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314 A Conflict That Started Without Any Declaration

 Although Niu Li agreed with Li Li's word, she still reminded dutifully, "Mr Li, Mr Yuan's culinary skills are truly perfect. It couldn't be better if he joined us and worked in our restaurant."

"I know. That's why I invited him just now." Li Li nodded his head.

"Do you think it possible for him to come and work for us now?" Niu Li asked cautiously.

"No, not until his restaurant is closed," looking at Yuan Zhou's back, Li Li said positively.

"We'll rely on you for that, Mr Li." Niu Li sighed in her heart. The answer was just as expected. However, her words were still spoken to Li Li earnestly.

"Um. I will let him know opening a restaurant does not only require delicious dishes," Li Li said affirmatively.

"Of course. We adhere to the idea that the customers will feel at home in our restaurant," Niu Li said proudly.

"Don't forget our agreement. I'm leaving now." Li Li turned the head and took a glance at Niu Li and then reminded.

"Sure. Don't worry, Mr Li, we'll keep an eye on the remaining stores," Niu Li agreed readily.

"Um." Li Li nodded his head and directly left.

It seemed that Li Li didn't join their restaurants because of the high percentage of shares offered. He actually had other conditions.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't care about that. He just felt he had come across two people that just came out from the jungle and thus didn't take it to heart.

Furthermore, he had also bumped into other matters at the moment, like the man in front of him.

Like any other successful person, he was dressed elegantly in an exquisite business suit and leather shoes. His hair was combed neatly and the leather shoes were glistening.

Standing in front of Yuan Zhou, this man well represented the three words of "Successful Business Man".

However, Yuan Zhou was fairly confused at the moment.

If he had to describe it, it would be that he had met three weird people by now.

"Hello, Boss Yuan," the man said calmly with his mild voice. He looked like an easy-going person.

"Um." Yuan Zhou wasn't interested in such a cordial greeting and thus just answered lightly.

"Boss Yuan, I have to bother you with something." When the man said that, he was very modest.

"What's the matter?" On hearing that, Yuan Zhou asked while sitting in the seat.

Yes, after Yuan Zhou came back, he took a seat on the chair at the door and was prepared to sculpt.

Before he started, however, the man walked toward him.

"I want to treat others to lunch at noon today. Could you give us two seats together?" This person had been here once for Egg Fried Rice.

He felt the dishes here were truly delicious although they were also expensive. Due to the superb taste, the price was actually moderate, not too high and not too low. The simple environment was also suitable for the invitee's status, thus he wouldn't feel constrained.

"You have to wait in line by yourselves before that. There is a two-seat table. If you can get your turn, you can eat there." Yuan Zhou pointed at the two-seat table in the restaurant and said lightly.

"Can I make a reservation in advance?" the man asked again.

"No reservation, no takeout, no cutting in line and no waste." Yuan Zhou brought out quite a few NO's in one breath.

The man became speechless with all those NO's.

"More rules in Boss Yuan's restaurant now. Are there more dishes?" The man didn't really mind Yuan Zhou talking to him while seating, but just replied speechlessly.

"Of course, there are more dishes." Yuan Zhou nevertheless nodded the head and answered him naturally.

"Even I can't make the reservation?" The man looked at the watch and asked. He still wanted to convince Yuan Zhou.

It made sense that he asked this way. His name was Li Cheng. Although he wasn't a star actor, he often appeared in the business newspaper. He was a very famous young entrepreneur.

He was only 25 this year and had earned hundreds of millions of assets. The most important was that he started the business from nothing.

He was born in an ordinary family and accomplished his current status with his wits and grasping opportunities.

A person like him would be offered with a compromise everywhere.

Li Cheng had only been here once and eaten Egg Fried Rice for lunch when Yuan Zhou just started his business.

At that time, there weren't many customers inside. Even the eight seats couldn't be occupied fully.

If not that the matter was very important to him this time, he wouldn't have remembered this place.

Thankfully, he had a good memory, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy to find a clean and neat restaurant that served delicious and moderate-priced dishes, yet with only a few customers. Furthermore, it wouldn't make people feel stiff.

Especially since this matter was handled by Li Cheng himself. He was not the secretary and could only look for a right place in his memory. At last, he found Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"No, you can't." While Li Cheng was lost in a trance, Yuan Zhou directly refused.

"Can I book the entire place?" Li Cheng looked at the restaurant and then at Yuan Zhou.

"Do you think I'm short of money?" Even with Yuan Zhou's patience, he got annoyed after coming into contact with three strangers one after another.

"Then Boss Yuan, please give me the menu." Li Cheng neither got angry nor asked again, even if he felt Yuan Zhou's business was really bad. Of course, it might be getting better now.

It was just because he made an awkward requirement; so, Li Cheng was very magnanimous.

"There's still half an hour left before business time starts. You can see the menu then." Yuan Zhou refused him again.

"You really have a temper." Li Cheng stroked his sleeves and then said calmly.

"See you at noon." Having ignored Li Cheng, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly said goodbye to him and returned to his own restaurant.

Only then did Li Cheng calm down.

"As expected, I am nervous. What did I do just now? I was surprisingly so hot-headed," Li Cheng exhaled and then said dumbly.

During normal times, Li Cheng was patient, meticulous and calm like a middle-aged man. He was also like a dormant snake that was waiting to land a killing blow.

If not so, how could he create such a huge business?

With a frown, he took out the phone and started to make a call. Once it was connected, the phone was answered at the other end.

"President Li, what do you want me to arrange?" A competent male voice passed to him.

"Tell President Zhang to send the man here now. I'm waiting at No. 14 of Taoxi Road right now," Li Cheng said concisely.

"Alright. I will call him right away." The man didn't ask much, but merely agreed immediately.

"Um." Li Cheng hung off the phone.

Thinking that he was going to see the person soon, Li Cheng became nervous again.

Only after he wandered for two circles did he react and stand straight to wait.

It was just that Yuan Zhou lacked the inquisitiveness. If other people saw such a young business genius waiting for someone so anxiously, God knows how curious they would be. They might have already inquired.

Man Man who had arrived earlier today asked Yuan Zhou secretly.

"Hey, isn't that Li Cheng? Who do you think he's waiting? Look, he's surprisingly nervous." Man Man asked with a low voice.

"I don't know. Do you know him?" Yuan Zhou first shook the head and then asked curiously.

"Boss Yuan, you really pay no attention to outside matters. He's a celebrity in the local area and a famous business talent who has started his giant business empire from nothing. Besides, he is the dream lover of many girls," Man Man said excitedly with an obvious expression of "I like him very much" on her face.

Yuan Zhou looked at him earnestly and then nodded the head, "Although he's a little inferior to me, he has done well. No wonder he is so popular."

"..." Man Man got speechless.

"Business isn't open yet. Come later." Regardless of Man Man's expression, Yuan Zhou pointed to the door and said coldly.

Of course, he wasn't saying that to get revenge on her for being despised. After all, Yuan Zhou always believed himself to be a man of noble character.