remember that your salary is just a little above 5000 RMB every month, right?" Li Hong said.

"My monthly salary is 5800. But it's different. I work in the state-owned enterprise and have a stable life. That kind of small private enterprise where she works will probably go bankrupt someday. At that time, she can only depend on me for our living."

He then continued, "Therefore I really cannot accept the way she spends money."

Even a middle-level manager got a monthly salary of 30000 RMB. Was such a private enterprise small? This kind of enterprise was either a China top 500 enterprise or the star enterprise of this district. Would such an enterprise go bankrupt at any time?

"I have a small question. How do you know how much my sister-in-law spend on things?" Li Hongji asked.

Then Guo Ming brought out another astonishing thing, "She isn't good at managing money matters, so I keep her wage card. Every time she buys something on the online shopping site, there will be an SMS alert. And I keep the record."

"... What if my sister-in-law uses money?" There was a change in Li Hongji's tone. Of course, Guo Ming didn't recognize that at all.

"I will give her some pocket money. Usually 700 RMB per month, sometimes 800," said Guo Ming.

"800 RMB? What if there's a colleague party?" Frankly speaking, 700 or 800 RMB was merely the cost of a dinner to Li Hongji. For example, a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set cost more than 500.

"What could a woman buy to spend so much money?" Guo Ming answered.

Then Li Hongji didn't know what to answer. But right after that, another voice passed.

"You are a man, what would you spend money on?"

It was Jiang Changxi who disliked such kind of male chauvinist most. Obviously, Guo Ming was even worse than an ordinary male chauvinist. Revealed from his words was the contempt for females.

What the hell does "What could a woman buy to spend so much money" mean? What the hell does "Men are different" mean?

Having suddenly been interrupted, Guo Ming became unhappy in his heart and hence retorted straightforwardly, "Guys have to negotiate business and attend various business parties. Just not long ago, I just signed a sales contract amounting to more than 300 thousand RMB. All these activities require money. Women definitely can't do it."

Instead of answering him, Jiang Changxi just made a call and commanded to the other end, "I need to see you in Yuan Zhou's restaurant in five minutes. Bring me the ordinary contracts signed this month."

Absolute silence in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. All the customers looked at Jiang Changxi and Guo Ming.

Four minutes later, a female assistant arrived at the restaurant with the contracts.


Jiang Changxi threw the contracts on the table. Of course, all the contracts was closed.

"This is the contract amounting to 30 million RMB that I signed with Hongsheng Group at the beginning of this month and this one is one about 45 million RMB signed with the foreign enterprise, Alpha, on 5th of this month."

Pieces of contracts were stacked on Guo Ming's heart like a high mountain.

"I don't even give it a sh*t about contracts valued less than 5 million RMB." Jiang Changxi stared at Guo Ming with her beautiful eyes and then said, "These contracts were all signed by me at business parties. Who told you that women cannot do it? Please repeat what you said just now."

Only till now, Wu Hai and other people knew that Jiang Changxi, this Three-Lost woman, was actually a female president and finally got to know why Jiang Changxi could drink so much liquor.

It was really dangerous for a beautiful female president to drink liquor during business parties if she was unable to hold her drink.

Under her gaze, Guo Ming flew into a shameful rage. He straightway retorted, "I'm talking with my friend. What does it have anything to do with you? Anyhow, you are a president, but you don't even have the basic courtesy. Just as expected, women have long hair and short wits."

The time for Yuan Zhou to come on the stage arrived...