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316 The Idea From A Meal

 "Ouch. The big boss seems to be aching in the face," a customer said in a whisper.

"Yeah, he is. How does he dare to act cool in front of the Compass? If he dares to order so many dishes, he needs to be prepared to be blacklisted." This customer felt it a little funny.

"It's good to have one less. I could probably wait for less people to get my turn next time." This was a customer who was happy to see that happen.

"Do you think the big boss is going to be mad?" Another customer looked at the slightly irritated expression of Li Cheng with curiosity.

"I don't think so. They are all smart people. How could he get angry so easily?" This customer shook the head decidedly.

"But I think he will. What a shame it is to lose face especially in front of this worker whose identity is still unknown to us!" Although he spoke of losing face, he nevertheless seemed to take pleasure in that.

"Look! It's coming." Another customer pointed at Li Cheng secretly and said.

"We can get it packed and take it away if we can't eat up all." Li Cheng was indeed a little angry in the heart. But since so many people were here and it wasn't really a big matter, he couldn't lose his temper and thus had to change another way to say.

"I'm sorry, sir. We don't provide take-out service," Zhou Jia said with an apologetic expression.

"The rules are truly getting more and more." Li Cheng couldn't help frowning. When he saw Zhang Fan who had been so constrained, however, he didn't stand up and leave.

He raised the head, preparing to see Yuan Zhou's reaction, but nevertheless found this guy had always been doing his own work ever since the beginning, that was, to prepare the dishes.

Then, Li Cheng became even more speechless. He was simply disregarded completely. Luckily, he was here today to treat others

"Um..." Li Cheng was considering.

Seated beside him, Zhang Fan just looked at Li Cheng's clothes and collar silently with a respectful manner.

"Just remove the Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork and Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork from my ordered dishes. That's it." Having thought for a while, Li Cheng removed two dishes.

"Please confirm your dishes." After that, Zhou Jia reported all his dishes once.

"Yes, they are all my dishes." Li Cheng nodded the head.

"Pay first, please. You can either make the bank transfer or pay by cash. Only RMB is accepted." Zhou Jia said smilingly.

"Ok. I will pay by transfer." Li Cheng took out the phone and made the wire transfer through internet.

After confirming receipt of the money, Zhou Jia then reported the dishes to Yuan Zhou. In the meantime, she also greeted Li Cheng and Zhang Fan.

"Hold on, please. The dishes are to be served very soon." Zhou Jia was a very dutiful waitress.

This time, Li Cheng didn't answer her. He just nodded the head and indicated he was clear about it.

After Zhou Jia left, Li Cheng started to do his own thing.

"Mr. Zhang Fan, you weren't living in Chengdu City before, right?" Li Cheng asked gently.

"Yes, I came from the north." Zhang Fan felt a little inexplicable, but still he answered.

"There was a mole on your face before. Why is it gone now?" Having checked twice Zhang Fan's face, Li Cheng asked him.

"It's been gone for a long time. When people get older, they disappear," Zhang Fan stroked his chin and said with indifference.

"Did you often go back to your hometown by train?" Speaking of trains, Li Cheng appeared extraordinarily gentle.

"Not too frequent. I didn't have so much time at that time." Basically, Zhang Fan answered only when he was asked, without a single word more.

He just felt it strange in his heart. On one hand, the big boss had nothing special to tell him. On the other hand, he asked about his personal affairs although it wasn't invading his privacy.

Other customers that listened to them at the side felt stranger. Not to mention the weird combination of the two people, their conversation also sounded odd.

From their conversation, they didn't know each other at all before. That was to say, they were unlikely to be in one company.

If they were in one company, the boss would definitely know his staff and might treat any of them to a meal. They shouldn't have been so unfamiliar with each other.

However, Li Cheng's questioning didn't last long. The words "hold on" said by Zhou Jia were really not long. The dishes were served to them in a very short moment.

The surrounding customers all thought that Li Cheng and Zhang Fan would have the meal individually and separately, for which even Zhang Fan thought like that.

He carefully waited for Li Cheng to pick the dishes first and then he picked those that were not liked by the big boss to stuff his stomach.

"Let's eat together. Feel at home, please. It's just a treat. Nothing special." Li Cheng took the chopsticks and said directly.

He conveniently picked up a piece of pig knuckle and put it in Zhang Fan's bowl and then he started to eat his own.

Zhang Fan only started to eat when he found Li Cheng truly didn't mind eating together with him. However, he was eating very carefully and didn't pick any dishes. It was contrarily Li Cheng who picked the dishes for him occasionally.

The moment he gulped down the dishes, Zhang Fan got to know why the food and dishes here were so expensive. It was because they were way much too delicious.

He almost wanted to swallow his own tongue up. Speaking of which, it was the first for him to eat such delicious food.

Delicacies could shorten the distance between two people. While eating the tasty dishes, Zhang Fan was no longer nervous like before. He even started to pick the dishes by himself sometimes.

As for Li Cheng, he likewise finally understood where Yuan Zhou's pride came from. With such a superb craftsmanship, he certainly didn't need to worry about anything else.

"I thought only the Egg Fried Rice is delicious in this restaurant." Li Cheng said dumbly in the heart.

Even so, Li Cheng was still unhappy as it took him too much time to wait in line. Actually, he didn't have that much time to waste on this place.

"Maybe I can let my secretary come and wait in line for me." Li Cheng drafted a feasible scenario quietly.

He turned the head and then saw Zhang Fan eating contentedly there without any of the former restraint.

Li Cheng didn't like talking while eating. And Zhang Fan also enjoyed the silence. The more they ate, the happier they became. At last, they even ate up all the dishes.

As Zhang Fan was doing the hard physical labor, he liked eating the greasy meat dishes a lot. The crisp and soft Dongpo Pig Knuckle and the spicy and fragrant Translucent Beef Slices matched with the palatable Egg Fried Rice were all his favorite.

Almost more than half of the dishes were eaten by him alone.

Although the earlier stage of the meal wasn't so satisfactory, the host and the guest nevertheless ended up happy. At least, Li Cheng was rest assured when he saw Zhang Fan eat so happily.

"Let's go. I can drive you to the building site." Looking at the clean plate and the clean table, Li Cheng said smilingly.

"No need. It's not far. I can walk back." Zhang Fan waved the hand continuously.

What a joke! He had been tired of staying with this big boss. God knows what he meant by treating him to the meal.

"Let's get out first. Look, so many people are still waiting." Li Cheng pointed at the customers that waited in line.

"Alright. Yes." While speaking, Zhang Fan stood up, leaving behind some dust from the pants.

Without anybody noticing, the dust just fell off on the ground quietly rather than float in the air. Even when other people stepped on it afterwards, it still didn't fly up.

With a manner of extreme embarrassment, Zhang Fan walked out of the restaurant in quick steps and then let out a sigh of relief secretly.

He didn't feel it while having meal, but when they finished, Zhang Fan nevertheless got embarrassed with his dirty clothes.

"Let's have dinner together again later on." Li Cheng said that just after they walked out.

"No, not necessary. It's been a big bother to you today." Zhang Fan waved the hand and refused flatly.

"It doesn't matter. I have talked to your manager. And I still have some questions that only you could answer." Li Cheng talked primly as if he really had something important to ask him.

"Ok, sorry for bothering you." Zhang Fan opened his mouth slightly. But when he thought of the result that he was brought out immediately once the big boss made a call, he no longer refused.

It was just unknown what the big boss was thinking. Is he really the son of the worker?...