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315 Li Cheng Failing in Acting Cool

 "Tsk tsk. It's the same every time." Man Man shrugged speechlessly.

Then she went out obediently. Out there, she could appreciate the young talent.

In a moment, Zhou Jia that had already started working in the restaurant came out of the door.

"Everybody, come in, please. Business hours start now," Zhou Jia said to the customers outside.

"It's truly precise without any slightest error. The sense of time of Boss Yuan should be specially trained," a customer murmured.

"Absolutely. My superior has praised me for my better sense of time recently," another customer directly followed.

"That's a good thing," another one said smilingly.

"How can it not be good? We have to calculate every single minute in order to eat here. Of course, we have been used to that after a long time." Despite a mnanner of helplessness, the customer was apparently happy. It could be seen from his expression and sight.

When the business hours started, all the customers except one were delighted.

It was Li Cheng. He had originally thought this restaurant was quiet and had few people; the taste and price were both good; and the best part was this place was close to the invitee.

With a glance now, however, it was extremely clamorous rather than peace and quiet.

It made him quite irritable when he looked at the long line behind and the man who kept a distance from him at the side.

"Come in, please." Li Cheng made way for the man behind him so that he could come in.

Lucky that not many people knew Li Cheng, except Wu Hai, Man Man and Manager Shi.

After all, he wasn't a star actor. If not introduced specially or observed carefully, they were unlikely to recognize him. There was still some difference between the real person and the image on the newspaper.

"Please, you first." The man invited by Li Cheng was quite restrained and totally didn't know what to do. Therefore, he had only to point at the door and say.

"You are my guest today. So you first. Never mind." Li Cheng spoke mildly as if they were completely equal.

"I don't deserve this. Please." The man waved the hand continuously and stayed there unmoved.

"It's not good that we get stuck here. Let's go inside together." Seeing the man being reluctant to enter the restaurant, Li Cheng could only to suggest that.

"Ok, sure. Please," said the man uneasily. With a slightly hunched back, the man looked around forty or fifty.

Li Cheng was a little helpless. He had to enter the restaurant ahead of the man when he saw the firm manner of him.

After the courtesy, they attracted much attention as they didn't seem to be in tune.

Dressed in an exquisite and tailored business suit, Li Cheng appeared neat and tidy from head to foot and looked serious and earnest.

Even the watch on his wrist, the shoes on the feet and the tiny accessories revealed that Li Cheng wasn't an ordinary person. The man courteously greeted by Li Cheng was completely opposite.

He was wearing the work clothes stained with the grime and definitely looked to be a worker in the building site. The short hair was dusty, the face wasn't clean, and naturally the shoes were likewise full of grime, which even made others doubt if he would leave a path of grime wherever he went.

The only thing considered to be clean on his body might be his hands. With his thick finger knuckles, he looked to be a man that was doing hard-labor work at the first glance. They didn't seem to have intersections between the two of them.

"Who do you think that is?" Man Man knocked Wu Hai beside her with her elbow and said curiously.

"How do I know?" Except for eating and drawing, Wu Hai seemed to have no interest in other things.

"Anyhow, this big boss, Li Cheng, is a young magnate. This man, however, looks pretty common." Man Man analyzed, pretending to be serious.

"You say common? He's just a building worker. This big boss is toying with him." Ling Hong looked at the two quite different people and said discontentedly.

"What background do you think the man has? I don't believe such a big boss will treat him a meal for nothing." The customers also discussed in a low voice.

"He might be somebody that hides his light under a bushel," the customer speculated randomly.

"I guess he's the father of the big boss that has separated with him for long," a customer guessed.

"You must have read too much novels. I feel he's merely an ordinary person. Can't you see he is so nervous?" Another customer in line said positively.

"Yeah. How could he treat his father in a way like treating a friend?" the customer said doubtfully.

"Then you tell me why this seemingly powerful big boss is treating such a person like him to a meal." The customer who made the random speculation said, unwilling to admit defeat.

"I can't understand the thoughts of those bosses. If I could, I would have already been a boss myself." This customer was a frank person. He clearly admitted that he didn't know.

"Apparently, they are just the boss and worker." This customer had very sharp eyes.

One could easily tell this man was nervous and constrained at the first glance, although Li Cheng appeared fairly easy-going.

Just because of that, the customers showed much curiosity and started the discussion in a low voice. What kind of charm did the farmer-like man have to such an extent that made the big boss treat him to a meal. More importantly, this big boss was so easy-going and kind.

As a topic of the discussion, the man dressed in the work clothes was called Zhang Fan. He was indeed working on the building site and was responsible for the plastering indoors. However, he was also puzzled right now.

When it was about the time for lunch today, the foreman brought the manager to him and told him that somebody was looking for him in a hurry.

Not to mention washing up, he didn't even get time to change his clothes before he was sent here by his manager in a car to see this strange person. The key point was that he was the big boss mentioned by the manager, the boss of the entire building project.

No matter how odd this thing seemed to, Zhang Fan didn't and couldn't say anything. After all, he was merely a worker and his salary over the year was still unpaid. In the building industry, the convention was to give workers living expenses every month and all the remaining at the end of the year.

The only thing that he felt lucky was that he washed his hands before he came here. The hands were clean.

"Check the menu and see what you want to eat." With a smile, Li Cheng handed the exquisite menu to the man naturally.

"Ok. Thank you." Zhang Fan looked at the clean menu and wiped his hands with his inner clothes without a trace before he took it.

Upon seeing the dishes, he became even more uneasy.

The dishes were definitely not for him. A simple Egg Fried Rice cost 188 RMB and more than that, a Tea Egg cost 1888 RMB. If not that the big boss in sight was looking at him smilingly, he really wanted to scold, "Are these damn dishes really for customers to eat rather than being watched? With such high prices, who would be willing to eat them?"

Therefore, Zhang Fan took the menu and kept silent for a long while, not daring to order dishes nor say anything.

"Let me order some for you. You are doing some hard work and may like to eat some meat." After a glance at the menu, Li Cheng instantly blamed himself for being so careless. Then he took the menu and said to him.

"No need. Boss, please tell me directly if you have anything to talk to me." Zhang Fan couldn't bear the atmosphere and uttered to ask.

"Nothing important. Just a meal." Li Cheng tried to comfort him.

"Alright. You order." When Zhang Fan found that Li Cheng didn't really seem to have something to tell him, he had only to answer that way.

"Ok. Let me do it." Li Cheng nodded the head and revealed a smile.

"Young girl, please get us Dongpo Pig Knuckle, Phoenix-Tail Prawns, Translucent Beef Slices, Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork and two servings of Egg Fried Rice as well as a serving of Jinling Grass." Li Cheng was quite generous. He basically ordered everything on the menu.

Even Man Man uttered in a low voice, "Rich guy."

Even before he finished acting cool, however, he was interrupted by Zhou Jia smilingly, "I'm sorry. All the dishes ordered by customers have to be eaten up completely. Of course, the main dishes, I mean. There's no requirement for the side dishes."

"What do you mean?" Li Cheng knitted the brows.

"If you leave them unfinished, you'll never be admitted in again," Zhou Jia said earnestly.

That was way too fresh. It was the very first time that somebody had spoken to him that way after he became succesful.