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320 Perfect Service Experience

 "Starting from today, I'll have to bother you, Mr. Li." After the opening ceremonies ended, Niu Li's boss, namely the man who approved her business proposal, said to Li Li amiably.

"No need to mention that, Mr. Cheng," Li Li said smilingly.

"The excellent craftsmanship of Mr. Li is already known to me. I have long been expecting to have a taste, but never gotten a chance. And I reckon today is a good opportunity. I just don't know if I have the honor. Do I?" Mr. Cheng laughed loudly and said to Li Li.

"No problem. I will be providing 100 servings of the main cuisines of our restaurant today. Would you like one of them?" Li Li answered with a nod.

The one that Li Li was going to offer Mr. Cheng was naturally one in the 100 servings. He had never intended to cook an extra serving.

"Yes, please. I'm going to use my privilege today and enjoy your craftsmanship." Mr. Cheng answered smilingly.

"But all of you guys have to stay. Laws are only applicable to individuals, not us." Mr. Cheng instructed his followers to be seated.

Since he was running so many chain restaurants, he was quite clear about the temperament of the executive head chef. Capable people always had some temperament.

"Ok. One moment, please." After a nod, Li Li went to the kitchen to prepare the dishes.

Seated beside him, Niu Li said, "It's no more than a meal. Why be so formal? We should be happy to benefit from accompanying you."

"Yeah, true. If not, how could we have the chance to taste Mr. Li's craftsmanship?" This was the industry where even speaking was an art. This person said the words directly.

"Haw-haw. Then let's wait to enjoy the dishes," Mr. Cheng said quite confidently.

The several people accompanying Mr. Cheng were naturally arranged to a private dining room. Others were left crowded in the main hall.

The situation was more or less the same to what Liu Ruoyu had expected. Almost all that had received the invitation card arrived, of course, punctually.

Lining up in advance was the treatment enjoyed by Yuan Zhou only.

Even Wu Zhou, Zhao Yingjun and Manager Shi came over here together.

"What a spectacle!" Wu Zhou said while taking his girlfriend Zhuang Xinmu's hand.

"It's quite a well-known high-end chain restaurant." Zhao Yingjun came prepared.

"Alright. Let's go inside to have a look." Manager Shi uttered.

"Don't talk so loudly. What if they found that we are here to spy on them?" Wu Zhou said with a low voice.

"You think too much. Who will pay attention to a few people among so many customers?" Zhao Yingjun rolled his eyes and pulled the bow tie unnaturally.

This restaurant was way too high-end. Even if they needn't wear the formal suit, they at least had to be dressed semi-formally. Therefore, Wu Zhou and Zhao Yingjun both wore bow ties.

Due to his original boss-like manner, Manager Shi didn't need to change clothes at all.

Zhuang Xinmu, nevertheless, wore a light-color one-piece dress, looking beautiful and charming.

"Hi, come in, please. May I please know if you have the invitation cards?" A beautiful waitress dressed in the uniform came up to them and asked gently.

"Of course, we do. Here are the four." Wu Zhou took the lead and handed his invitation card to her.

"May I call you Brother Wu if you don't mind?" The waitress said naturally with an amiable expression.

"Honey, do you mind?" Wu Zhou turned the head and looked toward Zhuang Xinmu with a flattering manner.

His girlfriend Zhuang Xinmu always showed due respect for Wu Zhou's feeling in front of others, thus she only smiled and nodded the head lightly.

Only when he saw his girlfriend nod did Wu Zhou answer the waitress, "Yes. Why not?"

"Brother Wu, you really have an intimate relationship with her." The waitress praised him timely.

"Of course. This is my wife." Taking the hand of Zhuang Xinmu, Wu Zhou started to show off their intimacy.

"Tsk. Couldn't you just control your emotions and not reveal that in public everyday?" Zhao Yingjun turned his head away with a manner of dislike.

However, Manager Shi wasn't affected at all. It was him who kept a very careful observation.

He found that every waitress dressed in uniform would greet them politely when they passed by.

"Hello, come in, please." Every waitress said so, but meanwhile didn't disturb them talking.

Yet, each with different ways of speaking.

Even the smiles on their faces were different, all of which, contrarily, made them feel their sincerity.

"The service is really not bad." Manager Shi said quietly.

"Look, Brother Wu. There are still some vacant seats at the window for you. While eating, you can also enjoy the scenery." The waitress pointed at the courtyard full of grass and flowers and then said.

"Good positions. Mu Mu, shall we get seated over there?" WU Zhou consulted Zhuang Xinmu while pointing at the vacant table.

Ever since they went inside the restaurant, the atmosphere was fairly good. It made Wu Zhou ignore the remaining two persons directly.

Nonetheless, Manager Shi and Zhao Yingjun had already got used to that.

After they got seated one after another, the waitress received a fruit plate from another waitress. They were all seasonal fruits and looked fresh and luring.

"Brother Wu, I'm the waitress Little Jing. Please take a rest now and eat some fruits. Let me go to fetch the menu." The waitress Little Jing took out an exquisite menu.

Then the menus were placed in front of the several people respectively and waited to be read.

"It's the glasses cloth. Do you need one?" Little Jing took out the items one by one from the concealed service desk at the side like a magician.

"If you want to tie up your hair, we have a professional dressing room where there are specialized items." Xiao Jing said to Zhuang Xinmu kindly.

"Hi, everybody. Here are the towels, cold and hot. This is to wipe the hands and this one for the face." Another waitress carried a tray to them and said.

When they finished cleaning, Little Jing went up to them again, "Now you can order the dishes now. We have rationing Grilled Lamb Chop with Herbs Sauce prepared by the head chef today, only 100 servings. If you don't mind eating the mutton, you can have a taste."

"Um. We need to have a look first." Wu Zhou took the menu and revealed a manner of consideration.

"Brother Wu, I will be nearby. Should you need anything, just call me." Little Jing retreated aside smilingly.

"Alright." Wu Zhou nodded the head.

When he saw the waitress step aside to a place where she couldn't hear them talking, Wu Zhou became relieved and uttered, "They are surprisingly all western styled foods."

"Did you realized that just now?" Zhao Yingjun was a little helpless.

"Right. Speaking of which, what do you guys want to eat?" Wu Zhou looked around and suddenly asked.

"What? Didn't you say that you just wanted to come for a look?" Zhuang Xinmu ridiculed him.

"No doubt that he just came for the dishes. Scouting is merely an excuse." Zhao Yingjun straightforwardly brought out his purpose.

"I came to look around conveniently." Manager Shi immediately showed innocence when he saw Zhuang Xinmu looking at him.

"I brought you here with the intention to treat you to a western style meal. It's just that we have two unrelated guys with us." Wu Zhou was talented in coaxing his girlfriend.

Once he said that, Zhuang Xinmu revealed a big smile on the face and no longer cared about the amusing behavior of the three men.

"I think I can only afford a serving of vegetable salad according to the price." Not intending to participate in their talks, Zhao Yingjun leafed through the menu by himself and then said in surprise.

"Why would I eat here since the dishes are so expensive?" Wu Zhou also felt discontented when he saw the price.

"That's true." Zhuang Xinmu opened hers and nodded the head approvingly, too.

"I will order the dishes then." Manager Shi was immune to the high price.

He directly summoned Little Jing and ordered some dishes for the four of them as well as four Grilled Lamb Chop With Herbs Sauce for each of them.

While waiting for the dishes, they all felt a little bored and hence took out their phones.

Conventionally, Wu Zhou wandered around in the gourmet group. As soon as he saw the messages, however, he was stunned.

While the other three people still didn't know what happened, he dragged Zhuang Xinmu and called the other two people to leave...