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321 Face Slapping Heavily

 "What's the matter? The dishes haven't been served." Zhao Yingjun reacted first and then asked him with puzzlement.

"Let's go to line up first. Otherwise all will end up in vain after the explanations." Wu Zhou opened his mouth slightly before he dragged up his girlfriend and walked away while talking.

"What happened?" Zhuang Xinmu asked with an anxious manner.

"Nothing. Boss Yuan is too cunning. Let's go to eat something more delicious. We can probably make it." Wu Zhou checked the time and said to Zhuang Xinmu with a comforting manner.

"Is Boss Yuan serving a new dish?" Manager Shi said in surprise.

"A new dish, which has never been seen before." Wu Zhou gnashed his teeth and then said.

"Tsk. This Boss Yuan is so disgusting." After saying that, Manager Shi quickened his pace.

"What new dish can make you so excited?" Zhao Yingjun also quickened his pace and ignored the dishes that they had just ordered.

"What's the matter, Brother Wu? Do you need any help?" Seeing the anxious expressions of the several people, the waitress Little Jing went up quickly to them and asked.

"We have an emergency. Please get all dishes ordered to be taken away. This is my bank card without a password. Please send the dishes and the bank card to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in front of you. I will wait for you there." Manager Shi straightforwardly took out his bank card and said cleanly.

"Well, what else can I do for you?" The waitress was a little dumbfounded. After all, she had worked here only for a day and had never come across this situation before.

"Ok. Wait a moment, please. I will get the dishes packed and send them to you over there." The waitress, Little Jing, nodded the head.

Despite the shock, she ushered them to the door dutifully and then came back. She first got the bill paid and then notified the kitchen to pack the dishes.

However, the sudden incident was still far from the end. While Wu Zhou and the others were leaving, the rest of the people in the restaurant also requested for the dishes to be packed and then left one after another, as if they had received some information.

"Go, let's go to Boss Yuan's restaurant." A girl dragged up her boyfriend and prepared to leave.

"What are you rushing for? We haven't paid them." The young man dragged his girlfriend backhand and said mildly.

"Hurry up, or we can't even get our turn in time." The girl directly took the money and paid the bill anxiously.

"Pack the dish, please. We'll take them. It's the fish, right? We'll take it." The girl said to the waitress beside her cleanly.

"It has just been served. Couldn't we go there in the evening?" The young man was a little puzzled.

Of course he didn't understand that as he wasn't working around here and had never been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant before. Therefore, he was totally ignorant of the attraction of Yuan Zhou.

He felt they might as well have a meal over here and go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the evening. They didn't make any difference.

"No. It's the first time this dish is served. Even if we can't eat it, I would prefer to have a look at it." The girl answered with a firm attitude.

"Waitress, come to pack our dishes. We'll take them away." While they were still debating, others had started to pack their dishes.

Once their voices came to her, the girl became more worried. She truly wanted to drag her boyfriend up and run over there immediately.

At that time, there came a sound again from the other side.

"Let's go. Boss Yuan has served another new dish. We can't miss that." A middle-aged man stood up and intended to leave right away.

"What shall we do with the food on the table?" The man seated together with him was reluctant to abandon the nice cuisines.

Dishes of this restaurant were not cheap at all. Only the Grilled Lamb Chop With Herbs Sauce cost thousands of RMB. Although he didn't pay, he still felt a heartache.

"Just leave them there. Let's go now." The middle-aged man took the bag on the rack beside him and said indifferently.

"Didn't you tell me that even Boss Yuan has a rule of not wasting in his restaurant?" Another man suddenly said that.

"Alright, alright. I'll get them packed and take them, ok?" The middle-aged man straightway said that cleanly.

All at once, 1/3 of the customers seated in the main hall left and all chose to get their dishes packed and take them away.

It was so quick that the waitress didn't even have time to prepare for that. It was other food runners at the side that notified Liu Ruoyu.

When the food runner went to notify her, he happened to see Mr. Cheng and others praising Li Li's culinary skills.

"Mr. Li, your craftsmanship is just brilliant. I have never eaten such fresh and tender lamb chop before. Besides, it was free from the goat odor." Since they could sit and have a meal together, they were basically all good at sweet talk.

"This is really my honor. It's indeed palatable." Mr. Cheng made a thumb-up gesture and said.

"Thank you." Li Li learned western cooking and his way of doing things were also more westernized. He directly thanked them immodestly.

"Mr. Cheng, now you can be rest assured of his ability." On the dining table, Niu Li joked with Mr. Cheng.

The meal brought more confidence to her.

She had once tasted Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship, a bowl of the Egg Fried Rice. The taste was so infinitely wonderful that it was simply the utmost limit of the Egg Fried Rice. She also believed that Li Li was unable to outclass Yuan Zhou on the culinary skills.

But just as what Li Li had said, opening a restaurant was more than serving some tasty dishes. The services also took a major part in success.

Thinking of Yuan Zhou's Egg Fried Rice and then the fresh and tender lamb chop, Niu Li felt hungry again and thus ate another bite of dishes immediately.

"You are joking with me again. When was I ever not rest assured? Look at yourself, watch your eating manners." Mr. Cheng retorted smilingly and in the meantime said to her with a manner of dislike.

"It's totally because Mr. Li has done a great work. If not that I feel embarrassed, you don't even need to wash the plates." Another person beside him said confidently while pointing at the plate with only the sauce and side dish left.

Just when the atmosphere was harmonious inside, the food runner knocked on the door.

"Dong Dong Dong", the sound was quite conspicuous in the room. Mr. Cheng immediately said, "Come on in."

Dressed in a white working uniform, a young man walked into the room.

"Manager Liu, there's an emergency in the main hall that requires your presence." The waiter first smiled to others and then said solemnly.

"I think it's definitely because the seats aren't enough for so many customers. So they need figure a solution out," a customer said that smilingly.

"I also think that way. It's totally crowded with customers. Never did I expect so many people here." Another person also echoed with a nod.

"Ok. Ruoyu, you go to handle that." Mr. Cheng nodded the head smilingly. He also agreed with him on that.

After all, there had been too many people just now who flooded in the main hall and it was not at all surprising that the main hall was stuffed.

Contrarily, things were going toward a weird reverse direction.

The food runner was asked by the supervisor of the main hall to send for Liu Ruoyu. He himself nevertheless stayed there to watch the situation.

Just in the past few minutes, another 1/3 of the customers left, with a quicker speed.

"I'm sorry, but may I trouble you and ask..." The supervisor couldn't help asking what exactly made these people abandon the dishes and decide to take them away.

However, he was interrupted by one of them before he could finish saying that, "Sorry, no time at the moment."

After that, the person passed by the supervisor and walked hurriedly to the door.

"Hi, sir. May I ask..." The supervisor was also a decisive man. After answering "Take care", he stopped another person to inquire.

"The dishes have been paid for. Goodbye." This customer answered more cleanly. He totally ignored the question of the supervisor and directly said goodbye.

After he failed in stopping some other customers, one finally agreed to stop.

At that time, however, there were only a few people left in the main hall. Even for the customers in the private dining room, many also left.

The reason why this person stopped was quite simple. It was too late to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to line up.