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326 They Are All Meatballs, Why Hurt Each Other Over Them?

 "Wait. What did you mean just now, Mr. Li?" Liu Ruoyu was a little surprised.

"It's what it literally means. You just go and prepare," Li Li said earnestly.

"But didn't you tell Manager Niu just now that you would serve the Red Wine Flame Steak in the evening?" Liu Ruoyu asked meticulously.

She didn't want Li Li to compete against Yuan Zhou face to face. Niu Li had told her once that they came to open the restaurant because of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, therefore it was the best option to take evasive actions.

"What? You don't agree?" Li Li knitted his brows and turned to look at Liu Ruoyu.

"Executive Chef Li, I don't mean that. It's just that Manager Liu will come again in the evening." Liu Ruoyu said cautiously.

"I know what I should do. You just need to go and prepare." Li Li stood up and left Liu Ruoyu there alone.

No matter what, he had shares in the restaurant and could be considered as one of the bosses. Therefore, he need not follow anyone's orders though he might follow some advice.

Seeing Li Li say so, Liu Ruoyu naturally didn't dare to disobey him. She answered with a nod and meanwhile asked with an inquiring tone, "Do we need to tell Manager Niu about that?"

"It's up to you. I'm going to prepare now." Li Li didn't really care about that. It was his freedom to do what he wanted to.

"Alright. Mr. Li, I'm going to arrange the kitchen range for this evening first and then tell Manager Niu about your decision." Liu Ruoyu said matter-of-factly.

"Um." Li Li nodded the head. After he tidied up his apron, he walked toward the kitchen.

Only until he walked away did Liu Ruoyu let out a sigh of relief and then mutter with a low voice, "What will Sister Niu think of that?"

However, that was not what she needed to worry about. The most important thing for now was to prepare the kitchen range.

That's right. Li Li decided to make the Swedish Meatball on site this time to increase some fun and visual enjoyment.

"Head chef, what dish will you prepare in the evening?" The plump and happy main chef walked to him and asked eagerly.

"Swedish Meatballs. Go to prepare some beef shank, the kind without tendons, and a piece of pork shoulder for me," Li Li said naturally.

"Ok. Good job, head chef. How can we lose to a tiny restaurant?" The plump chief chef balled his fist and then said earnestly.

"Of course. Go and prepare now." Li Li likewise nodded the head confidently.

For this war that as devoid of any smokescreens, Li Li never believed that he would lose. He had his own pride and hence selected the same dish to accept the battle.

In his opinion, Yuan Zhou choosing to serve the new dish today was a declaration of war against him.

Out of the self-respect and pride, he would accept the battle and would further chose the same dish to fight back. This was the pride of Li Li.

After lunch time ended, Yuan Zhou walked to the entrance and looked toward the new restaurant. When he saw there weren't many people outside the western restaurant, he returned to his restaurant with an aloof manner.

Having closed the door, Yuan Zhou grinned, "There's definitely no way out for this guy."

After all, the current imposing manner of the western restaurant had greatly diminished compared the one on the opening ceremony.

Yuan Zhou was very clear about his actual strength while the other party seemed to be not. They surprisingly opened the restaurant on the same day when he served this new dish. The consequences of not understanding his abilities was that they would be severely defeated.

Then, Yuan Zhou went back to the second floor to wash up and get some rest. Practicing in the past few days had consumed much of Yuan Zhou's vigor.

Time passed quickly. The night fell quickly. Yuan Zhou's business time was fixed while Li Li's wasn't.

Therefore, the business time of the western restaurant commenced earlier. Hence, there were still many people that went inside and have a look curiously.

Curiosity was the common ground of humans.

Compared with the long line of customers at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, the people that went to the western restaurant seemed much less.

Even the seats weren't fully occupied yet. If the customers that had lined up at Yuan Zhou's restaurant came to eat there, at least two restaurants could be stuffed.

The different timing of the two restaurants resulted in a situation that people who weren't likely to get their turn in Yuan Zhou's restaurant would walk over to the western restaurant. After all, having meals were inevitable.

Coincidentally, one of them was Ma Zhida who had tasted Yuan Zhou's Swedish Meatball at noon. He was regarded as a senior foodie that had tasted all the new dishes of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What the hell! It's so scary. I intended to come again, but now I don't see any hope." Ma Zhida shrugged to his friend beside him and said helplessly.

"Yeah. I guess those who didn't dare to come at noon are all here. Look, how long the line is!" The friend of Ma Zhida had a very interesting name, Gao Shuai (literally means tall and handsome). Therefore, Ma Zhida called him Gao Fushuai (literally means tall, handsome and rich) every time."

"It seems that we won't be able to eat his dishes today. Let's go to the new restaurant for a try." Ma Zhida came to Li Li's western restaurant naturally according to the principle of proximity.

Once they entered the restaurant, the enthusiastic and considerate service made them slightly happier. They contentedly found a place where they could see Li Li cook.

"Is it an open kitchen?" Gao Shuai asked curiously.

"Hi, Mr. Handsome. It's actually not. As it's our first day, our head chef specially offered the reward so that you can see how this dish of Swedish Meatball is cooked." The waitress called him the name that was just negotiated and explained for a while carefully.

"Mr. Handsome? Ha ha ha." Every time Ma Zhida heard somebody call Gao Shuai like that, he wanted to laugh. There he started now.

Gao Shuai gave him a look of contempt and ignored his attitude. He was originally a tall, handsome and rich guy anyway.

"Swedish Meatball? You also have this dish? Then get us two of that and two servings of steak." Gao Shuai instantly reacted and directly ordered.

"The Swedish Meatball over here? Do you know if it's authentic?" When Ma Zhida heard him order the dishes, he stopped laughing and then said worriedly.

"Let's just taste it randomly to satisfy a craving for good food." Gao Shuai had very explicit expectations to Li Li's craftsmanship. It was merely a food that could at least fill their stomachs.

Li Li had already started to prepare the dishes. Therefore, it took no more than 10 minutes before the dishes were carried to them.

The two of them started to eat while talking and joking, leaving the waitress at the side alone.

"The taste is not bad. We can come to eat next time when we can't get our turn in Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Ma Zhida said naturally.

"Forget it. Dishes here are not cheap. I might as well save the money and go to Boss Yuan's restaurant." Gao Shuai refused flatly.

Just when they started to order dishes, he found the dishes of this restaurant were fairly expensive and was even as expensive as that of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Well, ok." When Ma Zhida heard the dishes were not cheap at all, he immediately changed his mind.

Having eaten for a while, Ma Zhidao suddenly summoned the waitress, "Come over, please."

"What's the matter? Brother Ma, what do you need?" The waitress asked gently with her sweet voice.

"You are a little slow in serving the dish. Look, I'm almost finishing up the meal, but our dishes still haven't been served." Ma Zhida pointed at the table and said discontentedly.

The waitress looked carefully again and again at the table and then asked with puzzlement, "May I ask which dish hasn't been served?"

"The Swedish Meatball. It hasn't been served. It's too slow." Looking at Li Li who was still cooking dishes, Ma Zhida said.

"It's indeed a little slow." Gao Shai also echoed with a nod.

"But these two servings are the Swedish Meatball and you have just eaten them." The waitress didn't get angry. She just said while pointing at the two plates.

Ma Zhida and Gao Shuai uttered with one accord, "Ha?"