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308 Eclectic BBQ

 While waiting, Meng Meng adjusted and tested her direct broadcast equipment. And the writer muttered something while drinking the liquor.

The young girl who was carrying a black cat nevertheless said after quite a while of hesitation.

"Elder brother, can I drink a small cup of liquor?" Carrying the black cat, the exquisite-looking young girl asked timidly.

"Nope. You said to just come over to have a look." Su Mu drank a gulp of liquor deliciously first before he answered.

"But the boss isn't here. Elder brother, you have eaten your words." The young girl had a pair of peach blossom eyes that resembled her brother Su Mu. She discontentedly opened her eyes wide and grumbled.

"It's not my fault. Boss Yuan is on business. I can do nothing about it." Su Mu shrugged, indicating that it was not his problem.

"Just now, Sister Meng Meng said it was fairly delicious," the young girl said persistently.

Even the cat in her arms emitted a sound of "miaow" in time.

"Elder brother, see? Even my cat agrees with me." The young girl lifted up the cat and said happily.

"I think it just envies my beautiful appearance." Su Mu touched his own face and said calmly.

"I want to eat the BBQ." The young girl said. She had to take the second best.

"If you put on weight, don't tell others that you are my younger sister," Su Mu said with dislike.

"I'm as same as you. Neither of us have the fat physique." The young girl said affirmatively.

"But you aren't as good-looking as me," Su Mu said positively.

"Elder brother, stop it please. The BBQ is going to start." The young girl had been used to Su Mu showing off his narcissism in daily life, but still she was a little uncomfortable with it. Therefore, she directly changed the subject.

"Ok. Let's go now. Even if we don't eat, we can have a look." Having checked the watch on his wrist, Su Mu drank up the last gulp of bamboo liquor unhurriedly and stood up.

"Brother, you pay." The young girl picked up the black cat and walked after Su Mu and then said excitedly.

"Dang Dang Dang. Meng Meng's midnight direct broadcast commences now. Everybody that hasn't had a meal, please prepare yourself. We'll see Boss Yuan's BBQ in no time."

After the short speech, Meng Meng adjusted her expression. Having her hair tied into an oblique ponytail, she looked more adorable.

[Wow, I finally got you. Hey guys, my snacks have been piled all over my bed.] from Loneliness.

[Hey, poor fellows. You never know what authentic foodies are like. I have been in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.] from Heroes.

[Lol. Envious of rich heroes.] from Thief of Delicacies.

[I prefer to look at Meng Meng. She is still so cute.] from Thunder Rain.

[The messages flashing on the screen covered over Meng Meng. I will allow it now. But later, please keep away from Boss Yuan.] from Huanyi Zheng.

[I am now on the way to Boss Yuan's restaurant.] from Cloud Knows.

[Warning, yummy foods ahead. Whoever that doesn't want to starve leave quickly.] from Water As Cold As Night.

[A self-tortured person wants to leave but is still curious. What shall I do?] from Ya Ke Ma Fei Di.

[Agreed. I have stuffed a bowl of instant noodles into my stomach even before the BBQ commences. While taking the ham sausage in my trembling hand, I really feel weight loss is so far from me.] from I Gold.

"Giggle! It looks that everybody likes Boss Yuan very much. I will send your love to him." Meng Meng teased them smilingly.

Then, more messages flashed on the screen.

Happily following Shen Min, the customers entered Yuan Zhou's restaurant and came to the main hall.

Here in the restaurant, Yuan Zhou had already got everything prepared.

Now, an oven used by Yuan Zhou last time to process the food ingredients was placed on the azure stone countertop that was left unused in normal times.

At the other side of the oven were the hours of effort of Yuan Zhou.

In the three and half hours from 8:30 to 12:00, Yuan Zhou made many kebabs with every food ingredient in the kitchen that could be used to make BBQ.

However, these kebabs weren't laid out according to sorts. They seemed to be laid out randomly.

"Elder brother, it's so small here. Isn't there a lot of smoke?" As soon as the young girl entered Yuan Zhou's restaurant, she asked worriedly.

"Supposedly, no. I have never smelled any oil smoke before." Su Mu wasn't quite sure, either.

After all, those BBQ outside along streets were all surrounded by the flame and smoke.

"Good night, everybody. Shen Min, you can go back." Yuan Zhou greeted the several customers and then turned to look at Shen Min.

"Boss, we are still in business now," Shen Min was a little surprised.

"Leave it to me. Go, go catch the bus," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"Never mind. I don't have any class tomorrow morning and can help you now." Shen Min insisted.

"I don't have a car to send you back." Yuan Zhou spoke rather straightforwardly.

"Well, ok. Boss, I'm leaving." Shen Min was quite sensitive. She knew the reason was true. There was indeed nobody who could send her back.

"Tsk-tsk. Boss Yuan knows nothing about being kind to girls. What should you do in the future?" As soon as Ling Hong entered the restaurant, Ling Hong sighed with emotion.

"You misunderstand him. Boss Yuan has once asked me to help him send the girl to her college. He's just firm in speech but soft in heart," Jiang Changxi said.

"I only care about when we can eat," Wu Hai cared most about foods.

"The business time ends at 2:00 am," Yuan Zhou said lightly while pointing at the clock on the wall.

"Boss Yuan, you are too cunning. Why didn't you tell us earlier? Meng Meng is going to order the BBQ now." Meng Meng was originally chatting with her audiences while watching Yuan Zhou being ridiculed.

Once she heard Yuan Zhou, she immediately said discontentedly with a frown.

"You can't order dishes here. If you want to eat the BBQ, you guys can have one serving each with a fixed number of 16 kebabs. And nothing more." Yuan Zhou still said indifferently.

"Look! New rules are coming again. No wonder he is Compass." Meng Meng took the camera lens and said to the audiences secretly.

"One serving for me." Regardless of the annoying rules, Wu Hai ordered. He hadn't even had his dinner.

As per his theory, if there were delicious BBQ, why would he still go to eat other BBQ's to torture his own stomach?

"Me too. Get me one serving," Meng Meng declared loudly.

"One serving for me." Ling Hong specially came to eat the BBQ and of course he would order, even if the rules were annoying like always.

"Ok. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou answered with a nod. Then he wore the face mask and took three serving of kebabs to get them grilled.

"Let's have a look at Boss Yuan's BBQ. We might be able to steal his skills." Meng Meng moved the camera lens toward Yuan Zhou and talked as if she were a little fox that were stealing a chicken.

"Which serving is mine?" Wu Hai asked while looking at the kebabs of vegetables and meat.

"The first one .They are grilled in sequence." Yuan Zhou pointed to the particular serving with five streaky pork kebabs, one shrimp kebabs and six vegetable kebabs. The remaining were some other meat kebabs.

Seeing that, Wu Hai was quite satisfied. He pointed at the other side and said, "What's this?"

That one belonged to Ling Hong. There were a few kebabs of red meat, with which Wu Hai was fairly curious.

"Beef." Yuan Zhou answered, but very simply and explicitly.

"Is the grilled beef of Boss Yuan going to be chewy? Apart from that, he cuts it so thin." Meng Meng left the suspense to the audiences step by step and just waited to tell them until she started to eat.

"Elder brother, there isn't any smoke. Can I have one serving, please?" The young girl carrying the cat asked Su Mu.

"Xiao Sheng, are you sure you want one?" Su Mu wasn't really interested in the BBQ.

Apart from the flame and smoke, there might be charcoal dirt, which didn't conform to Su Mu's aesthetics.

"Um, thank you, elder brother." Seeing nobody notice her, the young girl behaved in a spoiled manner to Su Mu.

"Ok. Boss Yuan, one more serving, please." Su Mu naturally didn't know how to deal with his spoiled sister and thus had to agree.

Shortly afterwards, those who came first would begin to eat the BBQ. At the other side, there were more people rushing toward the restaurant on the road in the wee hours.

What was the taste of Yuan Zhou's BBQ like?