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323 Yuan Zhou’s First Exotic Dish

 The sharp contrast to the quiet atmosphere of the grand restaurant was the bustle outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What's the matter?" Mr. Cheng said with a heavy tone. Others invited to attend the opening ceremony were likewise a little bit dumbfounded.

Why were all the customers gone while it had just been bustling and crowded with people just now?

If he looked carefully, he could even see all those who formed a line outside were all holding a meal box, especially those who waited at the latter part of the line. Most of them had the meal box of his restaurant in their hands.

Had the humans by now evolved to the stage in which they didn't like enjoying meals in the restaurant but only preferred to take them away?

For the very first time, Mr. Cheng felt that he had been abandoned by the wheels of the time.

"A new dish is served over there, an exotic dish in particular." Liu Ruoyu didn't look good.

During the period when she was out handling the matter, more of their customers left. Even those who were originally attracted by their restaurant also went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Watching the fun was the intrinsic nature of humans.

"Just an exotic dish! What else is new?" Mr. Cheng said with a cloud on his brow.

Standing beside him, Niu Li was a little embarrassed and meanwhile curious. A mere new dish surprisingly had so much public appeal. It seemed this Boss Yuan had been severely underestimated.

"I have arranged our people to line up. Even if we can't take it away, we can let Mr. Qiu taste it carefully." Liu Ruoyu started to calm down when she talked about the remediation.

"Um. Get it quickly solved. What an embarrassment!" Mr. Cheng really felt a headache while looking at the two restaurants with sharp contrast.

"Ok." With a nod, Liu Ruoyu said affirmatively.

"I will have to trouble you to help me out, Mr. Li." Mr. Cheng nodded the head and then said to Li Li who was silent at the side.

"Got it." Li Li looked terrible.

After saying that, Mr. Cheng left with other slightly embarrassed customers, leaving only Niu Li there.

"Mr. Li, do you need to go and taste it personally?" Niu Li asked Li Li while looking at him.

"Not necessary. This is his home field. We are at a disadvantage by nature. But they come once and they'll never forget us." Li Li said with an affirmative tone.

"Leaving other dishes alone, the Egg Fried Rice provided there is absolutely god-tier. It's the very first time in my life that I ate something like it. Furthermore, it's the ideal Golden Fried Rice." Niu Li hesitated for a while and brought everything out in its entirety.

Originally, she didn't intend to tell that to Li Li. And she was very clear that Li Li was too prideful to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for a taste.

Sometimes, knowing well of yourself as well as the enemy could help you to defeat the rival. But when the rival was too powerful, a man should help his chief commander to build confidence rather than let him know it was impossible.

After all, Li Li didn't actually believe such whimsical words of one single man boosting the regional GDP.

As for telling him about Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship now, she meant to remind him not taking the enemy lightly. Craftsmanship mattered more than GDP. Of course, this was for Li Li.

"Golden Fried Rice? I'm not proficient in Chinese food, but if it's really as described by you, the situation will be tougher." Li Li thought for a while earnestly.

"Indeed. Do you need to taste his dish now?" Niu Li was entangled when she asked that.

"No need. Please put up a notice that I will cook a dish on site tomorrow." Li Li waved his hand first. Then he turned the head and told Liu Ruoyu.

"Ok. I will get everything ready, Mr. Li." Liu Ruoyu revealed an expression of excitement on her face and then went to do her work.

"We'll have to bother you again, Mr. Li." Niu Li was quite satisfied with the result.

The initial scheme of hers was not to erase Yuan Zhou's restaurant, which also seemed to be impossible now. However, it was supposed to be no problem to surpass it on the turnover. After all, Yuan Zhou's restaurant had already established the market before her restaurant.

Due to the small size, Yuan Zhou's restaurant could no longer receive any more customers. Even the private-home-cuisine restaurants nearby couldn't satisfy the demand of the customers. Therefore, it was quite a wise option to set up the branch restaurant here.

After the market was developed, they would make it bigger and stronger so that they could get the best and biggest share from the entirety. What Yuan Zhou's restaurant would finally become was never considered by them.

Little did Niu Li think the deliciousness of the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant totally outclassed the exterior conditions of service and environment.

Luckily, they had the senior culinary artist Li Li. Right now, they had only to depend on these superior exterior conditions to attract the customers.

The invisible competition had started. Yuan Zhou nevertheless still proceeded his work according to his own schedule. Of course, Mr. Cheng, who had been slapped on the face, didn't think that way. He believed that Yuan Zhou served this new dish on this very day intentionally to grab their customers.

He naturally had already figured out how to fight back. Now was the time to do the background investigation.

"With all due respect, Boss Yuan, why did you always create breaking news silently? Do you know how unprepared we are?" Wu Zhou moved here quickly and also got his turn soon.

"Yeah, indeed. Why didn't you tell us in advance that you will serve a new dish?" Even Zhao Yingjun couldn't help saying that.

"With your status right now, Boss Yuan, you really should inform us of the latest news through microblog or something else. Then we can check it from time to time for something new." Manager Shi said, pretending to be serious.

"Good-looking men never use external things," Yuan Zhou said primly.

Then, he didn't mention the fact that he wasn't good at talking anymore.

"What does good-looking men not using external things have anything to do with you?" Suddenly, a customer uttered.

Under Yuan Zhou's stare, this customer took back his words.

"I'm hungry." Zhuang Xinmu suddenly said at the side.

"Oh, right. Honey, just order whatever you want." Wu Zhou immediately answered with a flattering manner.

"Humph. Only the new dish is good." Having been neglected, Zhuang Xinmu humphed discontentedly. However, she didn't have the heart to squeeze her man dry and hence just ordered the new dish for a taste.

"One more cup of watermelon juice." Wu Zhou helped to order the watermelon juice, which was his girlfriend's favorite.

"A Swedish dish? Meatball is the usual cuisine of that country." Manager Shi knew about that upon seeing the name.

"Is it delicious?" Zhao Yingjun asked with puzzlement.

"Not bad. I just don't know if Boss Yuan can make something new out of it." Manager Shi got seated and also ordered this dish as well as the bland Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

Meatballs were fairly greasy, therefore Manager Shi prepared to eat the dish along with another bland dish.

While the several customers were talking, Zhou Jia took note of their dishes and then intended to inform Yuan Zhou.

Only then did Wu Hai, who had barely finished the last gulp of meatball, raised his head contentedly. Then, he saw the exquisite food bags that the several people put at the feet.

"Did you guys go to the neighboring restaurant?" Wu Hai looked at the several people of Wu Zhou and then craned his neck looking at others in line behind them.

The long line tended to become longer and longer.

"We went there just to spy on the new restaurant and didn't intend to eat anything there." Wu Zhou said quite naturally.

"Spying on them? Then what are you doing back here now?" Looking at the several people, Wu Hai asked mildly.

"We are back after the spying work." Zhao Yingjun followed.

"Back along with the foods of other restaurant?" Obviously, Wu Hai didn't believe in this guy's words.

"Where shall we go if we don't come to Boss Yuan's restaurant?" Wu Zhou said deservedly.

"This new restaurant is really useless. Didn't they publicize that they are the high-end chain restaurant with top-notch service?" Wu Hai said discontentedly while stroking his small mustaches.

"The service is indeed good. So is the environment." Manager Shi nodded the head affirmatively.

"Then why are you seated here for?" Wu Hai rolled his eyes with an ungracefully manner.

"To eat." Then, the several people answered with one accord.

"It's really useless. It'll be better to us if it could attract more customers to go there. That way, I don't need to line up for the meal. Why are the customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant getting more and more?" Wu Hai was rather speechless.

Wu Hai didn't actually feel strange about the attitude of these customers. When they had money, they naturally came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As for the reason? How could anyone compare Yuan Zhou with others after they ate Yuan Zhou's dishes. He definitely wanted to drive them crazy by doing that.