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312 Second Way to Eat Dongpo Pig Knuckle

 The baseball juvenile was a little perturbed.

"Boss Yuan, why?" The juvenile looked at Yuan Zhou and asked nervously.

"Nothing. Three minutes left." Yuan Zhou looked at the pig knuckle again and said firmly.

"Boss Yuan, I'm quite worried if you don't tell me." Looking at the delicacy on the table, the juvenile swallowed up his saliva.

"Calm down." Yuan Zhou tried to comfort him calmly.

"Boss Yuan, you scared this little boy." Ling Hong was also very curious, but he didn't ask directly. Instead, he said that way.

"Alright. You can eat now." Having checked the time and looked at the pig knuckle, Yuan Zhou signaled him.

"Uh? Can I? Is that all?" The juvenile was slightly surprised. Just after waiting for five minutes and doing nothing, he could eat now?

"Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and said courteously.

"Can I really eat it now?" The baseball juvenile was still a little perturbed.

"Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Boss Yuan is so weird sometimes." The baseball boy grumbled at Yuan Zhou speechlessly.

Only then did he find that after such a long while, the dish had already been cold.

"Boss, the dish is cold now. How will I continue to eat it?" The baseball juvenile said discontentedly.

"The temperature is just fine." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"What do you mean, boss? This is the meat dish. If I eat it cold, I'm going to suffer from diarrhea." The baseball juvenile indicated that he knew about that common sense.

"For my Dongpo Pig Knuckle, if you don't eat hot, then you'll have to eat it cold. It's not good to be eaten warm." Yuan Zhou crossed the arms against the chest and said with a serious manner.

"Haw?" The baseball juvenile indicated that he didn't understand him.

However, Yuan Zhou explained no more and continued to do his own things.

"Try it. I haven't eaten it cold before." Ling Hong instigated excitedly.

"Can this be eaten cold?" Looking at the pig knuckle that didn't give off steam anymore, the baseball juvenile was quite hesitant.

"Boss Yuan has never violated his principles and hence is called Compass. That's definitely no problem. You try it once and you'll know that?" Ling Hong directly uttered a long speech.

"It seems to be fair enough." The baseball juvenile didn't find anything wrong with his word.

He hadn't actually figured out the relationship between principles and cheating. However, it sounded right.

"Then I'm going to start now." The baseball juvenile took the chopsticks and prepared to eat.

However, he still started with the plain white rice first cautiously and prepared to stuff the stomach with something. That way, he wouldn't feel greasy and risk the diarrhea.

Just when he took the bowl and was about to eat, he suddenly remembered that since the pig knuckle had been cold, so was the rice. Now that the rice was close to his lips, the juvenile straightforwardly started to eat.

"It's surprisingly still warm." Once the rice entered his mouth, the baseball juvenile found it still warm.

He reached out his hands on the bowl and found it was still warm. And when he touched the pig knuckle, it was indeed quite cold.

"So weird." The juvenile muttered and then ate another two mouthful of rice.

Only then did he start to eat the pig knuckle.

As what he had imagined, the pig knuckle was cold and meanwhile tasted greasy. After all, this stuff wasn't prepared to be eaten cold.

Such kind of meat dishes was usually unpalatable and greasy when eaten cold.

Obviously, the gravy over the pig knuckle had slightly condensed.

"This is the spoon provided by the restaurant." Zhou Jia handed him a spoon.

"Ok, great. Thanks." Just as the juvenile didn't know how to eat it, the spoon was provided.

Habitually, he received the spoon and directly scooped the pig knuckle with it.

"Anyhow, it's the first time for me to eat Dongpo Pig Knuckle with a spoon." While scooping the pig knuckle, the juvenile murmured.

Yet, he could finally eat the dish.

With the help of the spoon, he scooped up a piece of the pig knuckle which had some meat jelly.

It was the beautiful and transparent color of amber. The shaky meat jelly looked extraordinarily mouth-watering.

"Doesn't look too bad." Ling Hong that was watching aside said positively.

As soon as the pig knuckle went into the juvenile's mouth, the cold meat began to melt slowly upon coming into contact with the warm mouth cavity.

"Slurp slurp". After he chewed a little bit, the soft and crisp meat melted in the mouth. While the meat skin was a little chewy, the meat jelly over the skin carried slight delicate fragrance with a glimmer of tart flavor, which immediately neutralized the taste of the entire pig knuckle.

"So delicious. It turns out to have such a taste when it's cold." The juvenile revealed a surprised expression. After that, he continued scooping it up with the spoon and eating.

As the pig knuckle was stewed for quite a long time, the lean meat had basically all melted upon entering the mouth. With a different processing method, the meat skin nevertheless tasted chewy apart from some stiffness. The more miraculous thing was the meat jelly.

It had a refreshing texture with a slight tart flavor, which totally stimulated people's appetite and brought the best of the taste with less ingredients.

When the juvenile got to the central part, the bone inside made from the smooth and soft carrageen then showed up.

The juvenile tried to scoop it with the spoon as usual and then found the bone, which was made from the carrageen, was no longer smooth and soft. Instead, it was of little elasticity when he poked it as if it were the real fruit jelly.

"How miraculous! It's solidified, isn't it?" The juvenile poked it for several times with interest before he broke a piece off and ate it.

When the bone was poked, it was like the fruit jelly; when eaten, it was more like the fruit jelly. It was just that the texture of the fruit jelly was crisp like the feeling of the cold carrageen dish.

"Boss Yuan, is it because of the carrageen in the central part that this dish couldn't be eaten warm?" Ling Hong had not only sharp eyesight, but also an accurate judgement. He figured it out very soon.

"You are right. The warmth will affect the texture." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then said affirmatively.

"Because of an extra ingredient, a simple dish could be eaten with two different eating methods. And it looks like the texture is different in both cases." Ling Hong heaved a sigh with emotion.

"Boss Yuan has refreshed my opinion of the Dongpo Pig Knuckle again." Another customer was also quite surprised.

"A Dongpo Pig Knuckle can be so delicious. There's surprisingly the second eating method now. It appears that Boss Yuan does that just because of his continuous pursuit of perfection." The customer indicated that he was luckily not a Virgo. Otherwise, he would be quite alike to Boss Yuan and would definitely be speechless with himself.

"Boss Yuan is beyond godlike!" Just judging from his tone, he was known to play online games a lot.

"I only understand what continuous improving means now. Do I need to go back and write the report three more times until it's perfect before I hand it in?" A customer took his phone and muttered to himself.

"Three times is not enough. I believe Boss Yuan definitely has tried for no more than 10 times. You can try to keep up with him." The other customer suggested.

"Great. This is so Boss Yuan." Ling Hong indicated that no wonder he liked eating the dishes here.

Only with the perfection-seeking and earnest attitude could one cook the delicious things.

"What do you think if we order one serving of pig knuckle and split the cost? Let's try to eat it cold." A customer at the side had started to plan to savor the new taste.

"It's a brilliant idea. How do you want to split it?" The two customers reached an agreement and directly discussed how to share this single dish.

"Fifty fifty." It sounded to be a fairly reasonable method.

One took the lead and others would follow. Then, many customers began to find partners from those whom they are familiar with or had ever talked before. That way, they could eat the Dongpo Pig Knuckle.

Never belittle the resolution of a foodie.