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319 Fighting Back

 Time flew by. The day opening for the neighboring western restaurant, whose name was translated as 'The Best', was getting closer and closer.

The reason why Yuan Zhou was so clear about that was his regular customers would receive an invitation card almost every day.

Every time they received the invitation card, they would have the following conversation with Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, somebody wants to poach your customers," Ling Hong said primly.

"Really? Poach you?" Yuan Zhou looked at him calmly.

"Of course. Look?" Ling Hong took out the invitation card and showed it in front of Yuan Zhou.

"This is the 410th invitation card that I have seen. They really send a lot to you guys." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then brought out a number.

"Aren't you surprised?" The purpose of Ling Hong was just to watch Yuan Zhou get surprised, or at least a little nervous.

But he was disappointed. Yuan Zhou said leisurely to him, "Not after seeing so many."

"Somebody surprisingly got it ahead of me!" Ling Hong muttered to himself discontentedly.

In the meantime, he threw the invitation card away randomly.

"Please, don't throw trash." Yuan Zhou looked at the invitation card and then Ling Hong. After that, he said.

"I'm not. I still want to keep it," Ling Hong picked up the invitation card and added.

"Um. Please come over at business hours." Yuan Zhou checked the time and started to drive him away.

The frequency of such conversations became higher and higher as the day of opening for the neighboring western restaurant got closer.

Even when he saw Wu Hai also holding the invitation, Yuan Zhou was still as calm as before. He even wanted to laugh, "These silly people want to see me become embarrassed and panic-stricken. They are too naive."

Tortured by the repeated conversations, Yuan Zhou just looked at Wu Hai speechlessly.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked habitually.

Just when Wu Hai was about to answer him, Yuan Zhou volunteered, "I'm not interested in the invitation card in your hand. Nor do I have anything to say about it."

"Me, either. A beautiful girl gave it to me just now. She even knew my name. It seems the art exhibition is very successful." Wu Hai took a strange look at Yuan Zhou and then nodded the head, in favor of him.

"What does it have anything to do with your art exhibition?" Yuan Zhou asked after an inconspicuous pause. This loathsome Wu Hai gave an answer out of Yuan Zhou's expectations.

"The girl that gave the invitation card to me definitely knew me because of my painting works," Wu Hai said affirmatively.

"It's because of my restaurant." Yuan Zhou denied Wu Hai's judgement lightly.

"Do you think they came to compete with you?" Wu Hai suddenly reacted and said with an exalted manner.

"I heard of that." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Terrific. I have to inquire about the craftsmanship of the head chef from that restaurant." Wu Hai became excited instantly. After walking for two circles, he uttered that and then left quickly.

"I really don't know why you are so happy." Yuan Zhou felt it rather inexplicable.

On the evening of Sep 30th, Yuan Zhou watched Shen Min leave from the second floor as usual. He then went to wash up and sleep after the pub was closed.

In the neighboring western restaurant called "Masterwork Nonsuch", however, it was brightly lit. The staff were busy doing the cleaning and setting the scene in the lobby. The manager of the restaurant had been recruited through a headhunting service.

With the thick wavy hair hanging off her back obediently, she was actually a plain-looking woman, yet with a fascinating figure. Her name was Liu Ruoyu. She was quite capable and experienced. Therefore, Niu Li appreciated her very much.

"The red carpet of the lobby must be laid on time at 11 o'clock tomorrow, not a single minute earlier or later." Liu Ruoyu pointed at the dark entrance and said seriously.

"Ok, Manager Liu. All the places including the table corners have all been wiped clean. Can the attendants get off work now?" The supervisor of the lobby said while pointing at the attendants that lined up orderly.

"Yes. They look quite spirited. All of you dress up in your new work clothes tomorrow. If there are any clothes that do not fit, now is your last chance to change them." Liu Ruoyu nodded her head contently while looking at them.

She indeed had good reasons to feel satisfied. This chain restaurant targeted wealthy customer, therefore even the attendants that were recruited were carefully selected. All the recruitment standards were only slightly lower than those of a luxury store. Similarly, the salary they offered was also the best in the industry.

If you want a horse to run quickly, you naturally have to feed it well.

This could be seen among the attendants that waited at the side, the waiters were all dressed in a waistcoat, a white shirt and suit pants. With a cordial smile on their faces, they looked fairly spirited.

As for the waitresses, they were all wearing the same short skirt, white shirt and waistcoat. Similarly, they had a pretty smile on their faces and their appearances were all above the average.

With the high quality of these attendants, the exquisite decoration of the restaurant and the craftsmanship of the culinary artist, it was really a minute thing to keep the customers.

Of course, this was only the thought of Liu Ruoyu.

"Yes, ma'am." The attendants answered with one accord loudly and vigorously.

"Get off work now. Tomorrow, be alert and not sluggish." Thinking of Niu Li's instructions, Liu Ruoyu said again.

"Understood." The attendants and the lobby supervisor all answered together.

While the lobby things got finished, the kitchen was nevertheless still bustling.

"Are the preparations for the main cuisines tomorrow complete?" Li Li patrolled around the stuff in the kitchen.

"Don't worry. Everything's ready. The daily reserves are also good for now. "I have also confirmed with the suppliers again for those ingredients that need to be sent here tomorrow." It was the head chef that answered. He well coincided with what people believed chefs to be, an amiable smile on his plump face.

"Um, perfect. Get familiar with the kitchen and afterwards, get off work." Although he had been told by the head chef that everything was ready, Li Li still inspected all of them one by one.

He was awfully earnest and responsible.

"How many tables are still vacant tomorrow?" Li Li asked Liu Ruoyu that had barely arrived.

"According to the number of the people that have received the invitation cards, there are no vacant seats left. But we can still manage to leave three tables vacant." Liu Ruoyu turned and opened her notebook and then reported.

"What does that mean?" Li Li knitted his brows.

"That Wu Hai living across the street received the invitation card, but he might not necessarily come, and another one called Ling Hong. Furthermore, there are other candidates that we are unsure of." Liu Ruoyu said calmly.

"Alright. That's it." After a nod, Li Li signaled the head chef to inspect the fireproofing installations and prepared to close the door.

Liu Ruoyu was the last to leave. After Li Li left for home, she checked again the layout and cleanliness of everything in the restaurant as well as the door and windows before she left.

On the next early morning, the many and diverse opening ceremonies attracted crowds of passers-by.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant nevertheless still remained the same. When the opening ceremonies ended and the western restaurant officially started to serve customers, the breakfast time of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had already passed. It was the first day of the holiday. The reason why these people got up so early was that the 100 servings of breakfast would have been sold out if they didn't.

With that motivation, they would do their utmost best even if they had to unlock the seals on them.

Therefore, all those that finished their breakfast watched the boisterous opening ceremonies conveniently.

Niu Li spared some time to look at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then was relieved when she saw nothing had change. After all, Yuan Zhou and his restaurant was the biggest variable.

Looking at the crowd of people that surrounded the entrance, she even thought that probably nobody would go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant today.

However, Yuan Zhou was never a man that awaited his doom. Besides, he had absolute confidence with his own craftsmanship. It was the good time to let them know what genuine strength was.