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322 The Pain on Mr Cheng’s Face

 "Sir, may I ask if there are any problems with our restaurant?" The supervisor of the main hall went up and asked courteously.

He spoke a little more quickly than usual. Apparently, he was afraid that this customer wouldn't give him enough time to finish his utterance.

"No, no. It's just that I have some personal affairs to handle." The person who was stopped likewise often went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He was working in a commercial building near this place. His name was Qin Fan and he had a mild character, therefore he talked quite courteously.

"Sir, we are very open to any suggestions of the customers." When the supervisor found the man was willing to talk, he said politely.

"The service here is pretty good. So are the environment and the taste of the dishes." Seeing the sincere expression of the supervisor, Qin Fan considered for a while and then answered earnestly.

"Thank you for your compliments. If it's convenient, could you please tell me why you don't like to eat here?" The supervisor continued saying gently and courteously.

"There's nothing inconvenient for me. It's just because Boss Yuan has just served a new dish. Look, these guys are all running faster than one another." Qin Fan was rather speechless when he saw the increasing number of people at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the distance.

"Then why didn't you go there?" The supervisor was actually slightly muddled, but he still asked habitually.

"It's too late. I can't even get close to the door if I go now and can only wait for others to describe the new dish to me." Qin Fan sighed and then said earnestly.

"Which star chef is this Boss Yuan?" The supervisor carefully chewed what Qin Fan had just said in the mind and figured out a most possible answer before he uttered to ask.

"A star? It's merely the boss of the restaurant over there." On hearing that, Qin Fan knew that the supervisor had misunderstood him. Then, he said while pointing at Yuan Zhou's restaurant not far away.

"Ok, thank you, sir. Do you need to pack your dishes now?" The supervisor swallowed the saliva without turning a hair and asked calmly when he saw the long winding line and the ever-increasing number of people in the distance.

"Of course. I have instructed the waitress called Little Jiao to do that." Qin Fan nodded the head naturally.

"Good. Sir, thank you so much for your opinion and explanations. We'll have a free dish for you." Having finished talking with a smile, the supervisor summoned a waitress and said something.

"You are welcome." After a nod, Qin Fan waited there for his dish while looking at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Let me take the liberty of asking a question. Which do you think serves more satisfactory dishes, we or that Boss Yuan?" The supervisor suddenly asked.

He was indeed curious. How come such a large restaurant with nice environment, service and dishes was defeated by a tiny one that had merely just served a new dish?

"Do you mean to compare?" Qin Fan asked in surprise.

"Yes. What do you think?" The supervisor continued asking with a smile.

"Ho Ho. My packed dish is almost here." By saying so, Qin Fan obviously didn't want to answer him.

After a nod, the supervisor thanked him again and then left.

"Interesting! How does he dare to compare with Boss Yuan?" Qin Fan couldn't help laughing on thinking of that.

Deep in his heart, he had never thought of comparing this restaurant in the same breath with Boss Yuan on the culinary craftsmanship. So had the others that left decisively.

If they had the slightest intention of comparing, they wouldn't have left directly without giving the dishes a taste, of which the staff of this restaurant had no idea.

After he turned around, he saw Liu Ruoyu walk to him with a solemn expression on her face. Nonetheless, she still greeted the customers with a smile when she passed by them. She was a dutiful person.

"What's the problem?" Liu Ruoyu directly asked the supervisor in front of her.

"I heard that Boss Yuan of the neighboring tiny restaurant had just pushed out a new dish, so everybody chose to take the dishes away after they ordered." The supervisor brought out the truth to her clearly.

"Yuan Zhou's Restaurant? It's surprisingly him. Ok, got it." Liu Ruoyu nodded the head, indicating that he was clear of that.

Looking around at the almost empty main hall and the private dining rooms that had only a few people, Liu Ruoyu resolutely turned around and went to the head chef.

Under such circumstances, they naturally had an alternative scheme.

While the new restaurant started using the alternative scheme, Yuan Zhou was nevertheless doing his own things earnestly.

"Boss, what's the price of the Swedish Meatballs provided today?" Zhou Jia asked cautiously.

"It's right on the wall." Yuan Zhou pointed to the wall.

"Ok. Boss, can I make a suggestion?" Zhou Jia thought for a while and said.

"Sure. Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"I know that you don't like publicity. But can you at least tell me in advance next time so that we can have some preparations?" Zhou Jia had originally been a little worried, but now became helpless.

Yes, she was worried. Zhou Jia was really a little bit worried. There appeared such a high-end restaurant next door and even its opening ceremony was so grand. On the contrary, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was no more than a tiny restaurant without even a shop sigh. And besides that, there was basically no service at all.

Yuan Zhou didn't even let her clear away the bowls and plates. Instead, the customers had to do the work by themselves.

Although she knew these customers came here for her boss's craftsmanship, she had never tasted any of them and thus really didn't know how delicious it was. All that she knew was that they were delicious.

Strictly speaking, the success of a restaurant truly couldn't rely on the delicious dishes only. However, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was totally different from those gaudy ones.

With the best or peerless food ingredients provided by the system, plus the masterful craftsmanship of Yuan Zhou, the dishes had been far beyond the word 'delicious'.

Going for the better one was the common desire of humans. Yuan Zhou's restaurant didn't need to be chosen.

"Don't you think it's a surprise?" Yuan Zhou looked at Zhou Jia who stood there in a daze with puzzlement.

"Boss Yuan, actually, everyone's sense of humor is different." Zhou Jia reacted and answered solemnly.

"Um. That's true. I feel it is fairly good this way. Look, they seem to like it, too." Yuan Zhou pointed at the long line of customers outside.

It was indeed spectacular and occasionally some people dressed in waiter's uniform from next door came out to send things to them.

Including the packed dishes, bank cards and wallets, etc. What a spectacle!

Yuan Zhou turned around and revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. Then he began to prepare the dishes earnestly. He naturally needed 100% delicacies to repay for the customers' trust.

Having ridden on the crest of success, Mr. Cheng brought people out toward the door after the meal. On the way, he didn't forget to joke with others.

"We have taken advantage of eating early here. I'm afraid the customers outside have probably just started to eat. There are so many people, so don't get lost." Mr. Cheng said smilingly.

Due to the success of the opening ceremony or the trust to his own brand or else the recognition of Li Li's craftsmanship, Mr. Cheng felt it not a problem to make the business grow rapidly.

However, others that accompanied him out were slightly embarrassed. Even Niu Li couldn't contain her temper anymore and became a little puzzled and angry.

"It's so quiet, isn't it?" Seeing nobody respond to him, Mr. Cheng turned the head and muttered in the heart.

Once he turned the head, however, he was a little dumbfounded. What exactly happened to make so little customers stay?

"What is it?" Mr. Cheng walked toward Liu Ruoyu and Li Li at the door.

He got to understand the situation as soon as he reached the door. Then, he felt a heat spread across his face for what he had just said...