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328 Yuan Zhou’s Han Chinese Clothing

 After dealing with the issue of Lee Yanyi's recommendation, Yuan Zhou went about with his own pace as usual.


Early next morning, on the second floor of Yuan Zhou's restaurant,

"I stand, in the strong wind, with the scoop in my hand, and ask who exactly is the hero of this world."

The person who stared at Yuan Zhou was surprisingly way too handsome. He was so handsome that even Yuan Zhou flushed with his heart beating heavily at the sight of him.

Eventually, he felt tired, hence placed the mirror down. He then got up and started to wash up. He changed from his pajamas into the middle clothing and afterwards wore the straight skirt with dark stripes.

As usual, he looked at himself in the mirror and said repeatedly, "I'm an aloof prince charming. I'm an aloof prince charming. I don't like talking much and I don't like joking about."

Actually, Yuan Zhou was fairly funny. When he opened the restaurant at the beginning, he didn't even know where to put his hands and what expression he should reveal on the face, thus he had always been pretending to be aloof.

He just couldn't stop the aloofness anymore. In principle, he was actually quite coquettish deep in his heart.

It was the soup dumplings that were served at breakfast time. People went to and fro. And there were more customers at noon.

The situation became even more dramatic compared to before. After the high-end western restaurant across the street was opened, the business of Yuan Zhou's restaurant became much better.

This was the reason. Customers that had eaten once in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were seldom lured by the western restaurant, which was referred to as the stable customer base.

The original customers of the western restaurant, however, were surely quite curious while eating. How dare the tiny restaurant set such a high price with its poor service? More importantly, so many people still went there for meals.

Human's curiosity was always immense. Therefore, many customers of the western restaurant came over to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for a taste and then.....

Never went back.

Just like what a regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant said, Yuan Zhou was definitely a superman in the culinary aspect.

"How nice the opposite side is!" Looking at the western restaurant across the street, Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing with feeling.

"Boss, three servings of Egg Fried Rice Set and one serving of Phoenix-Tail Prawns." Zhou Jia reported the dishes to him and then carried the two glasses of watermelon juice away.

Then Yuan Zhou reacted and started to cook the golden Egg Fried Rice, holding the spatula gracefully.

"Look at his composed temperament! Although he doesn't have exquisite facial features, Boss Yuan actually has a good temperament. He looks much better than those pretty boys outside." The short-haired girl said with a dumbfounded manner.

Yin Ya looked up and down at Yuan Zhou and said with a manner of contempt, "I don't see any good temperament in Boss Yuan, only that he is living better and better now. The previous robe was worth only hundreds of RMB outside, but now, look at this one. Not to mention the dark stripes, just the lotus flower patterns on the neckband, hemline and sleeve opening are definitely made by hand. It's surely not cheap."

Once the Han Chinese Clothing had any part that was handmade, it would for sure cost no less than thousands of RMB.

"You really have no sense of beauty and no moral bottom line."

Yin Ya then became puzzled. She could at most admit the comment that she had no sense of beauty, but what did this matter have anything to do with the moral bottom line? Previously, whenever she debated on this matter with her intimate friend, she had always lost to her. This time, she must fight back.

"Tuantuan, no matter how much you fawn on Boss Yuan, he still won't offer you any discount." Yin Ya turned the head and asked, "Am I right? Stingy Compass."

"That I have a good temperament is a secret known by all, isn't it? Why do you think it a kind of flattery?" With a sincere puzzled look on his face, Yuan Zhou looked at Yin Ya dumbly.

"..." Hearing that, Yin Ya and her intimate friend Tuantuan instantly felt what Yuan Zhou said made sense and they had nothing to respond.

"Boss, how can you do business in such a way?"

Suddenly, a male voice attracted the gaze of everyone that was in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. When Yuan Zhou turned to look at him, a man in a business suit in his forties was looking at him angrily.

Then, he continued to say, "I just ordered a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup, but the waitress told me that a dish could only be ordered once. If I want to eat more, I can do nothing but order a Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set."

"For the Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set, the first one is 268 RMB and the other is 308 RMB. With 40 RMB more, the set meal has only a bowl of broth and several cloves of garlic more than the noodles. Isn't it a deception? Even if your dishes are excellent, you cannot cheat your customers like that."

This was a customer that just came from the high-end restaurant to taste the dishes here. He ordered a comparatively cheaper Clear Broth Noodle Soup. Then the protest happened.

"Do you know it's a basic quality for you to meet the customers' demands if you open a restaurant?"

Yuan Zhou nodded the head. He felt what the man said truly stood to reason and thus then passed the message to the system as it was.

"Do you know you will easily lose your customers if you do so? If you don't believe me, you can ask others." Seeing the boss nod his head, the middle-aged man in a suit became angrier. Therefore, he prepared to give some examples.

"Brother, tell me that you are quite dissatisfied with this rule as well."

It was Wu Hai who was being asked. Hearing that, he immediately blurted out subconsciously, "What's the problem? No, not at all."

The middle-aged man in a suit looked at Wu Hai as if he were facing an idiot. What did you mean by saying there was no problem. He was reluctant to admit the failure and hence continued to ask.

"I think these two pretty girls are reasonable. Please, say something fair."

Yin Ya was lost in a daze for a moment and then answered, "I think it's good."

It was good.

Was good.


The three words echoed in the mind of the middle-aged man in a suit. Right after that, her intimate friend supported her friendly, "I don't see any problem in that. I like Boss Yuan's rules very much."

Other customers also started to talk before the middle-aged man asked them.

"I think Boss Yuan does that to help us to save the money. Otherwise, God knows how much I can eat."

"If there's no limit, I can eat at least three servings of Egg Fried Rice at a time. How dreadful it is! My money will be all gone."

"Boss Yuan set the limit for the sake of the country and the people."

"Not a problem at all. All of Boss Yuan's decisions and rules are supported by me, 100% sure."


At last, Wu Hai gave the last shot, "It's very common for some minority not to accept the ordinary people's habit."

After such a long protest, however, he contrarily became one of the minority. The middle-aged man in suit had no more questions. He sat down dumbly and ordered a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup without saying anything more.

There was a saying among people, "What is motherland? Motherland is what you can complain as much as you want, but once the foreigners say anything bad about it, you have to fight back."

The saying also applied to the several people including Wu Hai. They can complain about Yuan Zhou in various ways in private, but once other non-customers said anything about it, they would retort to make them speechless.

It was merely a small incident. After that, the customers continued to enjoy the meal in order.

In the evening, the first person who arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still Wu Hai. And Jiang Changxi also came early today.

"You are so early today. Here to draw the liquor again, right?" Wu Hai looked at Jiang Changxi with a manner of contempt, saying, "Let me say something. A girl like you shouldn't drink liquor, or you won't find a boyfriend."

"Liquor and career are the two favourite things in my life. And coincidentally, things such as a boyfriend isn't listed in my life plans." Jiang Changxi answered and then said again, "So I can't feel wronged."

On hearing that, Wu Hai found he got nothing to say. As they were chatting, the customers were getting more and more.

The middle-aged man in suit that was in the restaurant at noon came again. He wasn't Wu Hai that took Yuan Zhou's restaurant as his canteen, therefore he brought a friend here in the evening.

His name was Li Hongji and was working as a senior executive in a listed company now. Being paid as much as tens of thousands of RMB every month, there was no problem for him to have some meals here.

The person that he invited was actually a friend of his rather than his co-worker or superior...