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313 Provocation from a Professional Chef

 The second eating method of the Dongpo Pig Knuckle instantly aroused other customers' interest. More and more people began to order the pig knuckle and split them evenly with the other, naturally to eat after it became cold.

In order to eat the pig knuckle with two different tastes, Wu Hai specially invited Wu Lin to eat here. Then, the customers beside them witnessed again the difference between a big eater and a foodie.

It was going to be the National Day soon. Yuan Zhou was prepared to serve the exotic cuisines at that time as benefits to the customers. Of course, he still didn't create any publicity for that.

In the meantime, Yuan Zhou also noticed that the decoration works not far from his restaurant was drawing to an end.

The shop sigh was hung out. It looked pretty high-end and superior and the name was also elegant.

"Masterwork Nonsuch." Yuan Zhou stared at the shop sigh for a long time and finally recalled the English words taught by his teacher. Eventually, he got to know it was the meaning of "the best" in Chinese.

"Judging from the appearance, it's supposedly a dining place." Yuan Zhou wasn't quite sure.

The long-lost curiosity of Yuan Zhou immediately popped up. He went a few steps up and prepared to wander around the store and confirm his own speculation.

"Looks pretty large. It's almost as big as four stores." While wandering around, Yuan Zhou said.

After a lap, Yuan Zhou basically confirmed the size and decoration style of the store.

Obviously, it was decorated with the style of a western restaurant. Seated behind the side street, the kitchen was actually at the back alley where the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was. The entire restaurant was of a western European decoration style that was magnificent and artistic.

Over the dining tables were brown table linen. Plus the glass star lanterns, he felt that every detail was perfect and made it appear luxurious.

"It seems to be providing a high-end dining service." Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and said with some affirmation.

He looked back at his own restaurant. It was not far from here, no more than 30 meters as the crow flies.

Yuan Zhou further compared the two restaurants and then found that there wasn't comparability at all. One was magnificent, elegant, high-end western European decoration style while the other was merely a tiny restaurant without even a shop sigh.

"Totally defeated in the aspect of decorations. Luckily, I'm an awesome master chef to-be." Soon, Yuan Zhou said with full of confidence.

After all, he could totally surpass most chefs on their craftsmanship. Of course, it must be the dishes that Yuan Zhou had mastered.

It was still lively at the entrance of the magnificently decorated restaurant. Therefore, Yuan Zhou appeared slightly showy while standing at the entrance for quite a while.

Then, a man came up and asked him.

"What can I do for you?" asked him courteously. It was the supervisor in charge of the decoration work.

"Nothing. I am just wandering around for a look." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Please stay further away. It is not safe here." The man pointed at the safety helmet over his head and signaled Yuan Zhou to keep further away.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou accepted the good advice and nodded the head, preparing to leave after he turned around.

"Isn't it Boss Yuan? You are not sculpting today, are you?" A melodious and affirmative female voice passed.

"Um?" Yuan Zhou turned the head and responded with a nod casually and then intended to leave.

To those whom he didn't know, Yuan Zhou was always reluctant to get along with them. Interpersonal communication was tiring.

"Hold on. Let me introduce myself to you, Boss Yuan. I'm the person in charge of this restaurant, Niu Li." It was the short-haired woman that spoke. The man who stood beside her with a manner of gentleman was naturally the chef, Li Li.

It was really a coincidence. When the renovations entered its final stages, Li Li requested to add something that he was used to having in the kitchen.

To show her respect, Niu Li, namely the short-haired woman, accompanied him here in person. After they discussed the matter with the renovation workers, they bumped into Yuan Zhou upon going out of the door. Naturally, Niu Li wanted to give Yuan Zhou some pressure. Therefore, she started.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head indifferently.

With his current craftsmanship and assets, Yuan Zhou didn't really need to force himself to do anything. After all, his ambition was to become a Master Chef rather than make more money from the business. Therefore, it was his freedom whether to answer anybody or not and how to answer him.

"This is the executive head chef to-be of our restaurant, Mr Li Li." Despite Yuan Zhou's cold face, Niu Li continued saying.

Yuan Zhou looked toward him and found him a little familiar. However, he didn't say anything.

With such an abrupt introduction, Yuan Zhou really didn't want to greet him.

"Our head chef Mr. Li Li is a skilled individual internationally and has been doing this job for more than 10 years." Niu Li was quite proud when she introduced that.

"So...?" Yuan Zhou felt more puzzled. Even if this head chef had been doing this job longer than that, is that anything to do with him?"

"You have perfect culinary skills, but you are still just a young member compared to Mr Li. He's very famous internationally." Niu Li explained, seemingly with a good intention.

In the chef industry, seniority must be given top priority, of which Yuan Zhou was very clear. In any case, he had a lot of experience working in the kitchen of a hotel.

So what? Life and death is of no importance, if one is challenged, one should take it on. Yuan Zhou felt it a little funny. However, he managed to refrain himself in order to maintain his aloof manner as usual.

"Lady, I don't think I know you. Bye." Yuan Zhou shrugged and then left directly.

"You have boosted the regional GDP alone? I have seen your menu. The dishes are merely home dishes that require little culinary skills. But I have to admit the taste is not bad." Li Li, who had kept silent just now, suddenly uttered.

Moreover, he judged his dishes unreservedly as soon as he spoke.

"I'd like to invite you to savor the genuine delicacy that I will cook personally. My treat." With a frown, Li Li looked at Yuan Zhou's casual clothes and said again.

"But this is an official western restaurant. You need to wear formal clothes." Li Li immediately reminded him.

"Ho Ho. Thank you, but I won't invite you to savor my craftsmanship." Yuan Zhou hadn't encountered such a conceited man for a long time and thus became a little curious.

"I don't need to." Li Li answered positively and confidently.

"It's not because of that. It's because I don't want to invite you." Yuan Zhou's attitude was still as calm as before.

"If you like, you can join our team. Your position will be the head chef." As an executive head chef, Li Li was also good at poaching skilled personnel.

But he had obviously forgotten that Yuan Zhou was the guy who had refused to sell his restaurant.

"Ho Ho." Concerning the offer of Li Li, Yuan Zhou didn't want to say a single word.

Moreover, he suddenly thought of a conceited saying, "You would never know what genuine strength is."

If it wasn't inappropriate, Yuan Zhou just wanted to say so.

"Learning more about cooking is the only way out for you young cooks." Despite his young age of 30, Li Li had the demeanor of an elder. When he said that to Yuan Zhou, he was like instructing a youth of his family.

He paid much attention to Yuan Zhou after Niu Li told him that it was Yuan Zhou's restaurant that was their only rival in this street. Of course, he wouldn't believe the bullshit that Yuan Zhou could boost the regional GDP alone.

Nevertheless, Li Li fully respected the occupation of chef, therefore he offered the invitation several times.

"Actually, I feel you guys are really odd. I don't think I know you, so are you seriously talking with me?" After Yuan Zhou said that, he turned around and left. This time, he didn't stop anymore.

It was likewise tiring to hear others babble on.

"He's pretty prideful. But he'll understand what I mean after he loses all his customers." Li Li didn't have a good temper. He straightforwardly brought out the confident words.

Likewise, Niu Li naturally agreed with him.