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311 A Man That Boosts Regional GDP

 "So you are telling me that single person has boosted the GDP of an entire division?" The man knocked the table top irritably and appeared apparently suspicious about that.

He had only seen such a person as described once at the west bank of River Tiber in Rome. The person was Jehovah and that place was the Vatican.

"Yes. At the end of the documents is the evidence I provided for this report." The short-haired woman drew out the last few pages directly.

The evidence included some photos and professional data analysis as well as various charts and diagrams of per capita consumption level and visitor flow rate in the past few months in the area where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was located.

The woman handed to the man one by one.

"Hua Hua", the man quickly leafed through them and finished all earnestly and carefully. Then he kept silent for a short moment and said, "What's your business proposal?"

"According to our observation, the tiny restaurant is unable to satisfy the booming visitors and the consumption level. Besides, there's only one or two high-end home cuisine restaurants around. This is a good opportunity for us to get in." The woman was very confident when she talked about the proposal.

"Except for the good taste, that small restaurant cannot reach above our standard on environment, hygiene and service. At this point, we can get in that area as a catering company and develop a high-end restaurant. From those aspects, we can easily defeat the small restaurant." While explaining, the woman took out the business proposal and handed to the man.

"The person you mentioned just now is really amazing. How's the culinary skill of our chef?" The man pointed at a photo.

It was a view of Yuan Zhou's back. Dressed in the Han Chinese clothing, he was busy with cooking in the kitchen.

"Don't worry. We have invited the senior chef Li Li to join us." The woman nevertheless attached much importance to this rival, Yuan Zhou.

"The high-end service, comfy atmosphere and excellent hygienic conditions are all the factors that bring us the victory. Of course, we still need the strong support of Li Li. With him joining us, our company will keep a steady foothold in Chengdu City during its first step." The woman was very confident with the guarantee.

"You can carry out the project as per your proposal. And I agree to give Li Li 4% of the share of the restaurant." The man directly approved the business proposal.

"Ok. I'm going to go and make the arrangements." Taking the approved paper, the woman left at a brisk pace.

"Um." The man nodded the head.

After a sound of "Peng", the solid-timber door was shut lightly.

At that time, the man uttered lightly, "Hope everything goes well."

After coming out of the office, the woman nevertheless appeared fairly excited.

The preliminary research work was tough, but it was a hard-won achievement if she can do it well.

As soon as she came out, she took out the phone and started to make a call. Like always, the call was put through within three rings.

"Mr. Li, I have got the approval to carry out the project. Remember to come on time when everything is settled." The woman said with a relaxed tone.

"No problem. I never refuse sincere invitations," Li Li smiled and said at the other end of the phone.

"Then I'll look forward to our cooperation." The woman looked very happy since she had again nailed down a key aspect.

The woman had a strong executive force. And this matter just coincided with what the waitress in Yuan Zhou's restaurant had told Yuan Zhou, that this area would be bought.

However, the woman had already inquired the price at which Yuan Zhou was recruited, thus she didn't go to do the useless work anymore.

All that was unknown to Yuan Zhou. He was still running his small restaurant as usual.

"Hong Long Long", there passed conspicuous noises from not far from Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What did you say? They are renovating all day long? It's been almost one month." While waiting outside in line for the meal, a man frowned and asked. He didn't like noise, especially when he waited for something.

"A dining place, I guess. Didn't you notice many more restaurants are appearing around here?" It was a customer who paid close attention to the changes.

"I don't care. Anyway, I either eat here or eat at home." Another customer shrugged and then said indifferently.

"We can't say so. You probably haven't noticed that dishes served in these tiny restaurants are getting much more delicious." Foodies were more sensitive to such changes on taste.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't feel the same. After all, he was only thinking of reaching a higher culinary skills.

"Let's not talk about other things. I only want to know when Boss Yuan will build a bathroom." A juvenile wearing a baseball hat and sportswear said with a flush on his face.

"Haw-haw. You want go to the bathroom?" It was obviously a fairly experienced customer.

"Yeah, true." Hearing that, the juvenile got a redder face. No one knew if it was because he was embarrassed or if he was holding it him.

"Not many people ahead. I suggest that you wait in line first and go to the bathroom after you order the dishes. When you come back, the dishes will be served." This was a suggestion of conscience from the experienced customer.

"I can only do so. Now that the line is getting longer, God knows when I can eat the dish after coming back." The baseball juvenile looked at the creeping long line behind and said with a lingering fear.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou encountered such a scene in a while.

"Boss, get me a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and a bowl of plain white rice. I will sit here and will be back in no time. Here's the money." It was naturally the baseball juvenile that ordered the dishes this way.

"Um?" Looking at the juvenile with a flushed face, Yuan Zhou didn't react immediately.

"Right here. I'll be back very soon." The juvenile pointed at the vacant seat beside him and said worriedly.

"Ok. Go ahead." When Yuan Zhou saw the juvenile's tightly closed legs and uneasy expression, he understood finally.

After Zhou Jia came over and received the money, he turned around and ran away immediately.

"Haw-haw. An interesting juvenile. Boss Yuan, look at him. How can you not try to solve this problem?" Seated at the side, Ling Hong pointed to the juvenile's back and said smilingly.

"The establishment of the bathroom does no good to the development of my restaurant." The skill of Yuan Zhou bullsh*ting primly had been practiced to perfection.

"You continue bragging. Apparently, it's because your restaurant is too small." Ling Hong let out a humph. He didn't believe in Yuan Zhou's excuses at all.

"I think it's fairly good now," said Wu Hai after he finished the meal and made way for others.

"Of course you feel it good. You live so close to him." Ling Hong exposed Wu Hai's hypocrisy.

"This is just my advantage." With a nod, Wu Hai indicated that it was fair enough.

"Eating well is the right business." Manager Shi said leisurely while enjoying the delicacies comfortably.

"This old man also feels the restaurant is good. Yes, especially the excellent craftsmanship." The grandpa looked at the crowd in line and sighed with emotion.

This was the daily situation of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, which had a cozy atmosphere.

After a short while, the juvenile came back. The complexion on his face had changed to peace and tranquility.

"Wow. Just as expected, I barely made it." He immediately saw the pig knuckle and plain white rice on the table and then said excitedly.

"Dong Dong Dong", he ran over to get seated in the chair right away and prepared to eat.

"One moment. You can't eat now." Yuan Zhou walked to the juvenile and straightforwardly stopped him.

"Gee? Why?" The juvenile raised his head discontentedly. When he saw it was Yuan Zhou, he held his horses and asked.

"You'll know why later on." Yuan Zhou took a look at the pig knuckle and then answered.

"Don't worry, Boss yuan. I have washed my hands." Having been enlightened, the juvenile reached out his clean hands and said positively.

"You can eat five minutes later." Yuan Zhou took no notice of his explanation, but said that.

Then, the juvenile became curious. He had never heard before that one couldn't eat after ordering the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Was he going to be the first one?

What's the matter?!