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310 Powerful Rival

 At 1 am, it was still boisterous outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The hawkers were peddling their take-out to the customers waiting in line, one after the other.

"Ice-cold and thirst-quenching coconut milk. Anybody wants a can of that?"

"Watermelon, watermelon juice."

"Stomach-nourishing millet congee and blood-enriching red bean congee. Anybody wants a bowl?"

The peddling shouts shuttled back and forth in the quiet side street like that.

Many people bought from them.

Yet, this was predictable. Looking at those people eating blissfully in the restaurant, even those onlookers became hungry, let alone those who had been waiting to eat with the empty stomach.

Apart from the people who changed the kebabs with each other, however, an incident happened to Su Mu and his younger sister.

"Brother, you said you wouldn't eat it?" Su Mu's sister had a very nice name, Su Yuesheng. She was now protecting the kebabs with one hand and carrying the black cat with the other.

The two of them were originally standing at the side. When they ordered the dishes, they conveniently used the standing positions. After all, with the cat in her arms, Su Yuesheng found it inappropriate to stay close to other customers.

"I didn't say that. Moreover, I just want to taste it." With an indifferent manner, Su Mu easily took a beef kebab relying on his advantage of height.

He first smelled it carefully and then dipped one piece in the sauce and the other not before eating them.

"Brother, you can order another serving." Su Yuesheng retreated for one step and said while pointing at Yuan Zhou.

"If I order another serving, I'll have to wait for my turn from the end of the line." Su Mu pointed at the long winding line and shrugged.

"Alright. You can share some of mine. Only seven kebabs and no more." Su Yuesheng hesitated for a while, but still said that.

"Ok. Of all remaining 8, I leave you a beef kebab. You are welcome." While squinting his beautiful peach blossom eyes, Su Mu said without blinking.

"Brother!" Su Yuesheng shouted discontentedly.

Then, the two of them started a friendly discussion between brother and sister on the belonging of the kebabs.

The reason why Su Mu started to eat the kebabs was Meng Meng's introductions. Foods were always most delicious when one looked at others eat.

For example, when you saw one eating the instant noodles and asked him about the taste, you would also feel it super tasty. After that, you would salivate and your stomach would remind you to eat. Such a temptation was really hard to resist.

Most importantly, the BBQ prepared by Yuan Zhou not only smelled good but also made people unable to stop eating.

Two hours passed quickly. Many people failed in getting their turn and eating it. As his rules suggested like always, he had to close the restaurant on time.

Luckily, many people left when they noticed the remaining time wasn't sufficient. Of course, they didn't starve as there were so many hawkers around them.

The hawkers that wandered around all smiled happily. They had basically earned a lot.

"Boss Yuan, when is the next BBQ?" When Yuan Zhou stood right opposite the entrance and saw the customers off, someone asked him.

"I will give notice at some other time." Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou answered simply as he didn't know the weather in the future.

"Then when approximately?" Those who didn't manage to eat the BBQ cared about that while those who had eaten it also cared about that.

"Just tell us how many times you will serve BBQ every month." With his acute observations, Manager Shi understood from Yuan Zhou's word that the BBQ wouldn't be served frequently. Thus, he straightforwardly asked.

"Five times. For this month, only four left." Yuan Zhou directly chose the lowest number requested by the system.

"As expected, so little," Manager Shi knitted his brows.

"Watch out on the way. Good night." Yuan Zhou didn't answer him anymore. Having busied all day long, he was also fairly tired.

Only by adjusting his state of mind could he weather through the two hours of BBQ with his best spirit.

After the customers got the answer that they wanted, they left one after another. Now that it ended, Yuan Zhou only wanted to have a good rest.

Therefore, the event of holding a BBQ at the spur of the moment finally ended.

But not in other places. For the following several days, the BBQ business in other places apparently got much better and a lot more people ordered the streaky pork kebabs and beef kebabs.

All this consumption was recorded by somebody else.

It was on the 20th floor of a 33-storey building at Chunxi Avenue in the central areas in Chengdu City.

A spacious office, where there were also a meeting room for small-sized meetings, a reception room and other function rooms, apart from the working room.

Seated behind the brown solid-timber office table was a competent man who was dressed in well-tailored suit and wearing gold-rimmed glasses. He was about 40 years old and was looking through the documents on the table.

"So this is your outcome of this whole month?" Even when he talked, he had a sense of leadership in his tone.

"Yes. These three regions are the most prosperous regions. We suggest that we open up our first chain restaurant in this region." Standing at the other side of the office table was a short-haired woman. She was dressed in a white shirt and black suit pants. There was full of confidence in her tone even when she talked.

"You tell me the visitor flow rate and consumption level of a mere development zone is equal to that of the wealthy district and tourist area." Seated there, the man had the intrinsic aura of a director.

"Don't worry, boss. We have made the data comparison for at least five times and there's no problem at all." the woman wasn't afraid at all. Instead, she said affirmatively.

"Give me a reasonable explanation." The man closed the documents and looked up at the woman in front of him seriously.

"Here's the situation. The dining service in the tourist area has been very good. Moreover the customers are all tourists who do not have much loyalty to any particular restaurant. And the market development has been quite mature. Therefore, there isn't much space for us to get in." The woman received the documents and said while pointing at the regional map.

"Um." With a nod, the man indicated that he was listening.

"As for the wealthy district, the consumption level is indeed very high, but the dining part isn't so good. Similarly, the market has been very mature and we cannot advance rashly." With her slender fingers pointing at that region, the woman said positively.

"It's not a good reason to choose a development zone, either." The man pointed at that area where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was and said.

Yes. The area where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was located was a development zone, which was full of companies, various companies doing business on every floor of the buildings.

Surrounding that area were likewise tiny restaurants. No large supermarkets and commercial streets.

Arguably, there wasn't any good place for meals, drinking and fun over there. People living in that area were all residents of the old quarter of Chengdu City or else those who moved here from other places like Yuan Zhou's parents. They generally didn't have a high living standard.

"Yes, there is one. This tiny restaurant." The woman pointed again at the position marked red in the map. It was Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Oh?" The man uttered vaguely.

"We have made investigations. The average consumption level per person in the restaurant could reach no less than 500 RMB. Of course, it's the price for one meal. Besides, the price of the dishes are much too high." The woman brought out the fact.

"The restaurant is open for only six hours every day and customers of the pub in the evening are too few to be mentioned. But the regular customers that go there every day don't include the tourists. Even so, the restaurant cannot even satisfy the demand of the regular customers as the business time is short and the place is small." The woman talked about the defects of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"As a result, the neighboring tiny restaurants are basically full of people every day, including the street vendors. It's hard to see in other places."

"Nonetheless, they still couldn't receive the customers that are getting more and more. Therefore, 16 more restaurants serving home cuisines have been opened in the surrounding areas." The woman brought out the influence of Yuan Zhou's restaurant after it was opened in one breath.

"By means of that single small restaurant, the consumption level of that area is promoted to that of the wealthy district and tourist area?" The man revealed an expression of disbelief.

"Yes. There's only one person that cooks in the restaurant. He's the boss." The woman nodded the head positively.

"So you are telling me that single person has boosted the GDP of an entire division?" The man became more suspicious.