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309 Influence of Yuan Zhou’s Restauran

 Many more people were rushing over to the restaurant, thus even the side street became more hectic.

Apart from the customers, the hawkers were also getting more and more.

These people understood Yuan Zhou a lot. Therefore, nobody was selling the BBQ outside anymore. They only served some drinks and liquor.

And some other kinds of bland midnight snacks, like Fried Rice Noodles, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce and Kanto Cooking.

In a short while, there appeared a long line of customers outside.

"Do you see that? This is the power of Boss Yuan. There are still so many people even if it's so late." Meng Meng moved the camera lens of her phone toward the customers outside and then sighed with emotion.

[I really wish I were also there in the line. Did you guys notice the streaky pork being grilled with a sound of "Zi Zi"? It's simply mouth-watering.] from Mint Noodles.

[I preferred to eat the beef.] from Feeling Like KFC.

[I also wish I was in the line, too.] from Sunny But Sorrowful.

The messages flashing on the screen this time fully expressed the audiences' envy. After the envy was naturally urging Meng Meng to start eating.

This way, it could at least satisfy their cravings for good food through images. As for whether they would feel hungrier after that, it wasn't their concern right now.

"Everybody, please take your time and enjoy." Yuan Zhou carried the first three servings of kebabs out.

Having upgraded to the Senior BBQ Master, Yuan Zhou carried all the meat and vegetable kebabs out at the same time with an ease.

Besides, the grilled kebabs were perfect for eating.

"Wow! Time to eat now. Which do you think I should start with?" Meng Meng first moved the camera lens toward the kebabs with mouth-watering appearance and then asked.

While Meng Meng was interacting with her audiences, Ling Hong and Wu Hai had started to eat at the side.

Actually, Meng Meng also wanted to eat it immediately, but it's very important for her to interacting with her audiences in the live broadcast.

[Streaky pork. Streaky pork first. Look at the alluring oil droplets. Come on, Meng Meng.] from Blue Sorrow.

[Streaky pork. How could it be called a kebab without streaky pork?"] from Rain Stops.

[I feel it's also a good option to start with a vegetable kebabs to whet the appetite.] from Game 00.

After all the messages flashed on the screen, everybody's attention was drawn to it. Then, Meng Meng chose the streaky pork mostly expected by the audiences and started to eat.

"Then I'm going to start eating the streaky pork." Meng Meng lifted up a kebab of streaky pork and said smilingly.

The streaky pork strung up together on each kebab had two pieces and the size was barely enough for one mouthful. Therefore, Meng Meng swallowed up a piece of streaky pork at one gulp.

As a girl, Meng Meng didn't really like to eat much meat.

After all, a temporary enjoyment of meat dish could possibly result in a serious consequence of putting on weight. It was a bloody lesson known to her.

Meng Meng liked the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce made with rice by Yuan Zhou most as it was both delicious and free from fat. Only that kind of dishes were the good news for pretty girls.

As a fine food streamer, however, a nice appearance of the food was an essential factor. Besides, Meng Meng also knew that the dishes prepared by Yuan Zhou were definitely very tasty.

Once the streaky pork entered her mouth, she squinted her eyes instantly.

When she originally saw the oil droplets oozing from the streaky pork, she thought it would be very greasy. But when it entered her mouth, she can only feel the scorching aroma as well as the crispness and tenderness.

The fat meat tasted soft and sticky while being chewed as if it were the refreshing fruit jelly with meat fragrance. As the lean meat had been grilled, it carried a little scorching aroma and a hint of chewiness. Plus the fragrance of the fruit wood charcoal and a little crude salt that flavored the pork, the taste of the streaky pork couldn't be more marvelous.

Due to the good taste, Meng Meng ate up another piece of streaky pork impatiently. The texture was slightly different this time. As it was at the end of the bamboo stick, it tasted a little more tender and had another kind of fresh texture.

"Boss Yuan, you definitely did it on purpose. Now that you have made the streaky pork so tasty, how shall we lose weight?" Meng Meng only reacted after she ate up two streaky pork kebabs. Then she said with a long face.

"You won't be be fat. Don't worry." Yuan Zhou nodded the head positively.

"Really? Then I'll not stand on ceremony." Meng Meng believed in Yuan Zhou naively without any doubt.

Having lifted up the remaining streaky pork kebabs, she began to eat while explaining to her audiences.

"Guess what? This streaky pork is super delicious. Despite being slightly burnt and with oil droplets, it does not taste greasy at all. Instead, it's fairly refreshing. So is the meat, just like the soup dumplings." Meng Meng came to the point.

Tempted by Meng Meng's mouth-watering introductions and eating manner, the audiences virtually couldn't restrain the foodie's soul inside their bodies. They had only to express their thirst with the messages on the screen.

[Fat but not greasy, scorched but not difficult to chewy up. Meng Meng, ten more streaky pork kebabs, please.] from Game 00.

[Sorry, my saliva is flooding. I can't stop it. Let me go to drink some water first.] from Tofu Flower.

[It looks very yummy. I don't know if you guys notice that the color of the streaky pork is perfectly grilled. It's golden yellow. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is awfully awesome.] from Blue Sorrow.

"Yes, you are right. Look, these streaky pork kebabs are all in golden yellow color." Meng Meng lifted up the remaining streaky pork and showed to them.

Shown in the camera lens, it was indeed in uniform color and looked beautiful. The key point was that it was 12:00 at midnight. They just couldn't bear to think that they had to endure others people's descriptions of various feelings of eating the delicacies while looking at the mouth-watering grilled streaky pork.

Therefore, the audiences chose to eat something to steady their nerves one after another.

Meng Meng nevertheless started to eat the beef kebabs at the side.

Naturally, the beef kebabs were provided along with the special dipping sauce of Spiced Salt and Rose by Yuan Zhou. The match was just excellent.

After eating up one piece, Meng Meng couldn't wait to describe the taste, "It surprisingly has a milk aroma. While chewing, I have a feeling that the gravy is spilling over. When I exhale at last, even the breath carries some fragrance of flower and milk. How miraculous!"

Originally, the grilled beef was prepared by Yuan Zhou to eat separately. Even if there wasn't any dipping sauce, it carried milk fragrance.

Having melted in the strands of beef, plus an abundance of gravy, the crude salt instantly stimulated the intrinsic milk fragrance of the beef. The ultimate rose flavor was simply a stroke of genius, which completely removed the underlying bad smell of beef.

It made the entire beef tastier.

While Meng Meng was making the direct broadcast, Wu Hai and Ling Hong came into conflict.

"I want to change the kebabs with you. One for one." Wu Hai took up a kebab of Jinling Grass and said primly while pointing at the beef in Ling Hong's plate.

"You think I'm a fool?" Ling Hong answered unfriendly.

"I remember that you don't like eating meat?" Wu Hai's ability to lie through his teeth was as if he had studied it too when he was learning the culinary skills from Yuan Zhou.

"Then I want to exchange your streaky pork, with this one." Ling Hong picked up a kebab of tender tofu and said.

"No problem." Wu Hai agreed immediately.

"Gee?" Hearing that, Ling Hong got surprised right away.

"I agree." After that, Wu Hai directly took the tofu kebab and started to eat at lightning speed. Of course, the streaky pork kebab was also given to Ling Hong.

"You like eating tofu?" With a surprised expression, Ling Hong sighed with emotion curiously.

"Because I don't have it." Wu Hai pointed at his own plate and explained.

Yes, it was Yuan Zhou who allocated the specific kebabs. Actually, he just took them casually. There wasn't much difference among the meat kebabs, but it wasn't the same to the vegetable kebabs. Almost everybody had very different vegetable kebabs from others. Therefore, Wu Hai indeed had no grilled tofu.

After the tofu, Wu Hai began to aim at Ling Hong's uneaten beef. Then, they bargained and negotiated on changing kebabs.

While eating at the side, other customers just followed suit in an instant.

They first savored some kebabs in different categories and then selected the one they would like to change with others. After that, they started to do so.

It was definitely a new occurrence. However, such a scene could only be seen in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.